Dutch people.

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  1. http://sierraplanet.com/tehloki/Short_Message.swf

    I imagine this is the sort of thing that was amazing and weird on the internet for two years and then the novelty wore off and I'm just late to the party.

    This is the opium'd dreams of the man who dreamed up Cirque De Soleil, I'm pretty sure.
  2. Oh my.... This is interesting.....
  3. "Then don't think about it. Just live every day as it is and we'll Grow. We may not know if we'll be together in a hundred years, but at this moment I certainly want to."
  4. "Maybe one day."
  5. "We can travel again. I have no problem with that. We just need to bring the children this time."
  6. "You can't bottle up a succubus. That's how you lose them forever. I want Victoria is always come to me for help if she needs it." *john gently pat Victoria's head*
  7. "When he was small I was."
  8. "Hot headed then." Harmony chuckle, "People should be careful not to make her angry."
  9. Try out hajime no ippo it's a good amine/manga about a wimpy kid who gets bullied and meets a famous boxer who gets him into boxing and he becomes a pro after a while. There is also a hint of romance in it later I think, I've never watched it far enough to see the romance, but there is a girl in it so I assume romance ensues.