Dwarf Fortress LP

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J. C. Quiinn

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Dwarf fortress ( http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ ) is a semi-roguelike, strategy type game wherein you assume control of a dwarven settlement and issue commands to have an extremely wide variety of tasks carried out. Dwarf Fortress also features "adventure" and "legends" modes, wherein the player can interact directly with the game world as an individual and view the history of the game world, respectively. The graphics of the game leave much to be desired, consisting of ascii art and limited tilesets. However, the game has an incredible depth to it that is not met by any other game of its type. The wiki ( http://dwarf.lendemaindeveille.com/index.php/Main_Page ) is an excellent resource for new and old players alike. The randomly generated nature of the world and its individuals, coupled with the details modeled down to minute levels, and the unmatched ability to give rise to story-worthy situations be they hilarious, incredible, or simply unexpected.Essentially, the game gives you a chance to play a part in a deep, randomly generated world and we, the player, let it create a story for us, sometimes with some slight additions of our own.

The game works perfectly for screenshot-based LPs. Each player holds the fort for approximately one game year, during which they document the occurances at the fort and apply their own rulership style, often adding their own slant to the "story" of the fort. The more screenshots used the better, generally, and the same goes with explanations of the action.

I'll be using version 28.181.40d16, which is the latest experimental release and includes zooming and other fun features. The developer has been working on the next real release for a year now, and it'll be out in 3 or so months. Hopefully this thread will keep us all entertained for the duration of that wait.

Well i would like to see if we have any volunteers for Overseer. Also, i would like to know if anyone would like to be 'dwarfed', or have a dwarf named after them. Furthermore i don't require pictures, but i would prefer to have some. I am still new to the game, so i don't require any experiance for the LP. My only advise is to get a good tileset, a good walkthrough, and play a few fortresses. My only rules are no purposefull killings of people unless they say its ok, and try to avoid destroying the fortress...
That is all...
Mark me down.... my first fortress is still alive, and i have a flood trap in the enterence hall i can't wait to test
Be carefull with that.

So Vay is our Second Overseer( Myself being the first) and our Second person to be dwarfed. Also Vay, what do you think we need for our first fortress?
I've tried to get into this game but jesus christ I'm really thinking i need a degree to play this or something.
No, just some tutorials and a good tilset. Go to youtube, type in captnduck, and look at his tutorials...
drabridge raises accross the casr aloing the water to fall in, everything in the enterence hall will be washind into the casm...

And darkness, poke about the wiki, theres lots of guides there.


But nah, I have other things to do for this whole month. ;_;
Sign me up. I know next to nothing about how to play the game, but that's twice the fun.

Will this be like Boatmurdered, where we rotate out every year, starting in the Spring?
Yeah, but it will be 3D, with several Z levels...
CHeck HeadShoots and Syrupleaf.
Also Vay you are now first up, since my computer is one the fritz, i humbling request to be dwarfed... Palonis your second. So pick out an Area and strike the Earth my friend, my only asdvise is to make it somewhat... Hazerdous, like a glacier.
I'll generate a new world for this, dwarves include, me, J.C Quinn, Palonin, Paurou, and Darkness, that 5 of our starting 7

EDIT: how do know what season it is other than looking at farms?
press Z, it gives you an overview of everything...
Play from first granite to first granite, in character, side stories written by people involved in this are allowed, artwork is allowed, and general randomness is allowed.
Also Vay, find some great BS excuse as to why they are making this fortress.
Also, your update of what happens can be simple, just highlight what happens that is important, like moods, and updates on how the fortress is going, and when possible play by play reports of battles.
doubt there will be any battle in the first year, unless its yhem treehuggers. but sure, reason....... he make the best dwarven ales, AND NONE MUST KNOW OUR SECRET!
So we start as a refinery... cool... So where is the fortress going to start? Plains or some Armok forsaken glacier.
Hm... use the search option, opt for river, no aquifer, flux, magma(not neccisary but nice) and other (not neccisary but also nice.)

Make sure you have some trees or alot of wood...

Furthermore, you know how to set names right?
yeah i do.... i'll give us love of booze and dogs to start as well as an anivil and seeds
Ok, take plump helmets, and trade our meat for turtles, they'll cost the same and are better.
gor a region with a brook, trees and some medium slopes, getting equipment
Nice, also take a few cats, four is best...
crap, forgot the turtles...., there should be in the river though.... got us some god ol' wardogs though and lots of starting ale, thus begins the fortress know as "Alebrew the brain-buster ot ages"
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