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  1. This is a Soul Eater rp of course! You can play as Canons or Ocs, its up to you lol




    Partner (if you have one):



    Age (not needed):

    Pic (not needed):
  2. Weapon/Meister/Teacher/Witch: Weapon

    Name: Saki Masukita

    Gender: Female

    Partner (if you have one): Tsubasa Ayakashi

    Form: She can take on one of two forms, that of a staff or a whip.

    Bio: Saki was found by her partner, injured from kieshen and bleeding Black Blood. She vowed that she would be his forever after that. She's had strong feelings for him since.

    Family: Haru Masukita (older brother)

    Age (not needed): 17

    Pic (not needed): [​IMG]
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  3. name Grim and Light

    wepon ect....: Wepon >.>

    Gander female


    Bio Grimm and light are the same people. but she dose not know that. the person is light and the wepon is Grimm. they where allways runing away from people they never real fit in till ther partener found them. ther partener was kind soetimes mean to them but they like there partener. and they would pertoct there partener even if it ment death.

    family: killedevery last one of them or so the people that killed them thought (<.< >.>)


    pic.: it will be up even if its not needed
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  4. Weapon/Meister/Teacher/Witch: Witch

    Gender: Female

    Partner (if you have one):

    Bio: She was found, passed out, in the rubble of Arachne's castle at the age of 6 by the DWMA. Even though the castle is protected by Lord Death and the teachers, she is a last resort protector of the school. She is still learning on how to control her powers a bit.
    She is somehow related to the Gorgon sisters but they don't know where she would be in the family.

    Family: Gorgon sisters

    Age (not needed): 16

    Pic (not needed):
  5. I'm gunna wait a little longer for people to join. I'll have the rp up in a couple days max either way though.
  6. allright
  7. Weapon/Meister/Teacher/Witch: Meister

    Name: Ilene Luxar

    Gender: Female

    Partner (if you have one): Karen Hurst; kunai with chain

    Bio: Ilene was born into a family of entrepreneurs with a lifetime of savings. She grew up knowing nothing of hunger or being without, though her parents did not spoil her. They had servants but after a certain age she did most things on her own. There was nothing bad about her except her occasional bossy
    nature which sometimes showed through when she was feeling overconfident or in a bad mood. This trait of hers obviously got her into fights, at least once a week, and most often with other girls. Knowing the fruits of hard work she learned how to defend herself and used her power to make others do what she wanted.

    All of that changed, however, when she met Karen Hurst. This was a tall, somewhat brooding girl, who took no attitude from anybody. Ilene came up to her once demanding her to escort her to a store to go grocery shopping. She hated going alone and Karen was a rough looking girl with black, shoulder length hair and a light scar by her eyebrow. Nobody would dare mess with her if she came along. Karen declined effortlessly and went back to her smoothie. Ilene was ready to fight but once Karen's arm took the form of a sharp blade she let it go. There was an admiration for he bluntness and Karen thought her forcful nature was just far too dangerous to let her go anywhere alone. When they met up at the opening ceremony for the DWMA, they were instant partners.

    Family: Anna Luxar(mother), Ivan Luxar(father), Gordan Luxar(older brother), Junior Luxar(her tabby cat)

    Age (not needed): 15

    Pic (not needed):
    Ilene Luxar (open)
  8. Miester

    Name: Akuma Kagutsuchi

    Gender: Male

    Partner: Raphael Hokisasha

    Bio: Akuma grew up with Raphael, they both were young when they began hanging out. but when Akuma and Raphael both were accepted into DWMA they realized they would be the perfect partners. When they were younger they both practiced the old Samurai fighting ways so when Raphael was able to change into a samurai weapon they new it would work out well. Akuma's back story consisted of being a middle class family and living with his parents until the faitful day that his parents were killed fighting a keshin, Akuma moved in with Raphael and his father . Since then they had worked to make sure his parents could be proud of him in the future.

    Family: Akuma's parents Maruma and Akarisma are both dead

    Picture: [​IMG]
    ( His normal wear and Raphael in sword form )


    Name: Raphael Hokisasha

    Gender: Male

    Miester: Akuma Kagutsuchi

    Bio: Raphael grew up in a middle class family just like his best friend Akuma, He didn't have to much and didn't have any siblings until Akuma moved in with him. But Raphael was an outstanding person he was skilled in the ways of the samurai which he had trained with Akuma for a while with. But Raphael mother had dissapeared when he was young and left him and his father to survive by themselves, But Raphael wouldn't let that bother him he was better than that and he would show that.

    Family: Raphael mother is missing but his father lives alone since Akuma and Raphael moved into an apartment


    ( did we have to follow the CS if we did i can change this
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  9. Akuma: Nope, its fine. It was more just as a rough template to go off of.
  10. alright cool cant wait for this to start up lol
  11. Weapon/Meister/Teacher/Witch: Meister

    Name: Tsubasa Ayakashi

    Gender: Male

    Partner (if you have one): Saki Masukita

    Bio: His father died when he was young, killed by Arachne. (Ya, I purposely chose Arachne Nepeta. Add some friction and drama! lol) He was brought up to help those in need and found Saki injured, so he helped her, fully aware of what it could cost him. He promised he'd keep her safe no matter the cost. Though he won't admit it, he's secretly in love with her.

    Family: Kirin Ayakashi (Mom)

    Age (not needed): 18

    Pic (not needed): [​IMG]

  12. Weapon

    Name: Collin B. Williams

    Gender: Male

    Partner (if you have one): None

    Bio: Collin grew up as a orphen and because of that, there is not too much to tell about his past. Since he couldn't find a Meister, he fights alone and does a good job. When alone, he is able to throw a limitless number of throwing knives, by just moving his arms and legs.

    Family: He doesn't know his family, so there is no way of answering this one.

    Age (not needed):22

    Pic (not needed): http://i.imagebanana.com/img/rhpiub2e/CollinBWilliams.png
  13. Go ahead and start whenever you're ready.
  14. Is it too late to join?
  15. Nope. Go ahead.
  16. ahh no of couse not but its not me to say
  17. Weapon/Meister/Teacher/Witch: Meister

    Name: Kasumi Shimizu

    Gender: Female

    Partner (if you have one): none

    Bio: Kasumi's childhood was happy and fairly normal. She had two loving parents and a nice house to call home. Before bed she would hear heroic tales about her grandfather and his weapon who had defeated a Kishin long ago. However, after her mother died when she was fourteen her father became extremely depressed. He started drinking and would abuse her by beating and yelling at her. After she turned sixteen she was fed up and ran away from home. Living on the streets for two years was hard, but she learned how to defend and take care of herself. She learned about the DWMA after a meister and her weapon killed a serial killer that was terrorizing her town. It was then that she decided to go to the DWMA and learn how to be a great meister like her grandfather.

    Family: Her father - Kenzo Shimizu, Her mother (dead) - Akira Shimizu

    Age (not needed): 18

    Pic (not needed): image.jpg
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  18. Hey, I just read through all of the posts, and I have a question. Did they find a full fledged Kishin or just a Kishin egg? Because if it was an actual Kishin then it must have been pretty wimpy to be defeated by four students who weren't even death scythes yet. :)
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