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    A cave sat in the moor, it was all very silent. Although the wind raged menacingly, the trees didn't sway. This place was horrible, savage creatures wandered around the rocks now and then, maybe ripping hearts out of sheep but today was different. A man dressed with a long, grey trench coat and tight black skinny-jeans stared at the cave. His boots were chunky and black, covered in chains. Without fearfulness, he stomped into the cave however, his first step in it made a group of sharp, black crystals illuminate the cave. His black, long hair waved around as he walked over to them. The skin of his finger touched the crystals and almost a split second after, darkness exploded from his chest and then swirled around him. Every wave of darkness smashed one crystal. His head lolled back as his eyes started to glow red. Weakly, he held out his arm and clicked, immediately the shadows flew into his chest while he fell back. He was unconscious.

    Chapter 1: Mortals
    Today like any other day, the shopping mall was full. It was only 4 days away from christmas so it'd be strange for it not to be full. Everyone budged into shops, snatched things of the shelves and even argued with people. What a nice place to be. However, times like these attracted news reporters so Dyaerix had to keep his anger down, if he let something like last night happen here all of the mortals would know about magic. He was getting gifts for his friends, however it was quite hard as there were about 5 or at the most, 6 things in the shops. "HEY!" shrieked a woman slapping her bag on his cheek. Dyaerix clenched his fists, readied his fingers to click and then he remembered, his arm slowly turned down and he sighed, "Sorry"
    "You should be, massive haired freak!" Shouted the woman. How very happy she was Dyaerix thought. Later on in the day, he walked home. He was walking in an alleyway as three people in hoods hopped in his way. "Get ere' boy." the one at the front said.
    "Why?" Dyaerix laughed.
    "Because, we saw what you were gonna do to that woman in the mall."
    Dyaerix fell silent.
    "You were gonna punch the poor lady."
    Dyaerix sighed in relief, they didn't know. They were mortals. "No... I just..."
    "I think he wants to fight" the one at the back-left said.
    "I think he does!" the front one agreed, and with that he swung a fist at Dyaerix, but he caught his hand and crunched his knuckled together. He hopped back howling in pain as the back two ran forward. They slammed their fists into both sides of his head and Dyaerix wobbled back. Unexpectedly, darkness coiled around his chest then burst out. The shadows reached down to the floor and swirled, evolving into a fist before slamming their heads into the concrete. He wiped their memories before continuing his way home.

    Chapter 2: Hellarus Organisation
    "Sir," a young, strong woman with crystal blonde hair wearing a turquoise, tight dress said, "we no longer possess the dark crystals."
    A man with broad-shoulders wearing a blue suit turned to her. His brown hair was so short, it looked transparent. "That's good. Track the one who owns it, then we'll go on from there." He said in a soft voice.
    The woman nodded, then ran out through two white, heavy double-doors.

    Chapter 3: Arrest
    It was a cold, grey sunday morning and Dyaerix was waiting in line at a coffee shop. The man in front of him was ordering a latte and Dyaerix thought of ordering the same thing. "Hello sir, how can I help you?" the woman at the bar said.
    "A latte and a bag of cookies please." the man in front of Dyaerix replied.
    "Right away, that'll be three pounds and ninety-nine pence please." she told him as he searched his wallet. He handed five pounds to her, then she gave him the rest of the money with the things that he ordered. Dyaerix stepped forward and ordered some biscuits, then searched for a table. He sat on a sofa at the back and devoured the biscuits. He checked his phone and saw a message saying I have lessons for magic, just come to the alleyway outside the shop you're in and I'll teach you. How did he know where he was? How did he know about magic? Dyaerix had to find out, so he walked out into the alleyway to meet the three people in the hoods again. "I wiped your memories, didn't I?" Dyaerix asked.
    "I don't know, but we didn't get time to use our magic." the middle one shrugged.
    "Ah, that explains it all, but what about my number."
    "It came out of your pocket when you beat us up."
    "So how do I have it?"
    "We stole it, got your number and gave it back to you while you were sleeping." Dyaerix went stiff. They broke into his house? At night! Shadows whipped around his arm, but the front one grabbed his head and pulled it straight down, Dyaerix's spine cracked as he descended. He howled in pain on the floor. The two back ones shackled each arm and all the magic flew out of him into the shackles. Dyaerix was unconscious.

    Chapter 4: Locked up in Hellarus HQ
    Dyaerix should have known they were evil. If he didn't research magic, he'd never have all this power and he'd be normal. If only he could restart life. Now he couldn't see anything, he was locked up in a pitch-black room. A light turned on and two speakers came out of the wall. "Hello," boomed the speakers "This is the Hellarus HQ.We see that you have found our crystals, now we're going to use you so that you can kill everybody then we can rule the world. Sound good? Great! Now let's get you out." Crap. They were going to use him and he had no magic because of the shackles on his hands. He stepped out of the room when he was instructed, then he was told to go to the top floor. He was standing in the lift, the walls were mirrors and his brain was confused. Being with these mirrors was torture, but it only got worse as he discovered the lift wasn't moving. Hellarus, what a bunch of asses he though. The shackles were weakening his strength and in the first 5 minutes he was already on his knees, staring at mirrors reflecting other mirrors. His eyes were now feeling heavy, he curled up into a ball on the floor.

    Chapter 5: All plugged up and ready to die
    Eyes flickering, Dyaerix groaned as his vision started to focus. The man with broad shoulders was watching Dyaerix being strapped onto a wall. He cleared his throat, "My name is Derek and I'm here to take all of your power. Well, not I'm not here to steal it, but we have a guest." Dyaerix looked at his arms, no more shackles. Obviously he wanted a big fight with him and his 'Guest' so, a fight he wants, a fight he wont be able to see because he'll be dead. Dyaerix clicked his fingers as Derek's deep blue eyes widened. His mouth hung open wide as shadows exploded out of the ground, forming a spiralling portal sucking him in. The portal was the deepest of purple's shades, almost black. Snakes of darkness wrapped around Derek's fist, pulling his arms out of their sockets. He screamed as the skin on his chest exploded causing blood to explode out. His ribcage and lungs were visible. The portal had done its work so it shrank into a small stone, hit the ground and smashed. The dark snakes were acting as plugs, Derek was a fly on a spider's web, or someone all plugged up and ready to die. Yeah, Dyaerix liked that idea. Instead, he thought of letting him feel the pain some more, so he walked through a busted hole in a wall. As he wandered down the corridors, Dyaerix wondered who or what the 'Guest' was. He turned around and shouted "Where's the bloody guest?"
    "Floor f-f-five." struggled Derek. And with that, Dyaerix headed to the elevator, the real elevator. He tapped 'F5' and it illuminated the whole lift.

    Chapter 6: Floor 5 also known as Floor Die
    The metal, shiny door flung open as a dark figure walked through. "Why are you in that tube?" Dyaerix asked. No reply. He pressed a large, red button saying 'Open'. Guess what he did; he pressed it. A pair of dark eyes flashed open so fast that it seemed to make the air ripple. A dark figure stepped out of the tube and said "The last thing you'll ever know is - My name is Hellarus"
    "Damn" Dyaerix mumbled.

    Chapter 7: Hellarus HQ burns down
    Dyaerix summoned shadows and they whipped around him like a tornado, making him hover at great speeds to the lift. He clenched his fists and shadows seeped through the doors and smashed it open. Dyaerix stepped in, clicked 'F1' then in about 2 seconds, he was at the reception. He darted out of the lift like a javelin and fell to the ground. The roof rippled and then there was a gaping hole in the middle. Hellarus glided down onto the ground from the hole. Dyaerix hated their battlefield, it was just a plain white room with a desk to the far left and some glass double doors behind him. Dyaerix got up then splayed his fingers. Shadows wrapped around Hellarus but a yellow orb protected him. The shadows evaporated and Hellarus held out his hands, fire scorched in his hands then shot over to Dyaerix. Shadows whipped around the fire making it a black flame, then it turned and shot at Hellarus. Hellarus clicked his fingers and fire enveloped the darkness then it turned to Dyaerix. This was just going to to go on forever, let's burn this place down he thought. Dyaerix leaped away and it hit a plug that was behind Dyaerix. The fire was spreading, and fast.

    Chapter 8: Derek's Slave
    Her name was Harley and she had crystal blonde hair. She was running around the 12th floor trying to get away from the fire but her time was running out fast. She turned a few corners, but she found no more doors. Was she going to die? She knew some magic, but not any of it would be useful as in Hellarus they only teach fire. You can't fight fire with fire... or can you? The thought struck her mind and she clicked her fingers. Shooting from her hand, the fire zoomed all the way to the far wall and burnt it down and then jumped out of the wall. She hadn't thought of a safe landing, damn. She tucked up into the ball and hit a tree to slow down the fall. She hit the ground and got up, it hadn't hurt too much.

    Chapter 9: Killing Hellarus
    Unlike Dyaerix, Hellarus wasn't the one to love chatting, in fact he hardly ever talked. He wore a casual white t-shirt and some dark blue trousers. His belt was black and it had spikes on it, also he wore shiny black shoes which were almost taller than up to his ankle. Dyaerix hated him, the reception had once been clean and white about five minutes ago, but now it was black and it stank. The fire was still burning on patches of the floor but Dyaerix didn't mind. Although the fire was spreading, Dyaerix kept it going because he had a dark plan. Within about four minutes of the two crazy idiots looking into each other's eyes, the fire was blocking the entrance. Dyaerix ran out of the door just as it was engulfed in flames then locked it. Hellarus was banging on the door within ten seconds and Dyaerix was laughing hysterically. Hellarus' left hand was just a bone and the same goes with half of his face, but he was dead. A corpse pressed onto the glass, horrifying. His heart fell out of his chest and then caught on fire.

    Chapter 10: Christmas day
    Everybody was chatting in the ball room, it was awesome. All of Dyaerix' friends were there but an uninvited guest, Harley, was also there. Dyaerix was talking to one of his friends when he saw her, but of course he didn't know that she had once worked for Hellarus. He walked up to her and said "Hi".
    She laughed and said "Hi, who are you?".
    "My name is Dyaerix,"
    Her smile faded "Oh..."
    "Uhh.. what's wrong?"
    "Well you see... two days ago you killed my boss, burnt down his HQ and killed his experiment named Hellarus and almost killed me."
    "Oh, sorry about that. That's a lot of killing for one day..."
    "Yes, it is. But thank you, I thought I'd never leave that HQ because of my boss."
    "Heh heh. Uhh..."
    "I think I know what you're going to say." she said as she bent down and kissed him.

    The End

    Book 2 Coming Soon
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