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  1. Basically, this is the same academy as the one in Soul Eater, but without Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, Black Star, etc. You can have a meister, weapon, or control both. Teachers are also allowed. You can have romances, character battles, kishin egg hunts (lol), witch hunts, or just show a daily life thing. We'll start off in the middle of a kishin egg battle and all students live in special apartments near each other. You can create a new character whenever you want, just warn us here. Characters can look how you want them and, if you want, we can even have witch characters. And yes, Excalibur can be in here, too. Other than that, Death is the only really solid character. Call him at the end of every hunt.

    Plot: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/dwma-death-weapon-meister-academy.21359/#post-708989

    Shadow stood, quietly observing tonight's target. He didn't look strong at all; unworthy of the mark that Lord Death had placed on his head. She couldn't understand why so many students were called to track down this slobbering, flea-bitten mongrel as he jumped over the lower roof tops in search of his next victim. Wolf was held tightly in her hand, a sword ready to pierce the target's heart. As the moon cackled over-head, Shadow began to see her classmates arrive at the scene; faint movements in the dark or a glint of light across steel weapons. As everyone entered the arena, Shadow could see the loose net they became around the prey's movements. The Hunt was on. It was be unspoken agreement that the lost soul went to whoever downed the creature, even so no one rushed into battle. Everyone was still wary of the creature that Lord Death insisted needed the full attention of the Academy.
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  2. Arrow crouched low on the rooftop, the shadows cast by the nearby buildings concealing his location. His eyes following the mark as it bounded from roof to roof, the madness of the thing could be felt even at this distance faint as it was. All around Arrow caught glimpses of others, shadows joining to his left and right. The Lord Death had put out an all call for this one, it must be a powerful kishin to require so many meisters and weapons.

    “ I don’t know about this.” Arrow mused, operating out of his element among the smoking chimneys and cobblestone streets. Arrow had only arrived at DWMA a month ago having spent his life in the woods, it was taking some time to adjust to the cities and so many people packed together.

    “Alright just like stalking a deer... except this one will fight back.” This would be Arrow’s first time on a hunt like this and he was not about to be the last one to the party.

    Time to focus.” Sliding silently down the roof Arrow slowly began to stalk his prey, every sense heightened against the creature The Lord Death deemed dangerous enough to warrant such a large gathering of meisters and weapons.
  3. "Let's have a little fun!" Requiem said with a dark grin, changing his right arm into the barrel of his sniper rifle body. It wasn't in his nature to stress, and as such, he wouldn't. He was a sniper, so he would only need one shot, presumably. He was also the only Autonomous in a rather long time, and he expected that because of this, he'd be even better off. There were no mixed signals. Everything fit together fine. Requiem began walking, whistling a simple tune, hoping to draw the attention of his target. It was considerably easier to bait a target than to hunt for them, at least in his opinion. Of course, he knew he had competition. That just made things more interesting though. There was no fun if there wasn't anyone to bet against.
  4. A cigarette hanging out the side of is mouth burning down to its last end, he spat it out. He was leaning inside an alleyway when the target came by, he remained hidden and watched as other students were gathering. He noticed a few inpeticular, some top of the class and others just like him trying to get by. His partner walked up besides him and nodded to him and then leaned in and said " Akuma are you ready? " Akuma chuckled and said " Of course Raphael " . Raphael changed into a a Nagamaki with a sheathe already on it, He grappled the sheathe and smirked as he leaned his head out of the corner and looked at were the target was heading. He lept up into the air and landed onto a rooftop with a small smirk and began walking slowly while holding the sheathed Nagamaki.
  5. Shadow joined the others in movement, leaping down from her high viewpoint and onto the lower roof tops. She didn't bother with stealth, regarding silence and invisibility as hindrances to her goal. The target looked around wildly, his long tongue hanging out of his toothy mouth as he finally noticed the students around him. He had bulging, blue eyes and matted brown hair that had grown out all over his body. He truly was a mutt, wearing old, blood-stained clothes that hung loosely on his thin frame. His tongue was pointed at the end, guiding thick streams of drool as his head whipped back and forth in an attempt to keep all of the students in his eye sight.
  6. Since no one was taking the proper opportunity to attack this man, He lept down from the rooftops to the floor. He gently landed on the floor, his left foot touching first and then his hole two feet came down. He held his Nagamaki at his side still in the sheathe, He stared at the person and walked slowly towards him. He said as he was walking " What a wonderful day it is, isn't it? " His eyes scanning the man and evaluating his body and his stature. He was observant he new he wasn't alone in this fight so it shouldn't be a hard approach. He put his hand to his swords hilt and drew it slowly until the whole sword came out, It had decorative symbols and markings on it. He was walking slowly towards the mission his left hand holding the sword and his right hand holding the sheathe.
  7. The creature laughed happily as it shifted it's gaze on this new contender. It's eyes were unfocused and it's body was hunched over as it grinned like a one-year old with candy. Excitement rolled off it in waves.

    Shadow frowned at the Kishin Egg's reaction and stopped her approach. She'd rather let another try their hands at it first, then attack.

    (Alright, no one-post-kills or anything like that. He's gotta be strong, fast, and a bit insane.)
  8. Cloaked from shoulders to heels was a man of a monolithic stature. Grandeur in the world of the nethers, he was introduced to the academy by some aberrant means. Today would have been the day he made the decision to join the
    "Death Weapon Meister Academy", he and his weapon, Seraphim. For the most part, these streets seemed quiet, but in contrast, the weapon was malcontent.

    "Pipe it down, Seraphim, we'll be there soon enough."

    "B-but I c-can't! T-there's too m-much oxygen in t-the air!"

    The swivel of his cranium was in performance, a countenance of beguilement briefly washing over his face. Actually, to Elijah's knowledge, the air did seem rather thin. It wasn't your typical every day, well, let's just say the he was breathing had been thin. It was decipherable to differentiate between the two, because anyone who shared a regulated breathing pattern would have experienced like struggles.

    "If I'm not mistaken... that isn't even oxygen. That's someone, or something with a rather powerful aura."

    "No, wait. A bunch of different wavelengths..."

    Elijah wondered, if this was what it was going to feel like, being here at the academy. He knew he wasn't there yet, though he was in the heart of Death City. A glimpse to the sky, and he saw the moon smiling, blood drenching its lower lip. His focus was on the sky, while Seraphim made sure to remain close, a bit weary of their surroundings and the potential threats that laid therein.

    "E-Eli... w-what is that t-t-thing?"

    Seraphim instantly threw an arm past Elijah's shoulder, pointing towards a figure that seemed a little bit more than malicious. A twisted grin, a long, pendulous tongue.

    "I don't know, but let's just stand back for now. Wait and see what happens."
  9. " You are a ugly creature aren't you, but a reward at that " He spun the Nagamaki in his hand and twisted his feet into a samurai foot stance, the sheathe was then placed on the belt were it could rest. He held the Nagamaki in the general Samurai stance, He stared right at the creature smirking and said " Well then...i can feel your excitement so come and enjoy " He let a small breath escape from his mouth signaling that he was now focused. His eye sight set on possible location of a quick strike and maybe a fatal blow to the creature, If he was going to fight this beast than he had to be tactical.
  10. Arrow discarded stealth now that the creature was aware of the students surrounding it. Arrow moved to a better vantage point along the rooftop and studied the monster, its fork tongue flicking in and out of its toothy mouth, dribbles of spit flung in all directions.

    “I’m working alone this time, no room for errors.” Arrow thought apprehension about his first battle, the first against something other than a wild animal, filling his mind. Animals were predictable their instinct drove their actions, this on the other hand was something entirely different. He had spent the last month training with different partners and had learned and read more about souls then he had ever imagined existed, but yet he still couldn’t help but feel less then prepared.

    Arrow jumped up onto the edge of a large vent and took a deep breath. You could almost feel the tension, mingled with excitement and concentration in the air. Arrow closed his eyes briefly, his breath slowed and his heart beating a swift staccato, slowed in a smooth crescendo.

    “In...out...in...out.” Arrow chanted in a voice just below a whisper, his brow furrowed in concentration. He extended his left hand and made a fist and brought his right hand to it. Pulling back as if drawing on an invisible bow, a bolt of dimly glowing green light appeared in the void between his hands. He continued to draw back till the back of his thumb touched his cheek just below his eye.

    Two students had begun to advanced on the Kishin Egg’s position one slowly drawing a sword, the moonlight glinted slightly off the blades length. “All I need to do now is wait for the sword wielder to strike, then when that thing is distracted, make the shot.” Arrow saw one of the student’s slow then stop, she appeared to be hesitant to make the first move. The second student was still approaching slowly, sword in one hand sheath in the other. He planted his feet and brought up the sword. He was talking to the Egg, his word’s unintelligible at this distance.

    “What am I doing, I have a clean shot that thing isn’t even looking my direction.” Arrow scolded himself, he really should have more confidence in his ability.

    “In...out...in...out." The monsters wild eyes and too wide grin filled Arrow's vision. "Release!” The bolt of spirit energy left his hand with a sound like leaves rustling in the wind, leaving a faint trail of emerald light in its path. “Shot is on target.” Chris thought to himself satisfied. He didn't hang around to watch however, that would be unwise. “Now things are going to get interesting.” Chris muttered leaping down from the ledge. He did not want to be in the same spot should the thing launch a counterattack.
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  11. Everyone was targeting the thing. Of course they were. "Well, we'll just have to draw it off then, won't we?" Zaigou asked himself. Aiming ahead of the beast and firing off a round, shattering a brick in the wall but a few feet ahead of it. "C'mon mutt. This way!" He growled, firing again, determined to turn it. He couldn't allow the others to get the kill. He had something to prove. It didn't turn however. It seemed completely oblivious in fact. It was time to try something new. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out the rather jagged looking knife he kept with him at all times. One never knew what situation they'd come up into, but he knew that he was only built for range, and as such, wasn't much good up close. The knife changed things a bit, although he knew he'd have to pick himself up a partner if he wanted to fight well. Another Weapon would do wonders.

    He tweaked his scope system, his eyes, changing how close up he was viewing things. Taking in the surroundings. It didn't take him long to find what he was looking for. In a neighbourhood such as this, dilapidated buildings were pretty commonplace. "Hopefully this works." He muttered, aiming for a building ahead of the beast with the desire to cause it to collapse into the street. That would be the easiest way to turn him. Thankfully, it wasn't a difficult task to tear into the building. I side effect of being an overly large weapon was that he fired overly large rounds. Rounds that caused excessive damage. The building began to give.
  12. Before the students of the Meister Academy knew it, there was a vividly potent stench in the air. Perhaps to the perception of most, this smell was unfamiliar. But for Elijah, it was an unfortunate habit that he learned a couple of years back through the days of his binge drinking - the substance to drown the sorrow of his parents' death. Looking back to Seraphim momentarily, the taller of the two began to speak, an ivory dust exuding his nostrils, and orifice.

    "Seraphim, here's what I want you to do... go over there, and get a glimpse of the scene from up close. Something has got to give. And I know you're capable of handling yourself, so go for it."

    The weapon looked at him, defiance filled every crevice and detail of his facial features. Seraphim clearly wasn't up to the task.

    "Eli... y-you're out of your m-mind if you think I'm j-just going to walk over t-there."

    It wasn't like Elijah was leaving him much of a choice. His expression was stern, confident. He knew as well as Seraphim did that they were both perfectly capable of handling themselves, even when they were apart from one another. With a sigh, a thick cloud of ivory toxins polluted the air, and Elijah began to progress. This large egg, possessed the soul of a kishin. Elijah could smell it, he knew that smell all too well.


    Seraphim cried out to him, but quickly followed to keep up, not wanting to be the one left behind. Reaching for the back of Elijah's shirt, Seraphim had tugged on it, not wanting Elijah to go and be a hero or anything like that. But as much as he protested, Elijah continued to reassure him that nothing was going to happen. Eventually, Elijah was in close enough range to join the others, provided he wanted to. He knew damn well he could have easily put an end to all of their problems, but he would rather wait and see just what the outcome of the situation would be without his interference.

    "Seraphim, stop moving. You don't want that thing to look over here, do you?"

    Seraphim shook his head, taking a step behind Elijah before peeking over his shoulder.
  13. " i guess that the others are hungry for him to.." all these building chunks and bullets being fired wouldn't stop him from getting this beast. He began to rush forward, he moved fast..really fast. He lept side to side as he got closer to the beast, As he got in close he put out his first strike to the creature. his strike got close but the beast simply lept back blocking it like it was a simple strike, Akuma landed his foot on the floor and spun around in circle coming in for the second strike over his body. The beast caught it with a block and caused and indentation on the floor. Akuma the noticed a green beam and then a building beginning to collapse behind him, He smirked and said " You destructive fighters " Raphael spoke to Akuma " watch out! " Akuma looked up and noticed the creature striking at him over his head, He simply swiveled and lept away from the creature soaring backwards and skidding to the floor his feet leaving a small mark on the floor. He smirked and said " Looks like i might not win this battle with all these distractions.
  14. Watching the scene from afar, both Seraphim and Elijah were quite entertained. This was a low-leveled creature that the class was fighting, and adorned with insurmountable experience, Gavon knew quite well just how easily this fuzzy brute could be put to its end. Looking back at Seraphim, he leaned forward and inhaled a deep breath through the filter of the toxic cylinder, expelling a tertiary cloud of smoke before making speech.

    "Should we go and handle this ourselves? I'm tired of watching them... it's like a bunch of children fighting over the last slice of cake."

    And that's exactly what it was. They were all fighting over the same thing, attempting to achieve the capture of the Kishin egg. This was when Elijah decided to progress towards the Kishin, as well as Akuma and Raphael.

    "Wait here."

    He instructed to Seraphim who replied with a salute and chimed.

    "Y-yes sir!"

    At which point, Elijah started for the burly beast and with every step he had taken, his shoulders gracefully swayed back and forth, his hands shoveling into his pockets. Inhaling another few centimeters of that cylinder, he looked down to the cherry, his eyes coming to a cross. Well, it was just about gone. Walking past the collapsing building, he ejected the cylinder from between his lips, all of what was left being only the filter, followed by an inch of tobacco. The cigarette would burn for a while.

    Exhaling the last cloud of smoke, Elijah stood before the beast, to the left of it, particularly, and looking to Akuma, then to Raphael, he uttered,

    "You're not even putting scratches on the damn thing. You have to attack it, you know."

    He instructed, at which point the beast turned to him. The expressions were quite distinguishable, as the brute had risen a brow before making an attempt to ebb the pest. Elijah watched the beast cock back an arm, before lunging it towards him. Now whether or not he chose to move, no one could quite tell.


    Elijah barked, at which point, Seraphim had began to run towards him. His running was at a steady pace, but it didn't look like he'd get there in time. And if anyone was watching, they could see him disappear immediately.

    "Sorry I'm being slower than usual. I'm feeling a bit distracted."

    Seraphim spoke upon his spiral into the air, and as Elijah's right arm had lifted to stop the giant's fist, blood began to spew from the joint region of the brute's left arm. With ease, he lobbed it over his shoulder, almost as if the thing had no weight to it, though gravity decided otherwise, meaning the arm didn't go very far.

    "That's disgusting!"

    Seraphim laughed as the blood of the beast began to spew and rain down on Elijah.

    "Very funny."

    Stated the Meister calmly, and looking to Akuma, he stepped towards, and past him.

    "Well, you've got it from here, I'm going to go wash this off."
  15. He smirked as this god walked into the field and broke this creatures arm, he turned around and looked at the creature who was getting up off the floor and was injured. He put the Nagamaki back into the sheathe and let a sigh go, as it returned back into Raphael who also let a sigh escape his lips. " What a perfect waist of a egg " Akuma chuckled and said " Now it would be unfair to fight " He turned away and lept up into the air, He landed on the roof tops along with Raphael they sat to watch this slaughtering.
  16. The beast growled deeply and the air began to vibrate violently. The creature's eyes seemed to shrink and focus in one the boy who had just removed his arm. It let loose a shrill scream that was loud enough to break nearby windows and cause some of the students ears to bleed. With a sickening squelch, a new arm burst out of the severed lump that was it's old one. The creature seemed to grow a bit in size, it's power increasing. With another scream, the beast lunged forward at the boy with the speed of lightning.

    Shadow moved just as the creature did, appearing behind this new boy and grabbed the back of his shirt. She yanked him backward just as the thing's claws cut through the air where his stomach had just been. She instantly released his shirt as she moved in front of him to block the creature's next attack, which had come a split second later.

    The creature began a string of swift slashes that would have cut Shadow in half if it hadn't been for Wolf. She blocked every one of it's murderous attacks, matching the beast's speed. However, every blow felt like a massive hammer jarred her arms. She wasn't sure how long she could hold out if she didn't get out of it's way, fast.
  17. Elijah barked at Shadow's attempt to save him, seeing as he would have easily nullified the flurry himself, but no, she had to be the hero. Heroine, whatever. Expelling a sigh, Elijah watched Shadow being swung at by the massive beast. Well, she did just save his life, considering his lack of attentiveness, so he figured that he may as well return the favor.

    In the blink of an eye, Elijah was already walking towards Shadow.

    "Hey, ugly."

    He called to the burly beast, who did turn around in the flurry of anger to apprehend Elijah. A right hand swung in his direction, and he leaned in the opposing direction for the beast to have just missed. With each swing, he moved forward, Elijah avoiding one by no more than a few inches, as if he were in the ring with some experienced fighter. His eyes watched the movements of the beasts hands, and they were quite fast. Turning to his right for a moment, he looked to Shadow and made the inquiry.

    "How do we stop this thing if all it's going to do is regenerate?"

    He knew how to stop it, but maybe she could give a clue to her other students with the answer she was going to give. Fed up with the beast's persistent attempts to quarrel the Meister, he brought his right arm to cross over his chest, where the palm of the beast had collided into his own, stopping immediately. The only damage done, was collateral. The ground underneath Elijah's feet had ungrounded, the large bricks piling back. The beast pulled its arm back, and Seraphim was watching the scene from where he stood.

    "Elijah. You know you have to eliminate the wavelengths of the beast's soul first, right?"

    "Thank you, detective."

    He mocked, only to watch the beast swing again, where he ducked underneath the large hand, and began to walk backwards.
  18. ( Well, there goes the long battle. Alright, guess we'd better get moving along with the story...)

    "Arrogant idiot," Shadow said, obviously disgusted. Her arm moved like a snake, hurling Wolf, who was in Sword mode, straight at the ground behind the beast.

    Wolf transformed in the second before his foot came into contact with the roof, pulling his head down in the process as the creature immediately turned to him with a fearless slash. As the thing's arm brushed the air right above his head, Wolf's foot hit the roof tiles and he shot up towards the creature's head. His arm instantly transformed into a blade and he drove in right through the monster's skull. "You kill it," He said quietly, pulling his arm back as the beast fell forward.