Duty to the Kingdom

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    The country of Mas'Elli extends from the eastern sea to the western, the northern to the southern, unbroken. It would take a traveler perhaps two hundred days or more to walk across the length of the country. Across the sea to the east resides the country of Kamtriss, ruled by their fey queen, Tanslim. To the west, there is Medrul, presided over by their council of five, called the Selectors. North, there is a bitter wilderness known as Emrill. South is the country of Rettrick, a country often at war with itself and whose leader often changes as a result.

    Mas'Elli is a land of humans, ruled by a single entity, and the residents this country bears fealty to the Triarch. Champion of the sword, leader of religion, and master of magic, he is the will of his country.

    Fighting foremost beneath their Triarch are the Seven.
    Each of the Seven are the adepts of their field, hand chosen from the entire country. The form a single team, the elite guard of the kingdom, though they are not always a seamless unit. From the different backgrounds and beliefs of each of the members, there arise many conflicts, but they are relied upon for the unparalleled protection they offer to the Triarch. There are none better suited to his protection.

    On the horizon, a storm is brewing. There have, of late, been ships from other countries getting dangerously close to the shores of the country and the Triarch is furious with this. He plans to gather his team and send them to the eastern shore, where the most trouble has been reported. With the castle of Mas'Elli located in the center of the country, as well as the usage of strong horses, the journey will be scarce more than thirty days.

  2. [size=+1]CHARACTER SHEET[/size]


    Character Name:
    Place of Birth:


    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:
  3. [size=+1]General[/size]

    Technology in Mas'Elli is limited to High Middle Ages era technology.
    I hope to get six players, plus myself, to correspond to the Seven.
    If you have ideas for characters outside of that, please send me a message!

    [size=+1]The Seven[/size]​
    • Blue - Enhanced Strength; Bearer of Order
    • Purple - Enhanced Speed; Bearer of Inquisitiveness
    • Green - Barrier Crafting; Bearer of Understanding
    • Red - Weapon Crafting; Bearer of Passion
    • Yellow - Wound Healing; Bearer of Regret
    • Orange - Sender of Thoughts; Bearer of Optimism
    • Black - Energy Transferral; Bearer of Balance

    Character Name: Eris Wrenlief
    Alias: Sparrow
    Gender: Female
    Color: Red
    Age: 19
    Place of Birth: Northern Frost of Mas'Elli
    Mother - Deceased
    Father - Alive
    Brother - Alive

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    Likes: Snow, horses, soups.
    Dislikes: Sweets, deserts, and stale bread.
    Talents: Singing, untrained fire magics, devastating accuracy with archery
    Inabilities: Swimming, swordsmanship
    Fears: Falling into the sea and drowning
    General Personality: Strong and commanding, with defined opinions and a temper that could use some work.
    Inner Personality: High respect for life and living creatures, despite her temper and opinions, she works hard to never come off as condescending. She dislikes those who feel superior to others.


    Character Name: Vriona Irene Bistra
    Alias: Harp
    Gender: Female
    Color: Yellow
    Age: 25
    Place of Birth: Kamtriss
    Family: She is a recent orphan, having lost both of her parents to a house fire two years ago.


    Likes: Fashion, music, babies
    Dislikes: Loud noises, smoke/fires, the dark
    Talents: Playing the harp, sewing/embroidery, being pretty
    Inabilities: Fighting (at least physically)
    Fears: The dark, becoming close to someone and losing them, being alone
    General Personality: She is a very quiet and demure sort of person, preferring to speak in a soft and cultured tone. Vriona has very simple pleasures, and delights in good conversation. Being a healer, she doesn't partake in drinks, believing that such things would prohibit her abilities to heal.
    Inner Personality: Ever since her parents died, Vriona keeps herself at a distance from everyone else. She doesn't want to experience the sense of loss and depression again, nor would she want someone else to have to go through it. Also, because of their deaths she fears being alone. Her contradicting thoughts make it difficult for her to make a decision socially.

    Character Name: Aliya [Ah-lee-ah] Loquerve
    Alias: Flower
    Gender: Female
    Color: Orange
    Age: 22
    Place of Birth: Eastern Mas'Elli border, on the shore
    Family: None living
    Aliya (open)


    Likes: Flowers, birds, kittens
    Dislikes: Large animals, eggs, pessimistic people
    Talents: Gardening, throwing knives, swimming
    Inabilities: Hand-to-hand combat, running without tripping
    Fears: Wildfires, invisible opponents, being blindfolded
    General Personality: Somewhat quiet and reserved but can easily get excited by anything she enjoys, loving to make people smile if at all possible
    Inner Personality: She's generous and respects family ties above all else as she has none, yet she avoids getting too close to people that she could call family for fear of them vanishing.
  7. Both accepted~

    Character Name: Axel Crowe
    Alias: Ace
    Gender: Male
    Color: Green
    Age: 24
    Place of Birth: Emril
    Family: A friend whom he considers a brother.
    Appearance: Long black hair pulled back into a braid; green eyes.


    Likes: sweets, liquor, fighting
    Dislikes: healthy foods, boredom, whiny people
    Talents: hand-to-hand combat, using innate magic to control his hair.
    Inabilities: Complex magic [fireballs,
    Fears: Being betrayed by people he is to trust.
    General Personality: Axel is friendly and loves conversation. He may seem a bit overbearing at times but can behave himself whenever the need arises. He sometimes acts like a child to keep the humor alive.
    Inner Personality: Axel is thoughtful and intelligent, observant and is in love with anything involving mystery and intrigue.

    Extra: His magically controlled hair extends from the hereditary magic he got from his mother before she died. He had honed it and directed it toward his hair in order to use it for the ultimate defense in battle.
  9. Two notes only, Power:
    Emrill is designed to be mostly uninhabited, as most a place of exile, being a merciless frozen waste.
    Two, explain more to me about the hair! If you're trying to tie something in with green's power, I planned on explaining and working those out in more detail in the actual roleplay so if you have ideas for it, I would love to talk it over with you! :D

    Character Name: Blair Lyle
    Alias: Riptide
    Gender: Male
    Color: Blue
    Age: 22
    Place of Birth: East coast of Mas'Elli, port city
    Father - sick
    Mother - alive
    sister - alive
    brother - alive

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 220 lbs
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    Likes: coast, strategy games, cards
    Dislikes: dense forests, cheating, chaos
    Talents: Swimming, swordmanship, brawling
    Inabilities: archery, tracking
    Fears: Sea/water snakes
    General Personality: Calm and collected, willing to listen to everyone, always trying to find the best solution so everyone is happy, voice of reason
    Inner Personality: Calculating, loves mental games as much as physical, dislike people trying to create chaos

    Character Name: Mai (Prounounce "My")

    Alias: Shadow
    Gender: Female
    Color: Black
    Age: 18
    Place of Birth: Medrul's west shore
    Family: None. Orphaned

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 120 lbs.


    Likes: balance, fists, sleep, creating her own clothes
    Dislikes: killing, alchol, far away combat
    Talents: Quick with a handheld knife, Fast Runner, can Jump over 15 feet high, and is quick at making clothes from anything.
    Inabilities: can't fight by hand, can't swim
    Fears: being alone
    General Personality: Trys to make sure fights don't break loose, tries to create everyone equally, snaps every now and then.
    Inner Personality: annoyed very easily, but keeps it to herself. She often daydreams
  12. Looks good, Lupine! Welcome aboard.

    Miss Mary, I'm afraid that we don't have a white. Were you perhaps meaning Black?

    We only have a tentative one slot left, so if no one joins in the next day to fill it, I'll keep it a fairly blank slate NPC with us until someone claims it. Expect an IC in the next day or so! :D
  13. Yes xD Sorry, i saw the color and my mind made it White xD
  14. lol racist xD jk jk

    Character Name: Rashal Artemoir
    Alias: Raz
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Place of Birth: Rettrick
    Father - Deceased
    Brother - Deceased
    Brother - Deceased
    Brother - Deceased
    Sister - Alive
    Mother - Alive
    Appearance: A six foot, two foot tall, lean built young man with a farmer's tan. Not by any means menacing to look at. Brown hair with hazel eyes. He has several scars of his faces from when he was younger in Rettrick, having had to fight off soldiers.

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    Likes: Science, alchemy, reading, writing, unknown entities
    Dislikes: Arrogance, deliberate ignorance, closed minded folk, vulgarity
    Talents: Able to tinker about and create contraptions. Also wise in alchemy, history, and science.
    Inabilities: Not a very good fighter, not a conversationalist
    Fears: Becoming too open to others, things he cannot comprehend, losing his mother and sister
    General Personality: Raz is a closed off individual to say the least. After losing his father and three brothers, as well as many friends in the wars in Rettrick, Raz has became an entity almost devoid of emotion--at least, he does not show it--and worldly desires. He is selfless and curious, always seeking to expand his knowledge of everything around him. Physical and metaphysical, magical and non-magical.
    Inner Personality: Raz has a desire to teach the poor and the ignorant. He enjoys educating others, and will happily inform anyone whenever they ask. Though closed off on the outside, Raz is a sweet, benevolent individual who only seeks to do good to others. Due to the constant warfare in Rettrick, it has left many broken and ignorant, only knowing survival and warfare. He does not wish this fate to befall anyone else.
  16. DA ftw. I like Raz....wish i could accept him and ease your fears :P
  17. "DA" ftw? What does "DA" mean? : ) And thank you, Power. Your words are kind.
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