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  1. Hello Fellow Role Players! I am in search of a Role Playing Partner! I have lots of Experience and have tried lots of different types of Role Plays. I usually Like to Post at least a paragraph at a time but can go for several Paragraphs, have even done some Novella Role Playing. I am a sucker for Detail...LOVE IT but am not going to be too picky with a partner, Newbies welcome! But Here are the things that I love! I'm open for more and am pretty Flexible!


    - Fantasy

    -Modern And Historical

    -Dark Subject matter (Not a Must, only if your into this stuff~))

    -Post Apocalypse Situations

    -Anything your into, just message me and We can probably work it out

    And I would love a combination of any of these subjects! Leave a message for me here, on my page, or Send a PM my way and we can work out the details!!! Hope to hear from you!
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  2. I would be up for a historical or post apocalyptic roleplay if you'd like
  3. Heyo there!

    Ok, what kind of "Dark subject matter" are you talking about? I can do horror, psychological, gore, violence, blah blah blah. I'm no good with sex though. Gonna come right out and say it . _.

    My writing is way sexier when it comes to popping someone's eyes or having prime rib...
  4. I'm good violence and mind ganes. Sex isn't exactly my strong suit either. Which roleplay would you like to do?
  5. Hello,

    If you are still looking either for an RP or want another one, I would be willing to do either a Romance or Fantasy.

    Message me!
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