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  1. Hi, Me and Charade just got to this site. Met a few of you in the cbox.

    *adjusts jock strap*

    So here we are, a dynamic duo.
  2. [wave] what he said! ._. [scrambles over and sits in silhs lap]
  4. =O I'm not washing your RC truck.

    *puts arms around Char*
  5. [whispers at silh] Don't let her steal our pizza again...it was...I had nightmares.
  6. *hands char a slice from the new pizza*

    Don't worry this ones safe.

    *throws the rest of the old one to distracts diana*
  7. It's not safe.

    For I ate that pizza... 35 MINUTES AGO.
  8. It wasn't quite a truck, but the engine block that suddenly struck him across the back was a close second. Sam yielded to the blow and dropped into a shoulder roll to dissipate some of the impact, but he was still thrown off enough that he ended up crashing into a supply box hard enough to shatter the wood. He got up, flicked open his plastic machete, and assumed a guard position.

    Lorentz stalked closer, two other engine blocks and a trio of metal crates floating around him.

    "Hello again, Sam Ebayan," the mage greeted cheerily. "Glad you could join the party."

    Sam ran up the side of a larger wooden box and hauled himself atop it, just as the two engine blocks crashed into the space he once occupied. His footing lurched as one of the metal crates slammed into the box, shattering it. Sam leaped from his now-precarious perch at a robotic construction arm with a tool appendage hanging off its end. He grabbed onto it and used his momentum to swing the arm around so that it brought him right up to Lorentz. Sam kicked his foe with both feet, released the robotic arm, and tumbled onto the floor with him.

    The shorter man was suddenly sent flying to the side as the tracks of a conveyor belt ripped themselves from their moorings and lanced him through his arm and leg, carrying him off Lorentz. Another piece of railing flew at him like a thrown spear, but Sam managed to return to a kneeling position and batted the rod metal aside with his machete. He quickly yanked the other rails out of his arm and leg with a cry of pain and a gout of blood.

    "You are a stubborn one, aren't you?" Lorentz said, raising a hand as some of the larger machinery began floating behind him. "How many can you withstand, hm? You should join the rest of the world...as ants beneath my feet!"

    Lorentz's diatribe was cut short when the machete spun end over end and buried itself in his shoulder. The machinery in the air crashed useless to the ground. Sam pulled his arm back from where he had thrown the blade. "Don't you ever shut up?" he asked grimly as he stalked toward his distracted foe.

    He got up to arm's length with Lorentz before the latter could regain his composure. Sam launched a cross-uppercut-cross combination that sent Lorentz's chin down, up, and down again. Then the shorter man clinched Lorentz's head and rammed a knee into the gaunt man's beak-like nose; a satisfying crunch followed.

    Sam drew his plastic knife and spun it around a finger so that it was point-down in a reverse grip. He slashed at Lorentz in a dizzying series of cuts, with the gaunt man somehow managing to double back with only a few gashes across his chest and arms. He raised his arms out and sent a small steel box careening into Sam's side before the shorter man could close in for another combination. Sam hit the ground and slid across, leaving behind a bloody trail from his injuries.

    Lorentz pointed a finger at his enemy. The steel box rose into the air and started spinning, faster and faster. "Say hi to your parents for me --"

    Again, he was cut off, this time by the sound of a gun firing. The carbon polymer slug tagged Lorentz in his leg, dropping him to one knee with a howl of pain.

    Crossfire emerged from behind the forest of machinery and supply crates, a smoking gun in his hand. He glanced at the wounded Sam on the ground. He quipped dryly, "I thought you were good at making plans; getting your ass kicked doesn't seem like a very good one."

    Sam groaned as he regained his feet. He favored his good leg, keeping as much weight off his injured one as possible. He wryly retorted, "You'd be surprised how many of my bad plans end with a bang." He retrieved a lighter from his pocket and threw it with a live flame at the engine blocks on the assembly line...right where Lorentz was still reeling from being shot.

    Crossfire reacted instantly, leaping at Sam and bringing them both to the ground just as a great explosion erupted behind Lorentz. Whatever Sam did, it turned the entire assembly line into a giant frag grenade, with chunks of engine metal and rotor blades flying everywhere. Lorentz screamed as he was consumed in the fiery blast.

    Crossfire looked up and slowly got back to his feet. He gave Sam a helping hand up. "Is he dead?"

    Sam narrowed his eyes as the smoke began to clear. "Son of a bitch...."

    There, standing amidst the carnage of the explosion, was Lorentz. Burns scoured his face and clothing, but the deadly shrapnel that should have claimed his life instead floated menacingly around him like a shield of iron and steel.

    He wiped blood from across a cut on his cheek. "My turn."

    The shield instantly became a storm as hundreds of shards shot toward them like arrows....
  9. "So I don't fit, even among your kind," Natalia muttered, looking down at her sandwich. She blinked again and took another bite. Raven immediately shook her head and put her hand on the girl's shoulder.

    "No, no Natalia. You'll fit in great at the Ivory Tower. Trust me," she assured her. "I just meant...I'm sorry. You're different, but that doesn't mean you won't fit in. We'll have a great time together."

    "Okay," the girl nodded. Raven furrowed her brow at that. Sometimes it was really difficult to know what Natalia was thinking. She shook her head but stopped when she saw Erika leaning over the table with her tongue sticking out. Looking over, she was apparently engaged in some kind of weird face contest with a kid whose parents were distracted. He held up his ice cream as if to taunt her and she raised her hand. Raven could immediately tell she was going to use her powers in public and grabbed the arm, pulling it away.

    "What is wrong with you?" she asked. "You want to blow the statute of secrecy just to steal some kid's ice cream?"

    "It's your fault. Babydoll thought taking the skirt back at the store would be a fun hide-n-seek game," she retorted. "Punchy wanted to get the guard's attention and have a fight. Was going to break his arm and shove his taser up his ass. Babydoll thinks apology ice cream will make up for losing her game."

    "What does punchy want?" Natalia asked with detached interest, still working on finishing her lunch.

    "To throw her in front of a car," Erika supplied back. Seeing Raven's shocked expression she waves it off. "Don't worry. Babydoll thinks your fun and Slut thinks she can get a three-way with you and Sam. Mm..." She licked her lips. "Oh. And the Bitch says you're a good person and should be treated with respect. You got a three to one vote to live, so yay!"

    "...What is wrong with you?" Raven repeated. "What happened to you?"

    "Well...okay, I was in Dublin, right? Taking a break from getting my psychology doctorate - "

    "But you're nineteen," Raven interrupted, agog.

    "Back then, Bitch Me was the only voice in my head. IQ of...154, I think. I could read minds, too, and push thoughts to help people. Think of me like Chucky X with better legs..." She ran a hand up one of her legs slow and sensual before moving on. "Anyway, I was picked up by this guy who was into a really kinky time. He strapped me down and tried to brainwash me so I'd use my psychic powers to brainwash other people for him - which sounds kinda hot now - but I didn't want to. I could feel myself losing, though, so I locked up my powers and split my mind into four pieces, preserving my innocence, my sexuality, my independence, and my normal self; Babydoll, Slut, Renegade, and Me.

    "It's all cool now, though," she finished. She flexed her arm and her bicep grew. "I got new powers because of it. I can grow muscle and change pigments on me. Plus the telekinesis, which is bitchin'. We just argue sometimes."

    Raven took a deep breath and went for her purse, not bothering to acknowledge Cross and Sam until she had gotten out some money. "One second, boys. I need to buy Erika some ice cream."


    Crossfire and Sam did their best to ignore Erika as she sensually licked her chocolate ice cream, giving long licks up its length and making messy slurping sounds and little moans at the flavor.

    "We're here to keep an eye on you girls - " Crossfire said.

    " - not be your errand-boys," Sam completed with his arms crossed at them. Raven blinked rapidly, hands together in a cutesy plea. "It didn't work with the car; it wasn't going to work here."

    "And that potion won't help you, either," Cross added, making Raven blush and draw her hand away from her purse.

    "But guys, look at all this," Raven gestured to the seven large, packed bags stuffed with clothes. "Natalia's aunt last bought clothes for her almost four years ago. She hasn't worn undergarments for the last two weeks simply because she didn't have any that fit."

    "Got her a whole wardrobe," Erika added between licks. "One of em's from Victoria's Secret. Bet it's been a while since you boys got your hands on some underwear." She then leaned forward conspiratorially. "She's a 32C. Nice handful."

    Natalia blushed and looked away.

    "The point is, we need a lot of help lugging it all back," the mage concluded with forced patience. "We can't exactly ask Natalia to teleport it all for us. Bit conspicuous." She stepped closer to Sam. "Besides, a couple big, strong men like you two could carry those bags easily..."
  10. A duo....last time we had that Aki and LZ were....well anyway. Welcome to the Iwaku. The name is Pirogeth, or Piro for short. It is pretty easy to get involved in the community and let me tell ya it is a fun one. All the different people makes everyone have a place to go. Enjoy!

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  11. Welcome to the site.
  12. And now the third Newletter person (finally) shows up!
    Welcome to Iwaku, Silhouette and Charade!
    It's a pleasure to meet you both! I look forward to fun times! ^_^
  13. Welcome to Iwaku, you two seem like you'll be a lot of fun!
    Ask me if you've any questions!