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  1. Hello Everyone! Thinking about starting up a Dying Light Roleplay group!
    It would be based on the video game, as though Crane never came to Harran, complete with Two(Possibly Three) factions you COULD(not have too) join, random events, and gets even deadlier at night!

    Would anyone enjoy a roleplay like this?
  2. Was thinking about making an RP based on the idea. Planned on making it a different setting rather than reusing everything straight from the game.

    Interested. Will have to mull over ideas for a while though.
  3. well sadly haven't played it yet (I wish i could but i don't have a ps4) but if there is a way to do the roleplay without researching the living hell out of Wikipedia, then I'm definitely interested.
  4. @Justice_20 For sure! I'll provide most of the information

    @Windsong Awesome! I'm cool with changing the setting, but will need help with ideas for it!
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  5. I'm gonna make a banner, and a proper thread for this, and lets hope it gets more interest!
  6. Also haven't played the game yet, but would like to see this happen.
  7. Interested!
  8. Awesome! I'll work on a thread!
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