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yes all my fcs are bts don't @ me
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yes all my fcs are bts don't @ me
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Writing Levels
Elementary, Intermediate, Adept
Genders You Prefer Playing
Male, Transgender, Androgynous, Primarily Prefer Male
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I'm generally pretty aggressive, but not like SUPER aggressive.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Scifi, Supernatural, Romance, Magical, Apocalyptic
Genre You DON'T Like
Highschool, Historical - exception being medieval, Realistic Slice of Life

卜 始祐

Full Name:
Si-u Bok
Pronounced: shee - oo
Americanized: Silas
Nicknames: the Shaman, the Oracle Vampire, Paksu, Paksu Siu, Musok, Musok Siu, Dreamweaver
Age: a little over 3,000 years old
Birthdate: Winter of the year 1,002 BCE
Gender: Male
Orientation: At this point, chooses not to use labels
Species: Vampire (formerly a shaman)
Occupation: Nothing formal. Income comes from investments and bonds he has under his name, both in the US and in Korea.
Face Claim: Min Yoongi
Appearance Notes: No tattoos, only noticeable scar the bite that Turned him on the jugular of his right side, and he has pierced ears. Stands at 5'8'', has naturally silvery-white hair with dark roots, and dark brown eyes that glow silver when using magic.

  • Born in Korea. Only knows that it was in the dead of winter, and believes it was roughly around the year 1,000 BCE. Raised in a little village near Mount Kumgang in what is now North Korea.
  • Because of his silver hair, the local shaman immediately offered to train Siu in the art of shamanism once he was old enough. Trained under Musok (meaning shaman) Byeong until he was officially initiated as a full-fledged shaman himself, a kangshinmu, when he was 21. Stayed with Byeong at the temple near his village for another five years.
  • He and Byeong were invited to a gathering of shamans in a nearby city when Siu was 26. There he met Nari. She was his first encounter with a vampire, and despite Byeong's previous warnings, he did not recognize the signs of compulsion. In fact, he didn't fully realize that she was a vampire until she had practically finished draining him dry. On a whim, she Turned him instead of letting him die. That was the last he saw of her for at least a century.
  • Lost touch with his magic for 30 years, and it nearly killed him. Shamanism had become his entire life since he had started training with Byeong, in fact, even before that, so it was devastating to lose it. He did eventually find it again and became known as one of the few vampire magic-users at the time.
  • Just, lived his life after that. Fell in love, fell out of love, traveled a lot, met interesting people, did some crazy shit. He was the personal advisor to an emperor for a couple of years; got his ears pierced in ancient Rome when that was a fad; had a philosophical debate with Shakespeare once. You know, as you do.
  • As time went on, he became much more withdrawn and introverted, however. After a certain point, he started to become very tired of people and the drama they usually dragged with them. He just became tired of life too. It's exhausting, living so long.
  • Immigrated to the United States along with a lot of other Korean shamans early in the 20th century, when the seers prophesied Japan's annexation of their country. Shamans that remained had to struggle against Japanese attempts to essentially erase Korean culture, including the shamanic religion.
  • Bought his current estate in 1924, a fairly large cabin in the Northern forests of Maine, and although he has traveled back to his home country of Korea several times since then, it has remained his residence since.
Traits: Old, anti-social and complex.
Explanation: Immortality does strange things to your character when you have lived for thousands of years. On one hand, you are frozen in time, forever young, preserved as you were the moment you died. On the other, you have watched those around you live and die, you have experienced literal lifetimes. Not all experience it the same; some stubbornly hold on to the vestiges of who they were and always have been with a white-knuckled grip. In Siu it has manifested as a strange... intricacy, so complex he sometimes - he doesn't want to admit - doesn't understand himself. It doesn't help that he's probably not the most introspective person, he doesn't really try to dissect his own actions. Why did he react that way? Hell if he knows. There are a few things he does know though. He knows he hates people - for a multitude of reasons. Main one being: they're just too much. And why grow attached? They'll probably die before he does anyway. He knows he's reserved. Should he happen to find himself in a group of people, 1) it would be his worst nightmare and 2) he would rather listen than be the one talking. He can step up when he needs to, and he certainly has a relish for being in the spotlight that has been buried in recent years (although his flair for dramatics surely has not), but for the most part he prefers to let other people do the talking. And finally, he knows that he, frankly, does not give a shit. He does whatever the fuck he wants, when he wants, heedless of social implications or boundaries. Consequences? He doesn't know her. He'd like to say that he hasn't always been this way, that living so long has done this to him (after all, seeing multiple, flimsy governments rise and crumble kinda makes it hard to respect the current one), but he's sort of always been that way.

True Sight: Siu is a powerful seer, gifted with the ability of 'true' sight. This means that he has fairly frequent visions - at least once or twice a week, if not way more - that are pretty accurate and predict large events. He rarely has the full picture at any one time however, only certain facts that the spirits are willing/able to share. For certain important events, he will sometimes have a series of visions, helping him slowly piece together what is supposed to happen. It is important to note that the further in advance the event is, the more subject it is to be affected by things that happen in the present; the future is always changing. Sometimes he can end up seeing multiple versions of one event before it actually comes to pass. He cannot see little, everyday things that are about to happen. Majorly receives visions in his sleep, except for when the spirits seem to believe that the situation is dire - then he often gets them during the day as well. Either way, he is prone to having seizures during these visions. They're not painful unless he accidentally injures himself while falling, and he's very used to it after 3,000 years, but they can seem pretty bad to bystanders.
Dreamwalking: Despite misconceptions, Siu is actually not naturally powerful in his dreamwalking ability. He has only gotten to the level he is currently at through a lot of practice and dedication - nearly 3,000 years worth. He is capable of inserting himself into the dreams of anyone, anywhere around the world, as long as he knows enough about them to find them. Usually it works best if he knows their full name, but he can also go off of things like their first name, and what they look like, or their address, or things like that (which seem like facts that would be harder to find, but not necessarily when you're a seer and going off of what the spirits have given you). While he can't completely hide his presence, he's skilled at disguising himself. He's skilled at controlling dreams and using dreams to glean information from a dreamer. In his heyday he was known for popping around in people's dreams, giving them messages, sometimes telling them about the future, and sometimes just chatting with them.
Compulsion: As an elder vampire, he inherently is gifted with very strong compulsion - that, and he's had a lot of practice. With one look he can have you frozen to the spot, just a few words and he’ll have you jumping off a cliff. Certain people are more susceptible than most, and in terms of species, humans have the least defenses unless a mage is helping them. Witches and shamans can defend themselves with magic, although unless they are a particularly strong mage, Siu can often break through these defenses. Vampires have naturally stronger minds, and the older, and more experienced the vampire, the more mental dominance Siu has to exert in order to win them over; should the vamp by chance be as old as he is, forget it. The more he has to fight for control, the more exhausting it is, and often it's just not worth it to him. Neither is he really one to throw his weight around like that anyways. Since he also has barely spoken with other people besides his lawyer and the guy who delivers him blood bags, in like, a hundred years, let alone practiced compulsion on them, he's a little rusty.
Elder: As both a vampire and shaman elder, he's just exceedingly powerful. He can move faster than the eye can track, walk through other witches' wards like they're butter, see through most any illusion, and a number of other crazy shit that would take too long to list. Almost all creatures can sense this, whether it be they can sense the magic rolling off of him, or if their instincts simply scream 'dangerous! predator!'. He may not have an imposing physical stature, but his powerful aura makes up for it; often it can fill the room, and then some. He can reign in back a bit, or push it out, but he honestly doesn't know if he could ever hide it or mask it completely. It's important to note though that magic always comes with some sort of cost, no matter how powerful you grow - Siu is no exception.

As an elder vampire, Siu is completely incapable of being out in direct sunlight for more than a minute - he will literally catch fire and burn to a crisp. He’ll be okay if he’s in shade, but it just feels exceptionally hot to be outside during the day, even in overcast weather. It’s also plain exhausting and just overall not fun. If he’s going to be awake during the day, he’d much rather stay inside with all the curtains drawn.

Can only feed on real human blood, and also he requires an exceptional amount of it to keep his wits about him. It’s mostly because of his shamanic abilities needing that energy, that lifeblood, as well as his old age. Will probably drink quadruple the amount of blood bags than any of the other vampires. He can drink animal blood and synthetic blood, however, this will not give him any true sustenance. He needs the real stuff. Without it, he’ll grow weaker - first too weak to do any magic or rituals, or even to sustain his gifts, and then he’ll start to lose it, his grip on his humanity faltering until he goes feral. If at that point he still receives no blood, he’ll grow too weak to move and will wither away.

Other vampires might be able to get away with only a few hours of sleep, however, as a vamp who still retains his shamanic abilities, he typically needs a good six or seven - and even then he can still seem exhausted. Magic just requires a lot of energy, as do his shamanic gifts. Without the correct amount of sleep, he might not be able to perform rituals or use his gifts to his full ability.

Of course, like all other vampires, should his head be removed, or his brain damaged, he'd die and should his heart be damaged or removed, he'd probably wish he was dead.

Knows literally nothing about modern technology, and is practically incapable of learning about it. It’s very hard for him, as old as he is, to keep up with those sorts of things. I mean, it feels like just yesterday to him that the Victrola was the hot new piece of tech.

--- Siu is completely fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, Latin, Greek, Farsi, Hebrew, English, and of course, his native Korean. He isn’t quite fluent but understands most of the romance languages, including French, Italian, and Spanish - whether he can hold a conversation in those languages though is debatable.
--- When speaking English he has a pretty heavy Korean accent, and while he has good English pronunciation, he still has a habit of slipping up, especially when he’s not paying attention.
--- He has a white-tailed deer antler on a beaded cord, that is always around his neck. It is only a piece of the whole rack, which is mounted on the wall above his bed. The pelt of the deer is also laid out across the floor in his library.
--- He dresses how he likes, heedless of what anybody else thinks; which can lead him to dress in a suit one day, and then be wandering around in nothing but a bathrobe the next. It doesn’t help that he’s used to living alone either.
--- Usually leans towards comfortable clothes though. Soft t-shirts and sweaters are his favorite. And also bathrobes.
--- He is known to be unintentionally intimidating. His natural, resting expression is ‘unimpressed’, and he is generally very hard to read. Combine that with his powerful, dangerous aura, and his antisocial nature and he often makes strangers shit their pants upon meeting him.



yes all my fcs are bts don't @ me
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Min Han-jae 민 한재

basics --
full name
hanjae min
nickname(s) jae, jay, hanji, hanj

gender cisgender male
pronouns he/him

age twenty-five
birthday august 1st
zodiac leo
birthplace kanggye, north korea

romantic orientation homosexual, panromantic
love interest tbd. has a bf back home, but is polyamorous so is open to more partners~

witch type hedge witch

appearance --
face claim
kim seokjin

appearance description --
hair hanjae loves to dye his hair different colors, and as of late, has chosen pink. naturally it's a dark brown in color. it's kept in a sort of bowl cut, although he rarely styles it that way. it can often be seen parted to the side, coming off of his forehead, with quite a bit of product if you look closely. he takes very good care of it.
body stands at 5'11'', with a broad frame. his shoulders in particular are very wide, sometimes making it difficult to find tops that fit properly. his muscle type is definitely not bulky, but rather lightly toned. he does work out but only when he's feeling like it, which makes it something he does occasionally rather than regularly. it's basically just enough to maintain his weight and fairly slim physique. roughly weighs 183lbs.
skin fairly pale and ridiculously clear. he takes very good care of his skin, and follows a detailed korean skin regime. he tends to lean towards drying out, and uses a crazy amount of lotion to keep that from happening. he tans very easily in the sun, although he doesn't always allow this to happen. doesn't have many moles or beauty marks, and he has no scars.
clothing style very fancy and very stylish. hanji is not ashamed to admit he likes expensive clothes, and designer brands, and that he's a total snob over it. he just likes to look good okay? he can usually be seen wearing all sorts of eccentric outfits - not as in, crop tops and mesh shirts, but bright crazy colors and patterns, and pieces that are just so rich looking you feel like you have to do a double take. he doesn't like to show a lot of skin, and rarely walks about in heels (mostly because they kill his feet although he also struggles to find heels in his large shoe size). he does like to deck himself out in jewelry, usually sporting rings and earrings, and the occasional necklace.
physical disabilities can barely see without contacts or his glasses. generally he wears contacts, only deigning to wear his glasses when his eyes are too tired.

personality && interests --
personality traits
proud, flirtatious, conceited, very loud, fiery, fearless, fickle, oblivious, independent, friendly, affectionate, childish, spontaneous, extraverted, dramatic, emotional yet emotionally reserved, laid-back, compassionate, wild, eccentric, bold
proud hanj is the type to think very highly of himself. he likes to believe that any given moment he is the most beautiful person in the room (unless his bf's there, then he's the second prettiest but it's close). he likes to think that he's the smartest (he's definitely not), and has the best ideas (not usually), and just in general, is the best at almost everything he does (also not true). at least, he always acts like this. there are many times were he doesn't fully believe that he is the best at everything; his self-confidence has it's ups and downs just like anyone else. but it's become a way to cheer himself up, as well as cheer others up, when he is deliberately over the top in complimenting himself in an attempt to get those around him to laugh. all the same, he has an immense pride in himself, and the things that he does. he is constantly trying to instill the same attitude in others (if slightly less extravagant) as well. because of this pride he has in himself, he also tends to be a huge perfectionist can be incredibly hard on himself when he doesn't do perfectly.
oblivious hanjae is a very loud and exuberant person, that enjoys talking to anybody and everybody. however, he has a tendency to talk over some of those people, especially if they aren't as vocal as he is. he isn't the best at picking up on subtleties, particularly other people's emotions. if someone he's talking to, is giving off signals that they aren't in the mood to talk with him he, more often than not, just won't see those signals and will keep bulldozing his way through the conversation. you can't hint at something with him if you want him to understand, you have to hit him over the head with it. he means well though; he genuinely doesn't want to upset people or step on their toes. he's just completely oblivious.
emotional hanji is very in touch with his emotions, crying at the littlest things and letting himself do it in public. sad dog commercial? he cries. tear-jerker scene in a movie? he cries. a breathtakingly beautiful sunset? he cries. he feels things very deeply and he isn't afraid to show it. this also leads him to be easily excitable, and overly affectionate. but interestingly enough, while he's in touch with his own emotions, he isn't always in touch with the emotions of others. it ties in a lot, with his obliviousness. and surprisingly, while he is a very friendly and talkative person, capable of getting along with most anyone, he does not make legitimate attachments to other people easily. he's reserved in that regard. he has a lot of love to give out, and generally, it takes a while for him to do it.

mbti type entp
temperament sanguine
moral alignment chaotic good
hogwarts house ravendor

mental disabilities not quite a disability per say, but has a bit of a... thing about food. he grew up with very little to eat on a day to day basis, and was practically starved due to his family's circumstances in north korea (the reason they fled) and to this day is very touchy about his food. he does not allow anyone to take from his plate - if he's going to share he has to be the one to give it over. he also feels incredibly bad not finishing his whole plate and wasting food. he'll get on other people's case about this as well. it's very rare he'll skip a meal, and he hates to go hungry, or to see other people go hungry, as this brings back bad memories.

head canons
kitty cat
― hanji's spirit animal is def a peacock
― loves to be the center of attention
― call him pretty and he'll legit preen
but if you won't he'll call himself pretty cuz he don't need no man
― or woman
― he eats up compliments for breakfast
― at least he would like to
― loud aF
― this boi has some luNGS i stg
― his laugh is so loud it sounds like he's screaming half the time
― spiritual but doesn't believe one specific religion
― not quite the mom friend™
― more like the drunk aunt friend
― will mother you if mother is not around, but like, also drag you into crazy adventures
― like fun abandoned buildings where you get tetanus from a rusty nail
― and then passes you back to mom friend™ at the end of the day
― "polyamory is based in consent and love, cheating is based in betrayal. also my relationships are none of your business, asshole."
― "oh my god this sunset is so pretty... here take my phone i need at least a thousand pictures in front of it!"
― "i'm sorry, i can't focus. that shirt you're wearing is just too ugly."
― "gurl. guuurl. guuuuuuuuuuuurl! pass the salt please."
― literally flirts with everybody, don't take it personally it's just who he is
― jumpy
― you could say 'boo' and it probably would scare him
― he loves horror movies though??
― comes from a very rich background, parents run a multi-million dollar investment company
― turns out you can get very good business advice from spirits in the otherworld
― also his bf back in seoul, south korea is a well-off fashion designer
― helps out with both, along with the coven
― vry vry busy because of that but he thrives on the chaos
― side note, very proud of his bf, don't get him started
― he could talk for hours abt yejun, and also show you literally every pic he has of the boy
― once cried because he thought the animation to kung fu panda was just that gorgeous
― takes a lot of naps, at weird times and in weird places too
― let's play "is hanji skipping through the otherworld or just sleeping"
― cuz he also goes off to astral project without telling anybody
― vry affectionate
― watch out short friends he is vry likely to pull you into his lap randomly. or throw you over his shoulder.
― tall friends too, he doesn't mind getting crushed
― likes holding hands, giving out hugs, snuggling into laps
― ESPECIALLY if the other person hates it, it just makes him want to do it more
― really likes cooking and loves eating food even more
― fam thought he might be a kitchen witch at first but nah
― he's a hedge witch thorough and thorough

other --

don't worry love, because all of this is not coincidence ― [BY bts] dna
every night i'm dancing with your ghost ― [BY sasha sloan] dancing with your ghost
oh, give me a break, tied up in daisy chains, only myself to blame ― [BY will joseph cook] daisy chains
oh no, i've already come to far. suddenly none of this is a game anymore ― [BY blackpink] playing with fire
i wanna see paris, i wanna see tokyo, i wanna be careless even if i break my bones ― [BY american authors] i'm born to run
if you leave, leaving your footprint behind, i will keep that warmth safe. i will keep it in the black and white ― [BY v (bts)] scenery

[c] themysteriousashe.