Duty Calls

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I'm deploying again. I leave for training on Monday.
You need training on Monday?

It's the first day of the week. What more is there to learn?
Heh. Good one, Asmo.

So, I am no longer deploying. I was supposed to be part of a Mk.19 team, but our Chief got me switched off the team. My guesses as to his motivations are just that, so i won't share them.
Probably cos I called him and said you'd already learned the days of the week.
If a fully automatic grenade launcher is a day of the week, I'll....do...something.
Oh dear... looks like you do need the training after all...
I wish I could have actually fired that thing... closest we got was the simulator. We didn't even have paint rounds for it! D:
I've gotten the privlage to fire one Sly, it gives you a chubby.