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  1. This is a spinoff of my roleplay Dwindling Glory and is going to take place in Vancouver, the same setting as Dwindling Glory - Lament of the Fallen. It's private and invitation only so if you're not [MENTION=258]Dawn[/MENTION], [MENTION=2422]DawnsLight[/MENTION], [MENTION=140]Shiny[/MENTION] or [MENTION=2652]Kisara[/MENTION], you need not apply.

    It will take place primarily in(depending on the characters) and around the University of British Columbia.


    Nationality(do not fill in if either Angel or Fallen):
  2. Name: Iraiel (ee-RAH-ee-al)
    Mortal Name: Erin "Eri" Asai
    Race: Fallen
    Rank: Lesser Fallen
    Former Race: Angel
    Former Rank: Grigori - watcher of the mortal world
    Reason for banishment: withheld information from the Trinity, fearing it would harm the mortals he'd come to adore.
    Circle of Hell: Wrath, sleeping in the muddy banks of the Styx.
    Personality: On the surface, Erin is like any normal young man. He is a complex person with complex emotions, though his general mood is "quiet". This is because below the surface brews a vengeful hurricane, a hate for all of Heaven that only a Fallen can exude. Although many Fallen have the desire to fight for the sake of the freedom of the mortals, Erin (once known as Iraiel) has lost most of his love for humanity during his stay in Wrath, and now commits himself to doing all that he can to spite his former king of kings.
    History: As a Grigori, Iraiel had spent his eternal time keeping a close eye on his little patch of the mortal world and reporting to the higher ups anything noteworthy. But the longer Iraiel watched, the more he began to understand the minds of mortals, the more he cherished just how fragile humans were in both mind and body. He was truly benevolent and through these humans, he learned the importance of love in all of its many forms. So when something happened during his watch that would invoke the wrath of the Trinity, he kept the information to himself out of fear for his beloved humans.
    But little slips by the Lord without his knowing.
    And so Iraiel was severely punished by Uriel's hand, cast down into Hell, his body shattered. There he slept under the protection of Sonneillon.
    It has been several hundred years since.

    Appearance: Six feet tall, a slender yet fit build. Black hair with a streak of his former blonde. His face is rather androgynous and beautiful and he's not above wearing makeup if that day's fashion style calls for it. He has several piercings that are easily noticeable and his fashion style varies on a daily basis. His eyes are golden-brown.
    Example. (open)
  3. Oooo!! Thanks for inviting me, Malk!! Can I bring over Leon, or would you prefer I make a different character for this one? :)
  4. I'd prefer you make a new character because this one will be taking place sometime during the time that Vincent is still alive and then will overlap with the beginning of Lament of the Fallen later on.
  5. Gotcha! Coolbeans, will do! I'll work up a character and post this evening for approval :)
  6. Name: Ian Kenneth Whelan<div style="float:right;margin-left:8pt;width:25%;height:25%;"><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x167/goldendercon/IanKennethWhelan.jpg></div>
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Mortal
    Nationality: Irish-Canadian


    Fretful, abrasive and mildly OCD(all the clothes on his clothesrack should be hung with the front facing left). He has a strong political stance and wants nothing more than the utter collapse of the Theocratic system. He's also gay, but so far in the closet he's in Narnia. He's also trying to deny it completely, to no avail.

    He's painfully frank and avoids sarcasm like the plague.


    Born and raised in a strongly religious household, Ian was devout for most of his life up until the time he came into high school, where he began to develop a secular mindset. He had grown up during a time when America was just beginning to go down the slippery slope into what it now was. His growing atheism was something he kept from his parents, but his thoughts that were quickly turning to men, he buried even further down, refusing to deal with the social stigma that accompanied them.

    In university, he was one of the most outspoken against the theocracy(much at risk of being apprehended due to the UN resolution). Regardless, he led many of his peers in so-called "reason rallies" where the students got together to demand that reason and critical thinking be used in legislation instead of religious doctrine.

    The fledgeling webdesigner has since then graduated from university and is currently looking for a job.

    Additional: N/A

  7. Name: Damirius
    Mortal Name: Devin Cipris
    Gender: Male
    Race: Angel

    Straight-laced and serious, Damirius has always been about following the rules and obeying those of higher ranks, and not entirely out of fear, but mostly due to his own beliefs. Over many years, he has seen the damage humans can do to themselves through sin and believes they only live peacefully with divine control. Much more than free will, Damirius values peace. But his thoughts occasionally stray from his own philosophy when he watches the humans truly express themselves through arts like paintings, music, and dance. His own slowly rising doubts of his strict beliefs are truly what frighten him more than anything.

    Damirius stands around 5'6", with sharp, deep brown eyes and brown hair cut in a sporty style. His ears stick out a little, a fact he very okay with, but pointing it out might raise a rare temper. His choice of clothing is usually simple, trendy Tshirts with a jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes, unless he's heading to work, in that case he'll wear his uniform.

    History: Dimirius has always been a loyal angel, since his creation. He followed the rules, and as always, did what he was told without complaint. For an Angel, he's still fairly young, but many years of his existence have been spent watching humans and living in their cities.

    Damirius works in a coffee shop, where he can easily watch mortals socialize.
  8. Name: Jonathan Islesly
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Mortal
    Nationality: Second generation Norwegian-Canadian

    Personality: Steady and even-tempered almost to a fault. If he weren't so imposing, Jonathan would likely be a doormat. He rarely complains, taking most things in stride with a healthy dose of good-natured humor. He is a hard worker, unafraid to get his hands dirty and help others out whenever and wherever he can. Surprisingly gentle, he is mindful of his actions seeming threatening to others and tries to preemptively play them down in order to be less frightening.

    Appearance: JonathanIslesly.jpg 6'6", broad shouldered and muscular. Brown eyes and unruly red hair. Dresses in simple, blue-collar styles.

    History: WIP

    Jonathan has made a pact with one of the fallen in order to make use of himself in the fight against Heaven. He is strongly sympathetic to the cause and the Hand of Thoth.

    Name: Marax
    Age: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fallen

    Personality: In contrast to Jonathan, Marax is boisterous, loud, and makes no bones about making others feel uncomfortable. Especially his host. Despite this, the Fallen actually enjoys rather quiet pursuits and is versed in astronomy and herblore; something he and Jonathan actually share interest in. Much to his host's chagrin, Marax has no time for the fairer sex.

    Appearance: Marax will choose to show himself in either of two forms: A large heavily muscled man with blue-black skin and the head of a bull like the Minotaur of myth, or that same body with the clean-shaven head of a man, handsome and otherworldly, with large bull's horns sprouting from his temples.

    History: WIP

  9. Name: Shenyin Shu

    Nickname: Shen (Perfers this to his first name, as “Shu” is a modern Chinese female name)

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Race: Drakkan

    Nationality: Chinese

    Occupation: History Professor at the University of British Columbia

    Appearance: 5’9 / Straight, jet-black hair tied back in a short ponytail at the base of his neck falling to the top of his spine / Silver eyes / Extremely toned but not overly muscled

    Personality: Taciturn and cool-headed in public, but laid-back and sarcastic with friends. Enjoys teaching students that are eager to learn; especially loves to teach Chinese history, and enjoys having students that are interested in it also. Tends to go off-topic during lectures, but always has a very interesting anecdote to share, so it's not boring for his students. Never turns down a challenge, no matter how outrageous.

    History: He is a descendent of (and shares his name with) the famed chief commander of Chinese history. He's a private person and doesn't often open up to people, but he's fiercely loyal and protective of the few friends he does have. He never talks about his past, or his family. He's lived in Canada for six years, and it's presumed he moved there from China. He is associated with the Hand of Thoth.

    Additional: Has an enormous dragon tattoo on his back, the right arm and tail of which wind up over either shoulder. It's normally covered up as he wears long-sleeved shirts and jackets to work. Drives a motorcycle.

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  13. I'm really sorry guys but my character is dead.

    He's gone and I don't think he'd coming back any time soon.

    Thus, I am dropping out. Sorry for bailing D:
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    Also, Shen and Jonathan should both feel the "event" that happened at the coffee shop as a sort of "uneasiness." Like the feeling that something's wrong.
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