Dustailia Enmity

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      W e l c o m e t o D u s t a i l i a.

      A strange city with even more stranger inhabitants. Forty percent of Dustailia's population consists of a peculiar species known as shapeshifters, creatures that could take the form of either human or animal. They are unlike humans and can wield odd powers known as magic. However, these shapeshifters do not get along well, and have separated themselves into three turfs. It is said that they once were one nation, living in harmony with the normal people of the city. They had a king, a ruler, who governed over them fairly. But no king ruled without hate and jealousy and envy, thus he was overthrown by a shapeshifter who had complete control over what he could shift into and mastered all of the three elements their species were blessed with; water, earth and fire. But there were few who hated the tyrannical rule of this new king and through teamwork and preservation; overthrew him as well. But it was at this point the members of the group who stood for the rights of the shapeshifting population that began to bicker and argue on how their species should be ruled. Eventually, the conflict ended, with the species being split into three, each having their own part of Dustailia.

      Three turfs, all hating the other, were prominent throughout the city. Each of the three members who had defeated the tyrant became the ruling head and royal family of each territory, and soon the way they discriminated against each other became normal. To this modern day, they continue to argue with the others, bickering and causing minor fights, but never launching a full invasion for fear of other turfs taking over. But under all the fighting, there are those who still support the tyrant who once ruled over their lands. And they would do anything to return Dustailia to what it used to be.
      • The Caerbus were the land-dwellers, shapeshifters who mastered the earth and the fire, and were mostly mammals and reptiles. They were the largest of the turfs and due to its large numbers, hardest to control. Their royal family symbol is of the tiger.​
      • The Kimon are the masters of the sky and wielders of the wind under their wings. They say the Kimon are the deadliest, almost all of them having skills of a trained assassin. Their royal family symbol is the Pitohui, a poisonous and deadly small bird.
      • And the Aunlo are the deep-sea swimmers and have control over the ports of Dustailia, making them the richest of the three turfs. Their royal family symbol is the great whale.​
    • C h a r a c t e r s

      Played by Sen:
      Fanaa - ???


      Kouha - Kimon

      Played by Danger:

      Luke - Caerbus
      Sort of ragged brown short hair, grey eyes, somewhat tall at about 185cm. Lean, not too much muscle. Able to transform into a wolf. Displays mastery over basic earth elemental manipulation with his speciality being able to create walls out of the ground beneath him at incredible speeds.

      Winter - Caerbus
      Platinum blonde hair, goes down to her waist. Silver eyes, kind of short at 165 cm. slim figure, as a royal. Shapeshifts into a white tiger. As a Caerbus family member she is quite talented when it comes to the element of fire, her speciality being fireballs.
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  2. Luke Jackson

    Home of the land shifters. From mouse to elephant, Caerbus was the place of many shifters. Anything that didn't have wings or fins. Because of this, it was biggest of all turfs, and yet most rowdy and hard to control. Many animals roamed the streets, but it was a usual sight. Not many cared for what forms others decided to take, and most worked side by side in harmony. This side of the city was dusty, somewhat dirty, with a lot of people to fit. They had all grown used to it of course, but newcomers would find it hard to breathe. Not only that, Danger roamed the streets. Gangs took it upon themselves to relieve nobles of their wealth every once in a while, and people would go missing. To survive in the land of Caerbus, you would have to be either high up, or just smart enough to avoid Danger when you could. If you couldn't? Not many would hear from you again.

    Lucas Jackson, always going by simply Luke, had lost his parents because they had not looked out well enough. He grew up on the streets, but with friends. He hadn't been alone for most of his life, which had helped his personality grow. He was well known in the city, for his playful attitude and willingness to help others. Of course, some said he was too nice, and others sought ways to use him. None of it bothered the boy, not one bit. If he ever got attacked, Luke knew all the ins and outs of places and was gone before they could blink. It was a miracle that this carefree young male survived in a place like Caerbus.

    Unlike most of the others in this part of the city, Luke always liked to lay back on the roofs of buildings. To him, it was calming, as not many liked to climb. Somehow, he would always manage to see the stars. At these times, the male would usually reflect back on his life, sometimes wondering what could he have done differently. What would have happened if his parents were still around. Of course, he knew he couldn't change it, but he still shot glances towards the palace and wondered. Always wondered.
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    Fanaa had landed in a strange but welcoming looking place, but it looked better than the place she had once called home. Where she lived was less crowded, less smelly and had far less people. Even from the boat she sat upon, rocking along the water's waves as they neared the wooden docks of the city looming before her, she was surprised to see so many people just walking about admiring the fisherman's market or taking a stroll or fixing the boats and cruise ships and yachts on the far side where the buildings looked richer. From the country girl she once was, she was now in the big city where a new life and greater opportunities awaited her. Fanaa herself wore a simple black dress and a rather large matching hat, and she only had one suitcase with her as she disembarked the old-fashioned looked ship she had managed to catch from the few ships that sailed pass her hometown. It was gloomy here, with only the natural light of the sun illuminating the wooden theme of the port.

    One of the signs welcomed her to Dustailia, the city her grandfather had told her about and had shown her pictures of. A bustling and developing city where gold and riches could be found and made if they tried. He had encouraged her to go and have an adventure of her own, as he had once lived in the city himself before settling down for something quieter. But she had gone against her grandmother's wishes, who only wanted her to stay home for a reason she did not want to say. The young woman sighed to herself, before looking down at the sign where another line of text blinked up at her. 'Aulon Territory,' it read in blue paint, winking up at her. Fanaa only stared at it in confusion. What was Aulon? Finding no answers, she walked towards the rich-looking hotel at the far end she had booked her stay at, looking down at the piece of paper once in a while to make sure she was heading in the right direction in this large city.

    A group of figures dressed in took their place on one of the roofs of the taller buildings, scanning the border between Kimon and Aulon, a clean river running between the two turfs.. A female figure lapped at one of its talons, pointing at the hotel in the distance. The Aulon territory was separated into two areas, one where the port was busiest and famous for its markets and inventions and the other for rich snobs. That was why that place was abound with gold and wealth, since they took the port side of the city. "We head there," she cackled in delight, motioning towards the others as she leapt onto the next roof of the building undetected, heading towards the hotel that they had set their eyes on.​
  4. Winter Caerbus
    Chaos. That was all she saw.

    Winter stood at the window of the palace, staring out at the city they were meant to rule. Pure chaos, was what she saw. She could not see the beauty in it, not the way others did. Not the way some of her family members did. With a sigh, the princess turned around, keeping her back to the window. Her family. There wasn't much to say really. As an only child, she would be heir. Which would mean the husband she chose would be king. The royal bloody line took dominance over all others, and any children would be born tiger shifters. It was simply the way it went. Royals got much better privileges than those below, and so Winter's hand would be sought after by many. How fun parties were.

    The princess couldn't help but think back to a time. A day when the royal family had gone out, surrounded by dozens of guards, to survey the rest of the city. She remembered catching the eye of a little boy, playing in the dirt, dusty, disgusting, yet happy. At that time and age, she had turned away in disgust. The look in the little boy's eyes she had not remembered until years later. Years, when the royal family had gone out once again to survey. She had caught sight of him again. This time he was grown up, yet nonetheless still the same. The happy smile that had been on his face disappeared the moment he saw her. Disgust filled it, disgust for her, her family, every noble amongst them. And she couldn't blame him. Not after all those years. And she didn't forget his name either, when it was called.

    Luke. Winter felt just a little sad, but knew she would most likely never see him again. So she kept her head high, and once again, looked away from him.
  5. Fanaa's room was luxurious and she had her grandparents to thank for it. Big, beautifully painted and over looking the sea rolling from the cliff. All around the hotel were brightly painted shops, with expensive looking products peeping from their windows to entice customers. The road was made from cobblestone embedded into the pathway and smoothed out, giving the place a clean and white appearance. And with the amount of mansions littering the area around her, it was clear this was the upper end of the city, where everything looked like it was from a movie. Seagulls screeching, the bright sun shining down on a cloudless day, the smell of the beach and the sea... it was all so surreal.

    Then without warning, a loud sound interrupted her thoughts, followed by the floor beneath her begin to shudder. Frightened, the young woman dropped to all fours, protecting her head with her arms as the roof above her followed suit. She could feel the building begin to sway and smell the smoke creeping into her room. She knew she was on the fifth floor and the tall tower-like building was going to topple over with how it was moving. Gritting her teeth, she enveloped herself in a bright light, emerging from the light as a creature with thick skin serving as armour. She always had the ability to do this, what was it, she didn't know. The young woman was born with it, and trained herself how to master transforming herself into animals, or house certain traits. Without thinking Fanaa charged out the window, the armor protecting her delicate skin from the shards of glass, and fell to the cobblestone floor where she looked up at the collapsing tower.

    Circling the ensuing chaos, where the citizens were screaming and fleeing from the scene, while others rushed into to help those who couldn't escape, were a crowd of cloaked figures. They were flying above the building, cackling with laughter as some of them dove into the smoke and rubble, attacking citizens and gathering what they could find. Even here, she could hear the whispers and gasps of the citizens as they watched the perpetrator, eyes glaring at them. "Flying? Kimonians!" Fanaa heard one of them gasp. "What the hell is wrong with them? How dare they attack us..."

    But she had no time to worry about that. A few of them had spotted her. With bird-like screeches they shot themselves towards them at bullet-speed, their talons scraping the cobblestone and causing sparks to fly around their feet. Gritting her teeth and not even bothering to think about the consequences, she gathered up as much energy as she could, making the sparks flare up uncontrollably and surround her assailants and wrap them in a scarf of flames. Although Fanaa grinned at them victoriously, daring them to make another move, they took a step back away from her and their burning ally. "A lizard in Aulon? How can this be?" it hissed. "We have been tricked! Get her!" another snapped, opening their brown wings and swooping after her as she began to run away from the port side of the city. The further she ran, the more she realised she was heading into a more dense and polluted area. All around her were buildings, standing tall and grim and proud. But the cloaked figures continued to fly after her, unafraid of the sign that signalled a river border ahead to another place named Caerbus.
  6. Luke Jackson
    A boom. The explosion was clearly visible, even in the Caerbus air. Luke stood from the roof, staring in shock at the smoke coming from one of Aunlons buildings. What had happened? It looked very much like an attack. But it was definitely not from Caerbus. He would've heard about it. Kimon? Quite possibly. But he didn't have time to debate with himself, as he spotted a figure running towards the city. With flying shapes after it. He couldn't just stand there. Knowing itd be stupid and dangerous if he just jumped off the roof, the male quickly scaled down the wall. As soon as his feet hit the ground, Luke shapeshifted and began running towards the figure. His wolf form was a silver grey in color, specks of black and white covering him from head to toe. He could run longer than most in the city, but it didn't mean he was fast. However, he quickly caught up with it. A girl.

    As soon as he reached her, a quick flash and he was human again. Noticing the shapes in the sky, he shot up thin spikes of earth to deter them as he tried to understand what was going on. "Are you okay?" he asked the girl, keeping up with her. They couldn't exactly stop. Deciding it was probably best not to try and converse, he began to try and lead her to safe places. After all, he knew the city inside out. Spotting an opening, he called out, "This way!" before dashing inside an almost hidden door. He could only hope that she followed.
  7. The young girl was surprised to see a figure dash towards her from within the city. Afraid that it was another one of those flying things flanking her, she skidded in an attempt to stop, only to blink at a young man who had changed from a wolf to a human. Was he... someone who had abilities just like her? Fanaa was surprised, forgetting that she was in the middle of a chase. Only when she realised he had asked her a question did she feel all the pain and bruises covering her body, her legs shivering from the run. Behind her, the screech of the cloaked figures sounded their approach, and with nothing else she could do the young girl ran after him through a camouflaged doorway. A few of the figures slammed into the nearby walls in their attempt to get her, while one lone figure managed to slip past, fling several knives at the runaways.
  8. Luke Jackson
    A knife. Whistling through the air, straight at the girls back. Luke just barely caught sight of it, and he moved instinctively. The knife impaled itself in his shoulder, and he hissed with pain but otherwise showed no sign. But he had only caught sight of one. Another cut his arm before slamming into a wall, and the rest fell short. Raising his arm slightly at the lone figure, a dark wall raised up out of the ground. It cut the figure off from chasing them, and Luke knew they were safe. He slowed down his pace a little, gesturing slightly for the other to stop. There was a place nearby they could go, and the male had more than a few questions. However his main concerns were the knife in his shoulder and the cut on his arm. He should probably get those checked out, knowing the Kimon loved to use poisons. He was almost surprised he wasn't already dead.
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