Dying Ashes (kaiju Avatars)

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  1. Kaiju only have half of a soul, the other half is a persona that is completely attached to the world as normal but has secret, hidden abilities and doesn't know that they have a connection to a kaiju.

    I have the entire story thought out, so just start commenting and I'll get that shit posted and we can be on our merry way to role playing this former masterpiece of mine.
  2. I may be interested, but I'll need more details about the storyline (( If you don't mind ^^;; )) So is this basically about male/female who has 2 sides to them and you will be playing as one side while another roleplayer plays the other side?
    Wow that's hard to understand haha.
    But yeah, please provide more detail if you don't mind.
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  3. Alright, plot:

    The begining is staged on earth in the middle of a kaiju battle. A dimensional rift opens and takes the UN forces and kaiju (as well as half the city) to an unknown conglomerate world where random things from random alternate universes are appearing. Find out who, or what, is causing the universes to create a new conglomeration, stop it from happening and go home.

    As for the avatars, it's pretty simple. Kaiju have half a soul, the other half are manifested into the local intelligent lifeform on their planet. The avatars have no idea they are an avatar and through special training or a certain event, they can uncover the hidden mirrored powers they share with their kaiju counterpart (if they ever realize the soul bond is there). The kaiju are more sensitive to this, and get aggrivated easier if their avatar is having those emotions. Should this bond be broken by death or be completely melded together to make a whole soul, the power of both would triple. (One soul is better than half of one)

    I don't want too many Avatars, because the normal characters half way through the role play will get bumped up to Captain America fitness thanks to a plot device.

    The ending of the original rp made one person cry, lol.​
  4. Ahh. Well, it's not quite the type of roleplay I'm used to, and not my cup of tea. An interesting storyline, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to push too far out of my comfort zone. My sincerest of apologies if I disappointed you or so, I just don't want to be in a roleplay and make it turn out the wrong way with my sucky roleplaying act that I make. Ehe, again, my deepest apologies. ^^;;
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  5. Give it a shot!
    It doesn't require Shakespeare to describe how your UN soldier/kaiju/avatar is barely surviving in a harsh new world filled with opposing armies and kaiju.
  6. Yes, but I'm not familiar with gun names nor battling techniques or anything near those genres. I'm not sure..ah, tough decisions.
  7. That's perfectly fine!
    Most of the guns will be fictional anyway- it is set in the future!

    And as for physical fighting, unless there is a Bruce lee on here, no one really does I don't think. You'll be fine ^_^
  8. I really must decline. I would do poorly in this roleplay, for I am not one to do things of this such, and I would 99% of the time be messing up the plot due to confusion. I am very sorry I'm not very capable of doing this roleplay, but I know that I am not a good fit for such story lines. I do however, wish you the best of luck on finding the best suitable partner for this.
  9. Messing with kaiju like this could be a lot of fun, all right. Somehow, the half a soul thing makes me think of the magatama jewels in Kaneko's Gamera trilogy. Though I don't think that's quite what you're going for.
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  10. You're right! I didn't even think of that!
    I was hoping to make this a small group role play, so I hope we can attract some more buzz.

    I also draw kaiju (though I'm not the best) and anime characters so I can help bring people's characters to life (if they so desire). I've already drawn Kurot and Axe, though I haven't drawn my human characters yet (General J. Cutter, Lieutenant C. Durazo and Major J. Samuels)
  11. Coincidences happen. This is a neat one, though. I haven't put much thought into kaiju and such things in a good while, but they're generally fun to have running around. Probably going off the Gamera thoughts, I'd grab Iris, because I really love its design. If it's more creating original beasties, I can probably think of something, too. ...somehow, it's the human element that might be a challenge.

    I'm also something of an artist, though I can't accomplish much with the laptop. I'd definitely be interested in seeing your stuff sometime, though.
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  12. To avoid making it a fandom rp (because Scifi gets more attention) you have to give it maybe some different powers and just have it look a little different.

    Kurot is a shameless rip off of godzilla. Only, Kurot is more like a giant dinosaur with an atomic flame ranged attack, but beyond that, is purely a melee fighter. Axe looks like a cross between a battle droid, medieval knight and gypsy danger (though axe is a totally original creation). The human element helps pull off the creativity I want to try and get out of it- for example, if you don't want a kaiju or avatar character you can have a perfectly normal soldier, which adds your own drama when you are doing missions alongside super humans. Also, you could (after getting permission from the kaiju's creator) have an avatar for someone else's kaiju. It keeps everyone guessing, and for the most part unless a unique event occurs it's impossible to tell who is who.
    Then a human character could force themselves to be angry, which would purposely cause a kaiju rampage. The human is smarter and more developed than the other half of their soul, and could manipulate it much easier than the other way around (If Kurot was pissed, his avatar would just wake up in a cranky mood. If it were the other way around, Kurot would trash a city)
  13. That is potentially a lot of fun. And original kaiju, ok. That probably opens up some doors but closes others. I'd need time to cook up a custom monster. Well, or just do something goofy and be a soldier with the equivalent of one of the Super X series or some other anti-kaiju vehicle, maybe.
  14. Alright ^-^
    Do you have any friends that you think might join?
  15. Sadly, I don't know anyone else who might be interested in this.
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