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  1. To the Roleplay

    If you wanna watch the original Series that inspired this RP, please feel free to visit Rooster Teeth.

    The Grimm are said to have first appeared not long after the dawn of mankind. They set their sights on the early humans and sought only to destroy them and all of their creations. For awhile, it seemed as though they would succeed as humans did not have the strength to fight them. However, humans discovered the power of Dust and with it, the Grimm were driven back. During this time, humans enjoyed a time of peace and soon the humans formed their own kingdoms, which grew to survive and prosper.
    Although the old kingdoms eventually faded, the world currently still enjoys a time of peace. But this time won't last forever, as in the absence of light, darkness can return and the Grimm will soon make a resurgence.

    Huntsmen and Huntresses are warriors in the world who slay monsters and whose duty is to "uphold the peace" of their world.

    Terms of this world:
    Beacon Academy (open)

    Beacon Academy is a facility for training teams of fighters to slay various monsters, which is run by Headmaster Ozpin.

    Students with the aspiration to become Hunters or Huntresses, whose duty is to keep the peace within the world, strive to attend Beacon. In order to be accepted into Beacon, students must go to special schools in order to be trained in combat (like Signal Academy) or be invited to the school after showing exceptional skill.
    Once being accepted into Beacon, new students have to go through an initiation, where they will be placed into teams after its completion.

    Aura (open)

    Aura is the manifestation of the soul in the universe, which can be used for a wide range of abilities depending on the person.

    Aura is an ability that all those with a soul can use, at least with enough practice. Because Aura is the manifestation of the soul, it can appear very differently depending on who is using it. For example, the color of Aura is different from person to person. Also, a person with a strong Aura may radiate brighter when using it.
    It is mentioned that anything with a soul has an Aura, but humans seem to be the only beings able to weaponize it for their own protection. A skilled user of Aura can create barriers or even increase their abilities in some way. Weapons can also be made that act as a conduit for Aura, allowing for an even wider range of attack.
    Abilities (open)

    Aura is a necessary energy source for all Hunters, being their most powerful ally when in battle. Aura, as demonstrated by various characters, has the ability to do the following:

    Heightened Perception: Aura seems to be able to sharpen one's senses, or allow one to detect danger.

    Defense:The use of Aura is mainly for defensive purposes. It can be used to block incoming attacks by creating a forcefield.

    Offense: It can also be used to send a shock wave of force through the enemy, causing parts of it to explode.

    Unlock Aura: One's Aura can be use to 'unlock' the Aura of someone else. Doing this appears to take a toll on the user however.

    Healing: It also seems that those with a strong enough Aura can heal minor wounds.

    Activation (open)

    It is appears that Aura is able to manifest in different ways and when in use it takes on the color of ones inner energy. It appears as a slight glow around the body and also seems to be able to change eye color in certain people.
    It has been stated that the activation of an Aura requires training and willpower, though someone with considerable training can unlock the Aura of another person.
    How the Aura manifests seems to vary from person to person, depending on their personality.

    Trivia (open)

    • Only those who have souls are able to use Aura, meaning that creatures of Grimm are unable to use this ability as they lack a soul and thus, an Aura.
    • It can be compared to Ki or Chi in other media.

    Dust (open)

    Dust is the main form of energy. Dust can also be used as a weapon by many characters in the series.
    Colors and effects (open)

    Dust is noted to come in several different types with there also being different attributes for each color.
    Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Attraction/Gravitation, Force/pressure.

    Distribution (open)

    Dust is sold in shops, such as From Dust Till Dawn. It is available in different colors and various forms of matter, like crystal and powder. Crystals are apparently safe enough to leave out on display like common jewelry, but tubes lining the walls seem to contain a version that was in a powdered form. The only difference between the crystal and powder form of dust is that the crystal form is weaker. Dust works as a mix between batteries, fuel, and personal energy.

    Usage and effects (open)

    Dust is used as an energy. It is also used to power weapons and machinery, though Dust can also be used without the aid of weapons or machines.
    It is shown to have a certain explosive potential.
    We have yet though to see the everyday use of Dust, but it can be easily speculated as electricity or a similar type of fuel (assumed to run vehicles such as the Airships for example).

    Enemies (open)

    Grimm (open)

    The Grimm are monsters. They are described as "creatures of destruction" and lack a soul; hence they are unable to use Aura.
    Beowolf (open)

    Beowolves resemble the traditional, bipedal forms of lycanthropes, also known as werewolves. However they seem much larger in comparison, they stand on their hind legs, albeit with a slouch, and are extremely muscular. They have dark black fur and red eyes. Their heads also appear to be made out of bone and display skull-like features. They appear to have protrusions seemingly made of bone along their back and arms. Beowolves can vary greatly in size, as one is shown to be clearly larger, possibly signifying it as the Alpha of the pack. They have long sharp claws, with which they lunge at their prey.

    Ursa (open)

    They appear much like the new Beowolves, with black fur and bone spikes on their backs and arms, as well as a white mask with red detailing, but are much larger and stockier.

    Basilisk (open)

    The Basilisk (Unofficial) is a large serpentine creature that lives in the Emerald Forest.
    The serpentine Grimm is one of the larger enemies seen. Thus far, two types have been revealed: a black one and a white one.

    Lien (open)

    Lien is a type of currency.


    While i will of course try to work within the boundaries of the Original series, i will also introduce my own elements into this. After all: we can't wait for the episodes before we move, right?

    Now let's take care of the annoying parts, and then start with the sign-up sheet.

    -While you of course will have a certain freedom, i hope that you will not overdo it. Follow my guidance and everything will be fine.
    -Each character who signs up will be checked by me. If i consider him/her overpowered, you have to weaken him down a little to maintain the standard strength of the rp. Small differences are fine, but if the gap in your weaponry, armor and skill exceed that of the Roleplay's world settings, you will ruin the fun for not just them, but yourself as well.
    -I will not RP in this and will only control NPC's, Events and Enemies.
    -Do not let your characters use any knowledge of the other characters that they can't know about, for your advantage. This is called "Metagaming" and is just plain unfair. The same goes for events where your character was not present.

    And now the part you have been waiting for:

    -Sign up sheet-
    Appearance: (Image or description)
    Color: (The color of your aura if you use it)
    Age: (somewhere between 16-20)
    Weapon: (If you use one)
    Best fighting style: (Weapon/Dust/Aura/Ect)
    Other: (Any information i should know that was not mentioned above for whatever reason)

    Weapons (open)

    You can take these weapons if you want. You don't have to though.
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  2. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Name: Mia Redwood
    Age: 18
    Bloody Moon (open)

    Color: Blue

    Best fighting style: She normally uses her hammer, avoiding using dust unless in propelling herself further. She can also use her aura to heal minor wounds, but not very often. She uses her weapon's ability to use propulsion to help her put more force into her swings and uses speed to help her dodge enemy attacks.

    History/Bio: She hit me when I tried to type it. T_T

    Personality: A quiet girl, she prefers training to actually hanging out with others. She has quite the temper if you know how to push her buttons. She is stubborn and willing to prove herself if the need arises. Otherwise she keeps to herself and has a strange connection to one of the teachers. She blushes easily when embarrassed and gets embarrassed a lot.

    Other: She loves to swim and has a strange obsession with water, knowing more about the seas and its life than any other subject.
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  3. What a fascinating background story. (No sarcasm. It made me laugh).
    You are accepted.
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  4. hold on im join hold on please TT^TT I dont know anything so i would be more of a new comer LOLz
  5. There is no problem if you don't know the series. This rp will use the good ol school element to teach the players various things. The correct usage of dust, the many enemies you will have to fight and their strengths/weaknesses, and many other useful things. No need to worry.
  6. Appearance: (<<<My picture, without the wings)

    Name: Areiz Veiner

    Color: N/A

    Age: 17

    Air (open)
    Air is the name I gave my weapon. She also uses red dust, but that's when she is cornered and has no other choice.

    Best fighting style: Weapon

    History/Bio: My mother was a huntress, but I do not know my father. My mother wasn't around very often, mostly she was off fighting Grimms. I lost contact with my mother around age 12, and I began training myself to be a huntress through what I'd seen mom do. I was training in an abandoned field when another huntress saw me. She took me to Signal, and I finished my training there. I was recruited to Beacon, and well, now I'm here.

    Personality: I have a short temper when it comes to being in battle, but I do very well with negotiations. I try to get to know everyone I meet, whether I'm their friend or not. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, right? Right. I am considered friendly....but I can be mean if I feel threatened or offended.

    Other: I am a girl, I have a short-temper, and I like to flaunt my looks.
  7. Interesting weapon. It's like having two ways of making holes in your enemies. Feel free to use any dust you want with it though. Look forward to the classes.

    You are accepted.
  8. It sure has been a while since someone signed in. And we only need at least one more character to start.
  9. Hmm.
    I'll see if I can find anyone. =)
  10. Ugh, my computer glitched. I put up a form! Wait, let me see if I can get it back up.
  11. Appearance: something like this, minus the tattoos, hair is orange, going yellow at the tips; eyes are light brown; complexion is light tan


    Name: Ren
    Color: Red-orange
    Age: if it's okay, it's his 20th birthday at the start
    Weapon: nope, not that katana. he uses a ninjaken and a pistol. A really big sword, not sure yet tho
    Best fighting style: Aura

    History/Bio: He was descended from a branch family of a Hunter clan with shady origins and unorthodox ways. He assisted his family on the hunt and that served as his training that began in his late childhood. Having started training very early, he gained skill and experience beyond his years and hunting became pretty much his whole world. His older sister was the one who sent his application to the Academy and much to his surprise, it was approved by his parents. Raised to obey them not just as parents but as officials, he set off to start his "formal" training.

    Personality: Having had prior firsthand experience in hunting, he comes off as pretty arrogant and is quite a know-it-all. While that is true and he does admit to it, he also has a tendency to be protective of whomever he's with because he was taught to value teamwork. That being said, he likes to play leader when he senses there is a need, not because he's bossy but because he's confident of his skills and ability to protect. Beyond that, he's a bit of a chatterbox who loves to eat, pizza being his favorite.

    Other: adding when I remember something...
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  12. By the way. Did you know that the Ninjaken was invented by hollywood and is not one of those original Japanese weapons?

    Anyway. I have a little problem with your weapon. Is it a gunblade or a sword that is launched from a rifle-sheath? Or is he using two separate weapons?
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  13. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Kyra Claire
    Color: The same color as the butterflies in the above image.
    Age: 18
    Weapon: large twin pistols that 'unfold' into full length, thin, twin swords. the weapon also has the ability to 'shoot' the blade of its sword form from the base of the weapon. The blade and the base are than connected by a strong wire. Along the hilt of the sword is a re-cal function that brings the blade back into place at a rapid pace. While the pistols have the option to shoot high caliber bullets, she usually uses cartridges full of dust. One weapon is gun metal black and the other is a bright silver. They are named accordingly, Stark and Sterling.
    Best fighting style: Weapon but she utilizes dust quite a bit as well.
    History/Bio: Kyra is from a normal family. That she lost when she was young to a Basilisk. Not long after, she decided to become a huntress. She was at an orphanage for a couple of years before she was adopted by a hunter who happened to witness her fighting off some thugs that had broke into the orphanage. He took her home and she met the rest of his family,his wife and his young twins, Lexi and Alex. It wasn't even a year after that when Mr. McClain began showing her the basics. She picked it up quick, like a sponge soaking up water. She devoted all of her time to learning, not sparing much of it for 'normal girl' things. She went into an academy to properly continue her training, all the while taking her own lessons from her adoptive father after class. She got top marks in academics, and developed a special love for old poetry. She kept this up until she got recruited into Beacon. And now she's waiting for the next leg of the journey.
    Personality: Kyra is very much a no nonsense type of girl. While polite, she is very straight forward. She wants things done, and she wants them done efficiently. When dealing with others she can be friendly enough. She won't go out of her way to be with people, but she won't shy away from them either. She has a soft spot for kids, having grown into having an older sibling syndrome at the orphanage. It was further encouraged after meeting her two adoptive siblings. She will deny it to anyone who inquires, but she loves stuffed animals and poetry.
    Other: She has a special adversity to basilisks, sometimes going out of her way to take them on. Mr. McClain gave her the nickname "Quick draw Claire" after she forged her weapons. It's been a nickname in her family sense.

    If ya'll need another player, and if she's alright for the role play. If not, I'l take her down.
  14. Just a little question about the weapons. From what i see, she has a type of gunblade where the blade form has the extra of doing mid range attacks.
    Does it launch only the blade like a kind of straight chainsickle, or is it more like a whip sword?
  15. Just the blade launches out, kind of like the chainsickle, except there's no handle to it, its just the blade that shoots and its'c connected to the base by a wire instead of a chain.
  16. Interesting. Consider your character accepted, and with that the rp can finally begin.

    I love you guys.

    I'll put it up in a moment or two, and once that is done i will post the link here.
  17. Done. To get the link, just scroll up to the first post and Click "To the roleplay".
    Have fun.
  18. Arent we going to wait for Lorchenne to finish their character?
  19. I have the most important details, which are the weapon and appearance. Don't worry. I sure that Lorchenne finishes the post anyway and that i will have nothing to complain about.