Duty Calls

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Apocaric, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. I'm deploying again. I leave for training on Monday.
  2. good luck mate!
  3. You need training on Monday?

    It's the first day of the week. What more is there to learn?
  4. Heh. Good one, Asmo.

    So, I am no longer deploying. I was supposed to be part of a Mk.19 team, but our Chief got me switched off the team. My guesses as to his motivations are just that, so i won't share them.
  5. Probably cos I called him and said you'd already learned the days of the week.
  6. *snicker*
    If a fully automatic grenade launcher is a day of the week, I'll....do...something.
  7. Oh dear... looks like you do need the training after all...
  8. I wish I could have actually fired that thing... closest we got was the simulator. We didn't even have paint rounds for it! D:
  9. I've gotten the privlage to fire one Sly, it gives you a chubby.