Dutch people.

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I imagine this is the sort of thing that was amazing and weird on the internet for two years and then the novelty wore off and I'm just late to the party.

This is the opium'd dreams of the man who dreamed up Cirque De Soleil, I'm pretty sure.
Oh my.... This is interesting.....
interesting...it seems to be a parody on a soup commercial...o.O
ahahahaha what

Maybe it's because I don't understand Dutch, but I bet I would still wtf if I did.
I'm kinda confused now.....
I believe he's saying "Cupa soooooooooooooop..." At least Twice.
Cup a' soup is a dutch brand of soup, made by the company Unox...

Just FYI....Y'know...
I'm going to order some of their soup, just for that ad.
WTF! That was by far the strangest commercial for soup I've ever seen.