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  1. Saki smiled at Tsubasa as they walked up to the school, clinging to his arm. "Tsu-tsu... Do you think we'll be fighting a lot of Keishen?" Tsubasa smiles back. "I don't know. But it's inevitable that we will fight some." He looks at his arm. "Do you mind? It's kinda embarrassing." She lets go and crosses her arms, pouting. "Meanie. You know I like being close to you." She starts throwing a mini tantrum, hitting his chest over and over. "Okay! I'm sorry..." She smiles and takes his arm back.
  2. Lillith rolls her eyes hearing Saki from the top of the stairs. She goes back to reading a book of basic spells. She spins her finger in the air as she concentrates on her book. She quickly gets bored and groans and falls back so she's now lying down.
  3. Light was happly walking to the school. she even was sing. grim was a little ticked off with her happenss. "Light shut up please" Grimm said but only Light could hear. "Alright Grimm-san" Light said back to Grimm-san. Light notice Lillith lieing on the floor and she wanted to say hi to her. "Hi lillith-chan" she said once she was closer to her
  4. Ilene stood at the top of the stairs with her arms folded and Karen brooding over her. The shorter girl wore a chocolate halter dress with black flats. The brooding presence over her stuck to black jeans, a "Hershey's" chocolate tee shirt and a pair of brown flip flops. Ilene looked down at the other students coming up to the school and sighed. Karen glanced sideways at Lilith, the school's solitary witch.
    "Good morning Lilith," she said with a small smile. "I hope you have a nice day."

    "Hey, go get me some breakfast Karen," Ilene said with a snap of her fingers. "I'm hungry."

    The older girl's eyebrow twitched. "What did I say about asking me to do stuff? Use your manners you brat!"

    "Fine, I'll get it myself!" She walked past her partner, refusing to look at her.

    "Is it really that difficult to say please?" the taller girl wondered allowed. "See you around Lilith."
    She followed her meister inside to the cafeteria.
  5. Lillith smiles. "Good morning to all of you. Have fun while I sit here getting a tan or be bored out of my mind all day. Again." Lillith sighs. "Did you guys hear I was caught under the school again. For some reason they won't let me down there anymore. I feel the school is hiding something from me."
  6. Saki walked with Tsubasa. As they walk passed Lillith, Tsubasa glares at her for a few moments before continuing on.
  7. the School hides alot of things" Grim was the one that sid lucky Lillith couldnt hear her. "thats not true Grimm your just hungey. why would the school hide things from as all. what down there her mother or something."
  8. Lillith glares back. "Got a problem with witches even though they are good of heart, student."
  9. Tsubasa looks back. "Nope. Just you." Saki looks up at him. "Why are you so mean to her?" Tsubasa shakes his head. "I don't want to talk about it."
  10. "stop beening a meanie or i will send Grimm on you" Light said to Tasbasa and Grimm didnt comment on it. she frowned at Tasbasa

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  11. OOC: Mushishi, Saki wasn't being mean, Tsubasa was.
  12. Standing at the bottom of the steps was the one and only Akuma and his partner Raphael, they were making there way up the steps towards the school when they walked right by Lilith and light. Raphael leaned over and spoke quietly into akumas ear " Why is she always here? ". Akuma shrugged and noticed Tsubasa and Saki he shouted out " Ey! Tsubasa! " He waved at him like a friendly person would and began walking a bit faster trying to catch up to them. Raphael was following behind as they came up next to them. Raphael asked again but to Tsubasa and Saki " Why is the witch always here? " He was hoping maybe they knew.
  13. Tsubasa shrugs. "Maybe she works here? I trust Lord Death's judgement and all but... HER?" He looks down, remembering his dad.
  14. Lillith stands up. "Why don't you ask me yourself and stop being rude?! You know I can hear you, right? I was found in ruins of Arachne's castle by students of the DWMA. I was then raised here as the school's first witch. I protect this place as a last resort. You can't have too much security."
  15. Akuma put his hand on the shoulder of Tsubasa nodding knowing the anger he felt about witches or atleast thinking that he felt the same pain Akuma did. Akuma spoke normally " Well i guess lord death could be right " He took his hand off his shoulder and put it back into his pocket following them. Raphael eyes were locked back on the witch until he tripped and fell " ouch..."
  16. Ok stop it right now this is just beening rude she may be a witch but she dose not need to be bullyed everyday. you all are so mean." Light was standing up for a witch even though a witch killed there family. she knew that not all witchs are all bad and she knew Lillth was not bad
  17. Tsubasa sighs. "I guess..." He looks at Lillith. "Sorry..." Saki smiles. "Thank you for apolagizing Tsu-tsu~," Tsubasa goes over and helps Raphael up.
  18. Lillith nods. "Thank you. So who wants to help me find the secrets of the DWMA? I want to know what they're hiding from me and everyone else."
  19. Tsubasa nods. "I'm in. Besides, it'll give me a chance to see if Lord Death is right about you." Saki smiles. "I go where Tsu-tsu goes." Tsubasa looks at everyone. "Though I would like someone to spar with me so I can make sure I'm ready for the worst."
  20. ohhhhh me me me" Light said. grimm has been slinet for along time now she said "lets go" "wow grimmy you want to go too so cool" grimm didnt say anything. light waited to see what the others would say
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