Duty Calls

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  1. I'm deploying again. I leave for training on Monday.
  2. good luck mate!
  3. You need training on Monday?

    It's the first day of the week. What more is there to learn?
  4. Heh. Good one, Asmo.

    So, I am no longer deploying. I was supposed to be part of a Mk.19 team, but our Chief got me switched off the team. My guesses as to his motivations are just that, so i won't share them.
  5. Probably cos I called him and said you'd already learned the days of the week.
  6. John

    "I'm sure he wants to tell her, but keep in mind, he's been operating like this for years and years and no one has even come close to suspecting him. He's covered his tracks there too when he somehow appeared in a public event that the Hunter made an appearance at. He was even careful enough to space out the timing of the Hunter's first appearance and the event. She's smart, but he's outsmarted everyone, and I don't think that'll change unless he wants it to. I think he just wants to keep her safe. A cliche comic book theme that has been done so many times, but still."


    "I wasn't afraid because I've let myself be captured for infiltration purposes on numerous occasions and was trained to survive. Nothing scares me, but you're right. That situation definitely pissed me off." He chuckled as well. "I think I can manage that." He smiled and kissed her.
  7. Oh dear... looks like you do need the training after all...
  8. Gwen

    She smiled "I'm well aware."

    "You mean that affectionately or..." belle questioned and Gwen rolled her eyes

  9. Jason

    "You say that as if you aren't messed up, Belle."