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    The nine circles of hell rang with the lamentation of the Fallen, stripped of their heavenly glory. They wept, however, not for they were spurned and condemned to the eternal fire by the heavenly father, but because the souls of men were being condemned alongside them and by heavenly decree, they were to torture these 'sinful' spirits. The Fallen knew that many of these men were consigned to the fire and brimstone for no reason other than not believing and to these people, they were lenient, for they saw them as symbols of their failure to protect and help mankind.
    Down below the fields of fire, far beneath the wails and shrieks of the damned, entombed and bound in the lake of ice was the greatest of the Fallen. He was once the brightest of the seraphim of the heavenly host, he was once the morning star, yet when he discovered YHWH's treachery, he rebelled. He discovered that the heavenly Father planned to create a race of creatures to be mindless servants to the will of the heavenly host and was appalled.
    When the Lord created the earth and the garden of Eden, this angel appeared as the serpent and gave mankind knowledge so that he might not be forever enslaved to the will of the heavenly host. For this act, he was cast out from the heavens and placed in his prison. Now the chains that bound him to the lake Coccyx rattled as he drew himself up from the frozen waters. Lucifer had had enough.
    The war for Mankind's freedom was about to begin.

    June 15th 2032, #ffd11b
    There is tell of another failed attempt by the Americans to bring their blasted extremism into these lands. I know it is not a very Canadian thing to be discriminatory of others, but they have gone too far. Even my hospitality has its limits. The Hand of Thoth has been told to go underground, and being one of the chairpersons, I must say it probably is for the best. Parliament is still held by the liberals and the Prime Minister was once one of our own.

    We still have protection from the UN Anti-Blasphemy Agreement, but it is best if we keep a low profile, especially in these times, when you never know who will be an extremist. The Hand has grown over the past few years, having assimilated other secular groups and pooled enough money to sustain our operations. It is only a matter of time until the Americans use more force and we can only hope to be prepared for then. I feel as though there is more conflict on the horizon.

    I have been having strange dreams recently, dreams of a dark place where the only light came from far in the distance and bitter winds whipped about relentlessly. The floor seemed to be made of ice and the one time I made the mistake of looking down, there seemed to be men and women contorted in various ways, forever entombed in their suffering.

    If the dream had been only once, I wouldn't have been bothered. But they have happened every night and I am beginning to think that there is something up.

    July 27th 2032, #ffd11b
    If my colleagues discovered what I have been doing in secret, they will for sure laugh at me. I have turned the pages of this journal into those of a grimoire, filled with myriads of Sigils that have come to me in my dreams. Lucifer was insistent that I was not dreaming. The first sigil I was able to activate a fortnight ago, one that I saw in a recent trip to Stonehenge was proof that my atheism had been partly incorrect. He consoled me though in saying that the all-loving, all-powerful, all-knowing god of the Christians truly did not exist.

    He has given me a mission. I don't know if I will be able to complete it and I can only hope that I will be able to. There have been strange flashes of light in the middle of the night nearby and I am beginning to fear for my life. A spirit in this home told me that angels have been watching it. Time is running short. I have to finish this.

    I've found out how to summon the gates of hell to the mortal world. Lucifer smiled in amusement and said that Charon would be very much displeased. But it's one more step towards breaking the seal. If only I could find the Sigil on the gate, I would be able to devise a way to break it. I suspect that the Divina Commedia has something to do with it.

    If only I could find Dan--

    VANCOUVER SUN - July 29th 2032, #ffd11b

    World-renowned Anthropologist Found Dead in His Home

    VANCOUVER, THURSDAY - Leading anthropologist Vincent Moore is third in a series of killings that have so far taken the lives of two other prominent scientists.

    Dr. Moore was found dead in his office at home lying in a pool of his own blood. Interestingly, after the body was moved and the blood cleaned up, there was a strange, arcane symbol that seemed to have been burnt into the hardwood floor. Experts have identified at least 20 Hebrew characters in the symbol.

    There have been reports that Dr. Moore was in the middle of writing a journal entry when, we can only assume, he was assailed. The content of the journal has been left confidential at the moment, but investigators are hard at work to decipher its meaning. The lack of information and mysterious circumstances surrounding the scientist's death have inspired the circulation of many rumors.

    One of these rumors is that Dr. Moore has ties to the enigmatic militant atheist organization the Hand of Thoth. When asked about this, investigators refused to release a statement.

    Dr. Moore is one of an almost pure Irish bloodline that has made its home in Canada. He was a brilliant student and even at a young age had made a name for himself after discovering Greek characters in an old Celtic tomb. His more recent work involved -snip-


    Long and short of it is, Dr. Vincent Moore, a leading anthropologist was given a mission by Lucifer to break the seal on the gates of hell. He was on the verge of a breakthrough when Heaven ended him. He has already uncovered a way to make the Gate to Hell manifest in the mortal realm, though Charon would probably not be pleased with that. Before his untimely death, he was looking for the Sigil that Raziel used to seal the Gate and he had the sneaking suspicion that the Divina Commedia or at least Dante Alighieri had the answers.

    The goal of this roleplay? Break the seal and unleash Hell's wrath against Heaven.

    Available Character Races, #dfca40

    Angels - Heaven's lowest choir. They are the ones that do the "dirty" work and actually go down into the mortal plane to carry out orders.

    Fallen - Hell's lowest legions. They are the weakest, so they are the only ones that can, for now, bypass the seal on the Gate. It takes a lot of energy to send one to Earth though, so there are few of them and only the weaker ones are playable.

    Vampires - You're either a True Feeder(a vampire that is not allergic to sunlight, can be killed conventionally and can only turn another person through true love) or a Spiteful(damned souls from hell who are the more well-known vampires who can only be killed by long exposure to the sun and a stake through the chest. Also, their bite cannot turn people).

    Were-Creatures - Shape-changing creatures that can take the form of a large predator or a sort of in-between state between human and creature. Morphing is triggered by a sigil that draws on an adrenaline rush caused by seeing good humans in danger. They have a very protective natural instinct.

    Lycans - Shape-changing creatures during the full moon, these humans are often unaware of their actions during full moons and are very susceptible to instruction from angels at this time. They are normally not allergic to silver, but on the full moon, the sigil responsible for their shape-changing reacts violently with silver and can kill them. If they ever fully lose contact with moonlight on the full moon, they will revert to human form in 13 minutes.

    Drakkan - Cousins of the were-creatures, they have no natural instinct to protect humans. However, being near angels faithful to YHWH angers them and triggers the ability to change into fire-breathing dragons. They were specifically engineered to be able to repel angelic beings.

    Setting, #dfca40

    The year is 2032. The Four Horsemen of new Atheism are dead, and with them, the secular revolution in America. With Christopher Hitchens' death, the secular movement lost one of its most harsh, critical voices that kept the religious right at bay. Once Dan Dennett and Richard Dawkins followed, from 'natural' causes, the religious right began its advance.

    Soon, the name Sam Harris was added to the list of fatalities. The official story? "Unknown circumstances of death." This was at a time when the religious right of America had grown to such a degree that the government was at their beck and call. The Secular movement was in tatters, and few had the guts to speak out against the developing Theocracy for the United Nations had created a binding Anti-Blasphemy Agreement, much to the delight of the Vatican.

    The able-bodied youth of America were sent out by the new government to fight in the Islamic countries. Without the constant pressure from the secular left, conscription rates soared. Churches did not help to stop the sacrifice of young lives at all, and even went so far as to say that these young men and women would be laying down their lives for the glory of the heavenly Father. Islam has been all but eradicated and all of the world's other religions are following in its footsteps.

    There are still pockets of resistance against the growing tide of angry religious zealots. These were often in the so-called progressive countries of the world. Most of them being in Canada, for Canada had always been accepting of those of different beliefs and when this freedom was threatened, many banded together to fight back.

    In America, progress has stagnated. There were no new breakthroughs, only minor improvements in existing technologies. Even the education system had been hijacked and science had been outlawed in schools, replaced with theology and the teaching of 'intelligent design.'

    The few educated in the ways of the previous world whispered amongst themselves that the religious right had played a good game. They had become all but gods themselves in the public eye. Yet none of them knew that the religious right were indeed correct with their beliefs, save for the fact that their god and savior were all but good and holy. Hell could see Heaven's hand in everything.

    Now Hell's Princes are walking amongst the rebels, amongst the enlightened, trying to incite a revolution that would free mankind.

    The following countries hold the greatest number of rebels against the growing global theocracy, much to the chagrin of the Vatican.

    Countries (open)
    Canada, Sweden, Vietnam, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Czech Republic, Finland, France, South Korea, and Estonia

    To read more information on the whole thing, you'll have to go and read up on the extensive OOC that I have on my blog. I cannot condense the magic system and if I put it here, it would take up the entire OOC post. So if you would be so kind as to visit Magic System

    Remember, not everyone can be a mage.

    Extensive OOC Table of Contents (open)

    I. Setting
    II. Hell
    i. Geography
    III. Heaven
    i. Geography
    IV. Additional Information
    iii. Lore

    Character Sheets (open)

    Nationality(do not fill in if either Angel or Fallen):

    NOTE: This RP will take place primarily in Canada. I have yet to decide which city, but I'm leaning towards Vancouver or Winnipeg.
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  2. Yay! So glad to see this and looking forward to reading the lore and creatures sections; I'm afraid I'm a little short on time at the moment. I had a question- If one were to take on the task of being an angel in a sort of double-agent role (if this would be allowed of course), what would be required of the player? How might this be portrayed in-game? Just an idea I'm having and if you would want to veto or talk about it in a PM, by all means feel free. I'm not set on anything just yet and there are so many interesting possibilities.

    Really interesting setting, I'm looking forward to being a part of this.
  3. What would be required of the player is an ability to play a double-agent well, especially in this case where detection is extremely easy if you make one false step. In-game, the character would have to be quite rigid and be able to sneak away to report to a mortal who will in turn report to the Fallen. I like the idea, but at this point in Dwindling Glory's storyline, it probably isn't going to be efficient.
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  4. Ahh, I understand. Thanks for letting me know; I've got another idea that I think might be a little better for a starter-type thing.
  5. Hmm. Interested in this one. I'll play a John Constantine-esque dude. Trenchcoat brigadier, smokes, foul-mouthed. The standard archetype.
  6. Dawnslight: You should be able to play a double agent once we transition into "Dwindling Glory: The Morning Star Ascendent"

    Battleship Excalibur: That should be fine. :D.

    Yay more people!
  7. Name:Skye Reniza
    Nationality: Native American
    Personality: Skye is generally laid-back, but highly protective. He likes to protect those he cares about, those weaker than him, or anything that is getting hurt by anything else. He refuses to just stand by, and he will help anything. His trigger is anyone in need, due to how he was before.
    Appearance:Human Form: 6'4, weighs about 280 pounds. He has jet black hair, and bright red eyes. His wolf form is 6'4 long, weighs about 280 pounds, and has white fur with purple and red tribal marks inked into it. His half wolf and half human form is about 7' tall and weighs about 300 pounds, and has the claws of a wolf. His fur is pure white, with one black tribal mark in his chest.
    History: Skye was born in America, in the state of Oklahoma. He was raised on a reservation they had there, and they were attacked by the United States Religious Movement. He joined the Red Warrior movement, and he's fought alot of battles with them. Their final mission in the States, as it was the last one they could manage before they got driven out of them, was to try and take over a state penetentary, and an armoury for supplies. The mission was a horrid failure, and only 15 of the Red Warriors could be extracted. They escaped to Canada and joined their biggest resistence The Hand of Thoth, all their different skills being offered to the use of Thoth. The native american divison specializes in stealth and innovative, but insane tactics.
  8. Name: Jillian Aiya
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Nationality: Canadian/Japanese

    Somewhat quiet and shy until she becomes comfortable with a person or group. Soft-spoken, gentle, and even-tempered. Once better acquainted, her passionate secular side can be seen. Wears her heart on her sleeve and can often be a little naive.

    [​IMG] 5'4" tall, delicate build, 116 lbs. Half-Japanese.

    Born to a Canadian mother and Japanese father, Jillian shares citizenship with both countries and has traveled frequently to see relatives. She makes her home in Vancouver, where she attended UBC and graduated with a degree in humanities, concentration on ancient and modern languages. Her humanitarian bent has led her to attend protests of the American war on Islam as well as its extremist Christian activities.

    After attending a lecture during her time as a student, Jillian began a correspondence with Vincent Moore. She considered him a mentor, if not a friend and the circumstances of his death have been extremely troubling. She is hoping to glean some answers by somehow obtaining his journals.

    Although not considered an expert in her field, Jillian is quickly becoming recognized as an up-and-comer diligent in her work and efficient with her research. Her meek personality belies a tenacious dedication to whatever task she sets her mind to.
  9. Is this open for anyone to join?
  10. Name: Pavlana Lilit

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: True Feeder

    Nationality: Czech

    Personality: Pavlana is very cold and brooding with no respect for authority or life. She is very passionate about most things and hates people that try to wear an emotional mask. Pavlana is very rude, sadistic and tends to instigate fights and arguments. Under this harsh exterior is a woman who is very kind and loving as well as motherly.

    Appearance: Anime.jpg

    History: Pavlana lives in the Prague as a quiet bystander/author to the public, and a sadistic True Feeder the rest of the time. She was raised outside of society and learned the truth about the religions of Earth. It seemed only she knew of the true relationship a being could have with God; however, when she tried to tell others of this, they rejected her and her beliefs. Now, she seeks to rattle the Church's hold on the people and open their eyes to the true love of God that cannot be found in any sort of religion.

    Additional: Pavlana plays the piano and the violin. Her perfect pitch and her excellent skills make her a little extra money on the streets.
  11. Looks good, Trackerofthenorth. However, your character is going to have to either be en route or already in Canada for this RP.
  12. I was planning on putting her on an airplane :3
  13. Hi guys! I'm interested in playing a Spiteful Vampire, however I have a question: According to the description, it seems Spitefuls are actually FROM Hell, so would that mean my character was mortal at some point, died and went to Hell, and is now back on Earth to help the rebels? Just wondering, as it seemed the True Feeders are born and live on Earth. Thanks!!
  14. Yes, you are right on the dot with that, Kisara. You can read more about them in the "Other Creatures" section of the Extensive OOC.
  15. Okay great, I'll submit my character sheet this afternoon! Thanks a bunch!
  16. Perhaps my character could start off as a detective investigating their deaths? Combining the trench coat brigadier with the magical detective one.
  17. I was actually thinking of playing an investigator, but if you can pull it off, feel free. I just don't know about the magical part though. And you'll have to contact me if you ever need anything for your posts.
  18. Leon Profile Pic.jpg

    Name: Leon

    Age: Late-20s

    Gender: Male

    Race: Spiteful Vampire

    Nationality: Moroccan

    Personality: A lovable trickster. He’s ecstatic to be out of Hell, taking great pleasure in feeding on the religious extremists that believe in the God that saw fit to put him there. He loves teasing and messing with people, but despite his outwardly antagonistic behavior, he cares deeply for humans and wants to free them from the torment he himself went through.

    Appearance: 5’9, 130 lbs., solid build with soft facial features. His skin is a faded dark gray, his black hair tousled on top and shaved into a messy quiff with short sideburns along either temple. His eyes are a dark chocolate brown, and his expression is almost always twisted into an amused, pompous grin.

    History: Leon grew up in Casablanca, a city in western Morocco, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. He was killed along with many other locals while defending the Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane, an Islamic shrine that came under attack during an anti-Islam protest being orchestrated by travelling American Christian-extremists. He was sentenced to burn in Hell for his Heresy, and since has had an equally burning desire to free mankind from YHWH’s enslavement. Since his reanimation, he travels constantly, in part to avoid detection by Spiteful hunters, but mostly eager to see as much of the world as possible (and sample the varying “cuisine” it has to offer). He’s travelled his way up from the United States to Vancouver, pausing there to align himself with the Hand of Thoth and its cause.

    Additional Info: Loves cold weather, cold showers, and being cold in general. Even though he needs human blood to survive, he’ll often eat ice cream; since he can’t actually imbibe it, he treats it like chewing tobacco by sloshing it around and spitting it out.
  19. Maybe our characters could be partners? Like mine got pulled in from another branch to help out with the investigation. I was thinking that he should be magic so that he recognises that something is off with their deaths. My character won't be able to do much on the spot magic, if at all. His talent lies in carving the sigils into items to use and etcetera. I was thinking stuff like Hand of Glories, if that's okay with you.
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