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    Hello Fellow Role Players! I am in search of a Role Playing Partner! I have lots of Experience and have tried lots of different types of Role Plays. I usually Like to Post at least a paragraph at a time but can go for several Paragraphs, have even done some Novella Role Playing. I am a sucker for Detail...LOVE IT but am not going to be too picky with a partner, Newbies welcome! But Here are the things that I love! I'm open for more and am pretty Flexible!


    - Fantasy

    -Modern And Historical

    -Dark Subject matter (Not a Must, only if your into this stuff~))

    -Post Apocalypse Situations

    And I would love a combination of any of these subjects! Leave a message for me here, on my page, or Send a PM my way! Hope to hear from you!
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  2. I would go with Romance Fantasy Post-Apocalypse.
    I'm the Newbie you're asking for, I like to think high of myself though.
    Also I'm open to any critique :).
    Feel free to message me and tell me what you were thinking about for the story. Or we can make something up together if you didn't decide the what- and whereabouts yet.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.