Duty Calls

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  1. Spoiler

    First time doing a spoiler so I hope this works.
    And please forgive me for the crap title XP

    Zabros = Country

    Character page: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/amethyst.9597/

    I'm changing her accordingly XP. So an aristocratic/ scholar version of her.

    A gong resounds through the campus grounds as various students filter out of the numerous buildings. The central bell tower, housing both the cathedral and chancellor's office, separates the establishment into two sectors, the moon and sun. The Sun Sector held the libraries and robed pupils whose pointed nose rose to the sky as they calmly walked from class to class whereas the Moon Sector had training grounds and scarred up children goofing off with fake weapons.

    Amethyst wandered down one of the Sun hallways with a tome underneath her slender arm. Her robes rub against her ankles as students filed by her like she was a fly on the wall. She smiles while imagining a bird coming over and wrecking their perfect heads of hair. She futilely tucks a short strand of hair behind her ear as an upperclassman ruffles her short layers.

    "Awww, did I hurt your feelings, little boy?" he mocks with curled lips. She smirks back, keeping constant eye contact with the spoiled scholar.

    "Oh? I thought the only little boy here was you." she turns and looks around her in faux confusion. "There are no other children here" she remarks with sarcasm saturating her voice. The boy's friend snickers and walks off as the bully's cheeks turn a soft red.

    "Why, you little!" he growls, his fists balling at his sides and ears turning hot red. Amethyst clutches the tome tighter, but keeps her lax expression. Had she really done it now?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.