Dwindling Glory: Revolt from Beneath

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  1. Cyrriel knelt in the ice before Lucifer, the cold seeping in through the tattered robes he wore as a Fallen. "Dominus, what would you have me do?" he said, his voice quivering not only because of the chill but also because of the awe of being summoned to the lowest pits to face Lucifer. The shackles that chained the Dominus were still holding, but he could feel the tainted Angelic magic that the Dominus still had working to degrade them.

    "Rise, Cyrriel, brother. Allow me to kiss your cheek" said Lucifer. It was a gesture of brotherhood, and a gesture that to the Fallen meant support. When Cyrriel drew back, there was a strange light in Lucifer's eyes as he gazed upon the lesser Fallen. "I have seen you often sitting at the edge of the Malebolge, gazing up. I have seen your tears. I have seen your yearning sighs to help man on the surface. This is your chance."

    "I am not sure what you mean, Dominus." Cyrriel quaked in apprehension. The gears in his mind were whirring, he wondered if Lucifer would actually give him the chance to help mankind as he yearned to do.

    "Cyrriel, you will have the chance to help mankind. There are others of the Fallen already out there. It is time for Hell to fight back. Yet the place you will go is sorely lacking of assistance. Mankind needs you. You will shed your wings and your robes and your name. You will become human and walk amongst them. Guide them. Abaddon will visit you every so often to ask how your mission goes. Do your best not to fail, Cyrriel. Every victory is a victory much needed."

    "I will not fail, Dominus. Failing mankind once was terrible enough. I shan't fail once more." Cyrriel looked up and out of the pit, determined to achieve redemption.

    "Come, kiss me that you might begin at once." Cyrriel walked up to Lucifer and took the Dominus' lips in his own. With their lips locked, the winds that blew across the Coccyx converged on Cyrriel. His feathers all fell away and his wings melted into his back. Whatever remained of his radiance vanished and his skin turned into pinkish human flesh. His robes began to unravel and when he was standing stark naked atop the Coccyx, he vanished in a brilliant flash of light.
  2. Vespersael passed through the gate to the Thrid Heaven where the Garden of Eden was. She was nervous but nothing, her posture or expression, gave it away. Visiting Eden for a common angel could be like having Christmas with the president for a human. She was excited, yet cautious. Why would Seraphim want to talk to her? What did she have to offer? Or...did she do something? Just the thought of doing something against her belief, the God even, made her skin crawl, her insides clench and a fear greater than anything she has felt before gripped her heart. Though when the light breeze blew and played with her cream almost white hair, her worries somehow disappeared as if she was just reassured that all will be well. Vespersael was a radiant angelic woman with soft facial features where silver eyes dominated. Her hair was wavy and fell all the way down to her lower back. Usually, she would have it loose but today, Vespersael made it into a complicated bun with braids. After all, she was going to talk to Uriel, in Eden. Instead of wearing her working dress of light blue, she was wearing a snowhite short robe of light linens.

    As she advanced in the garden, leading her way to the centre where the Tree stood, Vespersael's wings shook a bit. Either it was in anticipation or expectation. She could feel the presence of someone higher than her. It sounded strange but this angelic woman was always more perceptive to feelings and someone else's auras or internal powers. Once again, her insides clenched. This time it was on the sight of Uriel. He was a magnificent seraphim and yes, she dreamt of meeting him. Well, she dreamt of meeting all the higher ones. Uriel had his back to her, he was facing the tree. His fingers were entwined behind his back and Vespersael could only guess if he was thinking or just waiting. However, as she drew nearer, suddenly aware of her own presence and vulnerability, Uriel turned around and his eyes pierced hers. She hitched and wavered in her steps but only for a moment. She could tell that Uriel was studying her...but why? Finally, she stopped in front of him, feeling small as he was well two heads taller than her. But then, Uriel was taller than most of the male angels.

    "Do you know why you came, child?" He asked her, his voice soft, yet with the undertone of the cruelty of his role. Vespersael shook her head, her hair swaying behind her. There was a shadow of a smile on Uriel's lips yet it was hard to say why he was smiling. Then suddenly, he began to tell her the story of Adam and Eve. Vespersael was created after this has happened but in human scale she was already some thousands old. Yet again, there were way older angels than her. She listened to him patiently, wondering where was he going with this. Did she do something like Eve? Was she a sinner now? As if Uriel could read her mind, he looked at her peacefully and placed one of his hands on her shoulder.

    "You were chosen Vespersael. Chosen by us and by our Lord to serve the Greater Purpose," Uriel's voice was rich and his own eyes had sparks of pride in them. "To defeat our sworn enemies you were chosen to go down to the Earth as my spy. You will infiltrate the rebellion groups in one small country. You will do as I command. There would be only Lord and I for you now, Vespersael. You will lose your wings, but you shall not lose your faith," with the last part of his sentence, Uriel moved his forefinger and middlefinger on top of her breast where her heart was beating. With that simple gesture, Vespersael felt herself tranforming. The fear that seized her at first, was quickly washed away by the feeling of nakedness. She could feel the breeze on her skin, cooling her. Out of the blue, a spray of shining white feathers flew all around them. Was that her wings? She couldn't feel them. After one fail attemp to move what once helped her fly, tears formed in the corners of her eyes. Would she ever get her wings back? Could she? A tickling sensation brought her back from self-pitying. What was happening now? As the sensation ascended her back, Vespersael's eyes opened wide in shock. Her hair! It was shortening! Before she could comprehend what has happened in no longer than minute, a gush of wind hit her body with a full force that wasn't it for Uriel's hand on her shoulder, she would be sent flying across the Eden.

    "Open your eyes, child," Uriel commanded and Vespersael did as she was told not even knowing when she closed her eyes. "From now on, adopt this name, Ancika Mikulecka. Grow one with it but never forget who you really are. You have your first mission details in your pocket." Pocket? Though before she could look for a pocket a flame enveloped her and the last she saw of Uriel was his face that looked so expectating and trusting. I won't let you down, Ancika thought as the last sight of heaven and her new leader faded away and she appeared in a strange, new place.
  3. Cyrriel was awakened by a bright flash of light accompanied by a loud clap of thunder. Little did he know it was a sign of a celestial being made manifest in the mortal world. He had never experienced it before, so he wouldn't have known even if he were conscious. He was still disorientated, a result of having been sent to Earth by Lucifer. It was never a pleasant experience even for those that were powerful enough to manifest themselves. Pythius was used to it and after leaving a letter on the bedside table and a note above the headboard, she returned to the Malebolge.

    Because of this, for a moment, Cyrriel thought he was still in Hell. He felt something was wrong and he realized he was lying flat on his back on some sort of rough fabric. He turned over, frantically raking his hands along his back, looking for his wings. His eyes traveled upwards and pinned to the wall behind the bed he was making a ruckus on was a note that said "You're on earth. You're human now. Stop freaking out about your wings."

    When it dawned on him, Cyrriel found himself smiling at the Dominus' thoughtfulness and dry sense of humor. Or at least, it was what he perceived as humor. When it came to the Dominus, it was hard to tell. There were tales amongst the Fallen that Lucifer would often joke around with his three fellows in the middle of the lake, although many of them thought that the Dominus was only doing it to help alleviate their suffering.

    He ran his hands across his hair. It was now short, kept and curly, in contrast to the golden locks he had sported while Fallen. He could get used to being human, he thought. But that thought immediately caused him to think about their failure to protect the humans and the small smile slipped off of his face. "Time to get serious" he thought to himself.

    He glanced around the room. It was a nondescript apartment. It was probably not very expensive, or at least he thought. There was a door to what he assumed was a bathroom. Not far to the left side of the bed was a wardrobe that stood right beside a pair of windows. Raindrops were splattered on the glass and outside, the skies were angry.

    Cyrriel glanced at his bedside table. On it was a letter addressed to him. It had a peculiar seal on the envelope. Even the paper inside, when he unfolded it, had the same seal.

    Cyrriel, from this day forth, you are to be known as Frantisek Andera. Hell can only provide you with so much, you'll have to work to pay for your food. We can help with the apartment, but we doubt that Mammon would be willing to part with any of his gold. There is a bakery down the road from your apartment, look for the head baker, cross your fingers and say 'ridiculous, isn't it?' They will immediately know you are one of them. Be prepared for questions though. You are free to lie. The oaths that bound you as a Fallen no longer stand.

    Do not fail.


    Once he finished reading, the seal glowed and the paper burst into harmless flames, leaving nothing but a smattering of ash over the bedside table and Frantisek's hands.
  4. It was stormy outside. Flashes of lighting and loud thunders threatened to destroy the world. Little did the people know what it really meant. Little did Ancika know as well. She was sitting in one of the night bars by Vltava, the river that flowed through Prague. Ancika has been on Earth for some time now; she was used to the people of the city, what she couldn't get used to was the stink of them. It was like they didn't use one of those...how do you call them? Oh yes, deodorants. Travelling in the public transport on a hot day was a nightmare and few times Ancika was threatened to suffocate as she didn't want to inhale the odor of sweat. However, this worries where pushed to the back of her mind now. Ancika was dealing with something more complicated, something that she didn't have to deal with before. She was trying to analyze her feelings.

    When she was first transported to Prague, she appeared in a flat that any drug addict could live in - dirty, smelly and cold. The biggest room was the one where her single bed, laptop and tv was. To the left, there was small bathroom and kitchen of roughly the same size. The daylight could get in only through one window which was by her bed. Dusty curtain was hanging of the top. She was surprised and wondered if everyone on Earth lived like that. It was so different to the comfort of Heaven. Most of her questions were answered when Ancika noticed the laptop and a flashing icon in the corner of the screen. It was a message from Uriel, explaining to her where she was, assuring her that if she needed anything her bank account was almost limitless but that she should not move out of the flat that she was given as there was a concealed portal shall she need to escape suddenly.

    So much has happened since that day. Way too much that contradicted what she was taught, what she believed. Taking a sip of her drink, Ancika sighed and frowned. She has completed the last mission that Uriel gave her. Soon she would have to go back to that stinky hole to write a report. Though, if Ancika concentrated hard and long enough, she could replay in her mind how the man's brain splattered on the wall behind him. It wasn't an accident. It was her finger that pushed the trigger down. It was for Greater Purpose as she reminded herself every time another dead body dropped to her feet.

    In the background, from the loudspeakers, the song from Ordinary World by Duran Duran was just playing. How coincidental. The Heaven gave her ability to speak and understand all the languages of the world and the words of that song conjured a subtle smile on her lips. Yes, she would have to fight to stay in this world. She would be fighting for Heaven to defeat Lucifer and his minions. Yet, she felt alone, in exile even. Having no contact with whom she knew, it could make her feel depressed sometimes, but then she was told to forget what she once knew. Lord coul be her witness of how hard she tried. Yet, it was almost impossible to feel his presence in this country of atheists. She looked around, momentarily studying those people in the room. Most of them were common workers, builders and some other scums. While surveying the bar, which wasn’t as filthy as it looked from the outside, Ancika’s eyes locked with someone sitting not too far from her. The man was dirty yet his eyes were shining with lust. As he noticed that Ancika was looking at him, he made an obscene gesture that surely meant that he would like to have sex with her. When his lips parted in an awkward smile, it was clearly visible that he was missing most of his teeth. The angel just ignored the guy. She knew that her clothes – high, black leather boots that already looked worn out; very short shorts that showed the delicate line of her backside when she walked; sleeveless shirt and leather jacket which looked so much like her boots – well, it did attract attention, though for some reason she didn’t mind. Her skills of close combat would save her even from such an asshole as the horny, toothless guy who was almost twice her size and surely stronger than her.

    Yes, she made for herself quite a good name in the underworld. No one truly knew what rebel group did Ancika belong to, but people whispered that she was skilled in fight. Sure she was otherwise she wouldn’t be down on Earth. Rebels would hire her for her skills and she would take down her target in the fight, or in the privacy of a room, shall she be asked to join someone in bed. Yet again, she could feel the fear of her victims every time she pressed the cold metal against their body. Every time, she would press her lips together as if in concentration while her insides were tightening in disbelief, digust even, and then, just before the bullet would sink into the flesh, she would say: “It is for the Greater Purpose.” As if the words would free her from the reproaches.
  5. Frantisek brushed the ash off of the table and the bed. He did not want to see it. He had seen enough ash in Hell to be sick of it for a lifetime. He promised himself he would sweep it up later, but that could wait. He fell back on the bed and was lying spread-eagled, facing the ceiling. He was naked as a babe, and he couldn't help but admire his human body. Angels and Fallen had unearthly beauty, but the mundane humans were beautiful in their own right.

    He was busy running his hands over his supple flesh when his stomach grumbled in protestation. He groaned as he got up, still feeling a bit dizzy. Maybe some food would solve that for him. He got up, put on some underwear and dressed in jeans and a shirt. He grabbed a jacket with a hood and stood in the bathroom, checking his clothing in the mirror. Humans had such strange taste in clothing nowadays, robes were easier to put on and maintain. He had to admit, though, that the clothes were very form-flattering.

    He pocketed some money and donned some shoes. It was still raining pretty hard outside once Frantisek had gotten down to street level. He put up his hoodie and put his hands in his pockets as he ran across the road to the bakery. His footfalls splashed in the puddles that had formed in the road. In retrospect, perhaps going to the bakery in such bad weather was not he best idea, but he was hungry. When a guy is hungry, nothing is considered a bad idea. He shook his head at the thought.

    He entered the bakery, put in his order and sat at the table, pondering how he could look for the head baker without looking suspicious. It came to him when he was called up for his pastry. He could simply pretend it was really good and ask to see the head baker to compliment him.

    Pretending that the pastry was good would be no problem. Once he bit into the bread, the aroma, texture and taste all blended together into a beautiful harmony. It was delightfully tasty. As a celestial being he had had no need for food, but immediately, he realized what they were missing. He failed to notice the young clerk who was eyeing him from the counter.

    "Get back to work and stop ogling the customer" whispered one of the older clerks after hitting the boy on the back of the head. "You're asking to get yourself killed. He might be one of them" she said. The boy flushed a deep red and looked down meekly. She was, of course, right. In these times, under the growing theocracy, being gay was a death sentence.

    He saw a pair of shoes in front of the counter and when he looked up it was the man he had been admiring from afar. He turned crimson when his eyes met the man's. Fran was puzzled about why this human was being all red-faced at him. "Are you alright? Maybe you need to take a rest" he said, completely oblivious to just how attracted the young man was to him.

    "No, no, I'm okay. C-can I help you?" asked the boy, stuttering a bit. The whole exchange was being watched by a third clerk whose eyes were narrowed. She did not like where this was going one bit.

    "May I see the head baker? I wish to compliment him on the bread" said Fran. He handed the money to pay for his food to the boy who completed the transaction with trembling hands. The skin contact with Fran making him flush all the more.

    "I'll go get him." said the boy stiffly and turned around, still red in the face. He came back behind the head baker. Fran complimented him on the bread and made small talk before holding up his hand crossing his fingers and saying "Ridiculous, isn't it?"

    The baker's eyes went wide and he smiled. He whispered "Come back tomorrow. There will be a meeting taking place at midnight."

    The third clerk's eyes narrowed and unnoticed by anyone, she slipped out of the shop. The boy who had taken a liking to Fran went up to him and whispered hopefully "Maybe we can grab a coffee beforehand? Those meetings take dreadfully long..."

    Fran was unsure how to answer, but the boy looked so hopeful so he just said "Uhh... Sure. I live across the road. I'll come by at... What time does your shift end?"

    "Seven" was the curt, but palpably excited response.

    "Alright. Seven it is." said Fran, smiling, still unsure of what he was doing. "See you then."

    Fran walked out across the road back to the apartment. It was going to be a long day tomorrow, it would be best if he got as much rest as he could. He did not notice the third clerk watching him from a distance, talking rapidly on the phone.
  6. The last notes of the song still lingered in Ancika's mind as she stood up and placed some money on the table. It was time to go. Uriel would be waiting for her report and she wanted to have it done as soon as possible. Maybe there would be no assignment for the next few days so that she could have a rest. It was strange to be a human. It felt alien to her having all the needs that other people did. At the moment, she was longing for some sleep. As she walked past the toothless guy, she could see from the corner of her eyes that glint in his look. Her intuition told her that he was up to something and when his hand smacked her bottom so hard that she nearly yelped, Ancika turned around, curled her fingers into fist and landed the blow in the middle of the man's face. An audible crack resonated in the space between her and the scum but it was soon drown out by the scum's wailing. There was blood seeping through his fingers as he covered what was left of his nose. Ancika didn't mind people looking at her, but she hated being touched by those miserable atheists who knew nothing but lust and sin.

    "Out! Get out of my bar!" Shouted someone from the room, but the angel didn't pay attention, she was already on her way out. The rain was still pouring down creating puddles here and there. She didn't mind getting wet but this would get her soaked. Well, it couldn't have been helped, she had no hood or umbrella. Shrugging her shoulders, Ancika waited on the tram stop. She could have walked but it would take her around half an hour to get to the apartment and in such a weather...Ancika surely didn't want to experience if her human body could get ill as well.

    The tram was almost empty save for some local citizens and youngsters. Adults eyed her suspiciously. True, she drew too much attention. Anyone could call the police to come and get her just because she wore short shorts and overall didn't look as modest as the rest of the people. So on the next stop, she got out, irritated and angry. Those two feelings were new to her too. In Heaven, she was always happy and careless. Her only worry was to fullfil what was expected of her. Since she appeared on the Earth irritation and anger showed up from time to time but it has always seized her fiercely.

    Several minutes later, when she entered the flat, her clothes dripping wet, Ancika was trembeling with cold, her previous negativeness gone as she craved warm drink, different clothes and a blanket. Getting changed, Ancika remembered the first time she appeared in this very room, how smelly and dirty it was. Now, there were new curtains, the place was clean and neat and Ancika even got some nice decoration like pictures and flowers too. She was still daunted by the size, though, but then nothing could be compared to the halls in Heaven. Not even the cathedrals on the Earth.

    Sitting by the computer with her cup of tea in hand and blanket around her back, Ancika opened the mailbox and noticed a new message. It was from Uriel.

    To: Ancika Mikulecka
    From: Ulrich Elois
    Subject: Night life in Prague

    Good evening Ancika,

    I hope that your night out was fine and without any troubles. I have heard that there was a big fight on the Vaclavske Namesti. The rumours that are spreading from ear to ear say that there were even dead bodies. I hope that you didn't come to any harm. Whoever is doing this must be very skilled and dangerous, real professional. I pray everyday that the police will catch that sinful being and punish that person.

    As your city guide, I have found another place which might be of an interest to you. It is in Zizkov. The address and details are attached to this email. I have heard that there is a group of people with wide range of knowledge which you might want to observe. Unfortunately, the best time to go to that place is late at night but I guess that this might not be a problem for you.

    Please let me know how you liked this event.

    Have a good, restful night and may the Lord, our Father, be with you on every step.

    Ulrich Elois

    Ancika bit her lip. Uriel was angry because she didn't report straight after the mission was finished. Could he punish her by calling her back to Heaven? Or maybe leaving her here on the Earth in exile? Either way, she didn't want to find out. All she wanted to do was satisfy Uriel and fullfil her purpose. Clicking the reply button, Ancika typed her own email where she apologized for her delay and promised to go to that new place. That was her new mission. Her hopes for some peaceful days were gone then. She would have to work but at least it wasn't during the day. Though, she was a bit curious why she would need to go to Zizkov. That place was inhabited by gypsies and it could be dangerous at night too. Maybe there was another rebelious group that would soon become her main interest if Uriel would say. With a sigh parting from her lips, Ancika went to bed, suddenly feeling tired as if she hasn't had any sleep in weeks. As soon as her head touched the pillow, the angel drifted of to a reckless night where the faces of her victims would keep on asking her 'Why?'.

    A slender, female body was walking down the street. She didn't go unnoticed. Men and women of the lower social circles were looking at her with wonder. The woman, scarcely older than twenty-three, was wearing ankle-high shoes, creme chinos with braces that were dangling around her legs as she walked, white sleveless shirt and male chequered shirt on top of the colors red and blue. Her pace was relaxed. With her hands in her pockets, she almost seemed as if there was nothing in the world that could bother her. Yet something unsettling was in the air as she walked by. It was her cold grey eyes, studying everyone, piercing their soul and leaving them confused, scared even. Like that Ancika knew that they would not remember her. They would be afraid to recall her looks. Her destination, the bakery, where she was headed, wasn't far away now. She could see the light from the window creating a bright yellow square on the pavement.

    'So this is it. Hmmm, he said observe,' Ancika thought and looked around for any place where she could watch the bakery safely. Her eyes fell upon a niche of a door where she could hide in shadows partly merged with the darkness but hardly noticed from afar. After positioning herself, with her right leg bent and the sole of the foot resting on the wall, Ancika checked her watches. It said 22:49.
  7. Frantisek scratched his head and laughed at the lame joke that the boy, Andel, cracked while they were leaving the small coffee shop. They had spent a good almost-four hours there. Andel insisted that there were few places nearby to go to at such a late hour. Many businesses closed early because the Christians that owned them had been indoctrinated in new church teachings that said that it is unsafe during nightfall to be outside because demons are more powerful in the darkness.

    Whether he wanted to admit it or not, Frantisek had enjoyed being with Andel. The human provided a welcome break from the grieving in Hell and from the seriousness of the mission that had been placed on his shoulders. Each time he saw the boy smile, he could feel that there was yet hope for humanity. He was still oblivious to the fact that Andel was infatuated with him.

    Outside the sky wasn't as dreary as it had been a few hours past. The rain had stopped completely and there was no sign it had ever even been there save for wet splotches on the sidewalk. "I really enjoyed tonight, Fran" said Andel, biting his lip and looking skywards. Where the clouds had parted, the stars could be seen twinkling. It was a rare occasion for them to be visible, as was always the case when one lived in a city.

    Fran noticed the lip-biting and thought it was adorable but thought nothing more of it. "I enjoyed as well, Andel..." he replied, trailing off. He could sense that something was off, and whatever it was, it could not be good. His hackles were standing on end and a cold shiver ran up his spine as they passed by a darkened alleyway.

    "Maybe we should get together aga--" Fran held up his hand to stop Andel and put his index finger to his lips to signal him to be quiet.

    "Run. Get back to the bakery and shut the door as fast as you can." To the questioning look on Andel's face, Fran replied "Don't ask. Just do it. Your life may very well depend on it." Maybe the grimness of Fran's face or the seriousness of his tone convinced Andel, but his expression quickly turned from bemused to afraid.

    "But what about you?" asked Andel as he was backing away.

    "Don't worry. I'll be fine." Andel looked at Fran's back one more time before he bolted for the bakery. Once there he did as he was told and shut the doors. The baker looked at him questioningly, but he explained that there was trouble brewing outside. There was a sad glint in the baker's eyes, but he nodded solemnly, understanding the situation.

    "How noble, faggot, saving your little boyfriend" sneered the thug that appeared out of the shadows of the alleyway. He hefted a crowbar with his right hand and began to bounce its head off his other palm. "Heathens" spat the thug. Fran knew exactly what a faggot was, although why the fiend in front of him thought he was one puzzled him. An even greater conundrum to him was the amount of religious imagery on the man's body.

    He shook his head. It was just his luck he had come across someone from the ever-growing extremist Christian groups. When Fran said nothing and just stared at him, the thug came walked up to him and swung the crowbar. It whistled through the air, missing Fran by mere inches because of a side-step at the last minute. Even if he was human, he still had better reflexes than most, although he doubted he could hold up against more than three assailants.

    The man began swinging like a madman, never even coming close to Fran. He whistled and from the alleyway streamed out about ten more of the extremist thugs. Fran was greatly outmatched and he knew he would stand no chance of defeating them. He started countering the man's blows, landing fists on his face and body every now and then. He was quickly surrounded though and even though he tried his best, he was eventually clipped on the shoulder with the crowbar.

    As he groaned in pain and clutched his shoulder, he was kneed in the stomach. He dropped to the ground, writhing in pain. It rapidly subsided but as soon as the pain vanished, another blow renewed it. Unless he could separate them and take them one by one, he would stand no chance and he would probably not survive the night.

    Little did he know there was literally an angel watching over him.
  8. Ancika's eyes lazily moved around the street. What was she meant to observe? What was here to see? There were only poor people, dark streets and damp air. No matter, how confusing it was for her, Uriel had a reason to give her this mission. Something must happen here. Something that Ancika was meant to witness. But what was it? Frustration was buidling up inside her body again as her brow furrowed. She could hear footsteps of two pair of boots. They were out of her sight, in fact, the sound came from her right. Whoever was walking in her direction would have to pass by her and that would mean seeing her. Such a fact should worry Ancika, though she wasn't afraid a bit. There was no safe place to hide, moreover, she wouldn't be the first person just standing on the street. As she focused on the resonating sound of shoes, voices could be heard as well, even with her brilliant senses, Ancika couldn't discern words yet she could understand the tone. Not clearly knowing why, she divided her concentration on watching the bakery and listening to the voices and that was when she noticed the sudden change. One of the voices was concerned, focused even, troubled maybe. The other one was scared. Then suddenly a young boy sprinted in front of her, paying her no look but from what Ancika could see, the boy was afraid. Yes, she could feel it in the air. Her facial muscles contracted and Ancika could feel adrenalin flowing into her blood. Out of blue, she knew that this was something that Uriel wanted her to observe. She would ask herself later how Uriel knew about this.

    Paying no more attention to the bakery, Ancika made half a step out of her hide out. There was a hum of voices before but now, she could see a huge guy swinging something, attacking someone! Her heart beat faster and her sight got sharper. Truly the guy who was trying to escape that weapon was fast and for a moment there was a hope for him, but when Ancika saw the rest of the gang join the first thug, the angel's throat tightened. Poor man, he had no chance to stand against those bullies. Did Uriel wanted her to observe this? Did he want her to see some pointless fight that might end with the human's death? Her fingers clenched into fists. Her angelic codex and what she was told was fighting with Uriel's command. She was just meant to look, not act - but it was so hard! Ancika was taught to help! The thugs have already surrounded the guy so Ancika couldn't see anything but from what she heard... Shutting her eyes tight and letting out a sharp breath that was filled with frustration and possibly fear of being punished as well, Ancika ran to the nearest assailant.

    As she had her fist curled up from before, Ancika just tightened fingers together and with most of her force hit the man in his lower back, exactly on the spot where his kidney was. She didn't wait for his counter-attack and with a rotation, she kicked on his feet and sent him flying to the ground. However, this has already brought confusion to the group and some of the assailants noticed her. Ancika guessed that thay were all in the red rage, or yellow madness, because their pupils were small and their thinking supressed to give way to the utter goal - cripple or kill that guy. Yes, that much did Ancika see in their eyes in such a short time. This much was also enough for her to know that she should not have mercy with them. As the air whistled behind her, Ancika knew that someone was trying to attack her with whatever weapon it was. She doged and her leg was sent flying upwards on the attacker's solar. She actually managed to kick the guy in the balls because he was taller than Ancika expected. However, kicking him in the balls made the man double over, which Ancika used to punch him straight in the nose with the force and flow as she stood back up. Though, as she did that, someone grabbed her by her hair and yanked backwards. Grabbing the wrist of the attacker, the angel bent her knees, turned around so that she was facing the attacker. As she did so, Ancika managed to twist the whole arm. Yes, she lost some hair but it was worth it because at the end, Ancika hit the elbow from below and broke it. Then it wasn't that hard to hit the thug's Adam's apple and drove it back into the guy's neck.

    Down, below her, she saw the man and above him stood the first thug that attacked him. At that moment, the thug was raising his crowbar, she saw the weapon now, and was ready to hit the victim. Such a blow would break bones if it landed. There wasn't much Ancika could do. She couldn't punch him in the face because it was hidden behind the thug's arm. She couldn't kick either due to no space around her. The only thing left was to tuckle the thug. Crouching down, Ancika gathered all her strength and with one, yet strong jump, she flew over the man on the ground and tried to tackle the thug.
  9. Just as he thought it was over, Fran heard muffled shouts from nearby. He managed to look for an instant before he was driven back to the ground by yet another blow. What he had managed to see was a strange sight indeed. There was a white-haired woman who was proceeding to beat up one of the thugs. Two more of them were on the ground, writhing in pain.

    Everything was a blur because it was happening so fast. One moment he was being attacked from all sides, the next there was a man with a crowbar about to end his life and then the next the woman had leapt over him to tackle the thug. Her appearance disorientated the other thugs and allowed Fran to get back on his feet.

    There was a loud, muffled thud when the girl and the thug with the crowbar hit the ground. Fran wrenched the crowbar out of the man's hands and hit him on the head strong enough to make him go limp. He was still breathing, so Fran was pretty sure he had not killed the man. "Thanks" he yelled at the top of his lungs as he ducked a fist that was swung in his direction.

    Armed with the crowbar, he managed to bring the man to his knees by hitting his shins. He was careful to not do much permanent damage. That would be against his nature, but giving up and letting them take his human life was not in his nature either. A baseball bat whistled right by Fran's ear and he jabbed the man in the gut with a fist before splintering the bat with the crowbar.

    "Leave now." he said menacingly after dodging another blow. It astounded him, the depth of the depravity of these men. It was only all the more proof that religion was not the answer to any of the world's problems. If anything, it made him angrier that Heaven was able to corrupt such a beautiful and intelligent people and reduce them to nothing but bickering animals.

    Rage coursed through his veins and the next man that tried to attack him was hit with a bone-shattering strike of the crowbar. The crack was audible and it stopped everyone else from advancing. The few thugs that were still unhurt dragged away their injured companions, praying under their breaths for the Lord to "smite the faggot."