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    a little neighborhood
    made perfectly for you
    && your ꒩ τ ꍬ ꒰ Γ you.


    Welcome to Duo Boulevard new resident! You have been selected because of your outstanding results on our behavorial and social undercover monitory.
    No, you don't have a choice on whether you want to be here or not. You're here and that's final.


    Duo Boulevard is a one of a kind neighborhood where you have the opportunity to channel your inner personalities.
    With beautiful housing and remedial testing that could remove you from society if you fail, you can go from chatting with your neighbors to being submissive under our control relaxed in seconds.


    This neighborhood is for people with interesting personas. Two of them, to be exact. Split personalities, a duo of opposites composed and confined in your body, hence the name of this neighborhood. There are many who claim that those who have what you have are FREAKS and what you have isn't real. It's all in your head, it's just an imaginary friend that wouldn't leave, things like that.
    But that's not true! You are what you are and you're VERY MUCH welcomed at Duo Boulevard.

    This very reason is why you're here in the first place, and we're VERY interested and intrigued about the other you that you have. During your stay here, the staff will be conducting a series of mass and individual tests for research purposes to find more about the science behind split personalities.

    What we run here is full of pure dedication and interest, and we have found out that our best research comes from those who are well behaved and cooperative. Those who fail to fit these standards will fall into the hands of us, the landlords.

    We are dedicated, after all.

    Most of the staff here have been in this field of split personalities for centuries, so they definitely know how to take care of you.
    You have nothing to worry about.
    Absolutely nothing.


    Duo Boulevard will not disappoint! With our 24 hour gym and pool, foreboding forest views, 24 hour on call emergency/safety line, snow removal in the winter, strict rules, and extermination periods, how could you not be happy! Observant staff, who also live in the neighborhood to check how you are behaving, and events are to be expected, as we love to have gatherings for our residents to bring the neighborhood closer together.


    Once you're in Duo Boulevard, there's no way that you'll be leaving! Why would you want to be leaving in the first place? We are dedicated to making sure you and your other self are strictly under control ARE happy. The neighborhood's premises have been barricaded with fences as high as the eye can see. Duo Boulevard's history states that the barrier was put on ages ago, and it's quite far out that even we, the landlords, aren't sure where they're located.

    So no escape for you. This is your home now. And we welcome you,




    POSTING EXPECTATIONS: Adept and more than a few simple sentences.

    If you have any questions about the RP at all, don't be afraid to ask or show interest.


    Don't know what We Happy Few is? Here's the trailer. DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR TIME.


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  2. Beyond in love with this concept! I do have a question! Will there be slots open for certain secondary personality split sides? Just to ensure not all are of the same kind and all? This totally has a We Happy Few sense to it and I will be in for the ride!
  3. Whoa, that's actually a brilliant idea and I haven't really thought of that before. Now that you mention it, yeah I can totally do slots for secondary personalities! If you have any ideas on the roles, especially one that you would like to have, lemme know!~

    xD And you're the 2nd person to tell me that it has a We Happy Few feel. I totally didn't mean for that to happen, seeing as though I completely forgot about it after I was on a hypewagon for the game about a year ago.
  4. Joining this because it seems cool af and I watched a movie that had something like this happen... except everyone's second personality was either a murderer or a drug abuser or a rapist... it was real a horror movie but forgot the name. Anyway I am in for this^^
  5. Yay! Interest! Justin if you also have any ideas for the kind of split personalities people can have, that would be d o p e~
  6. I will come up with some tomorrow^^. I can also tag peeps in a few if you want as well^^
  7. That'd be awesome as well!
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  8. Color me interested.
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  9. If you have any ideas on what kind of secondary personalities could be used and played in this RP, lemme know~
  10. This definitely sounds really cool. For secondary personalities, are you looking for some really crazy stuff? Like someone who is sex-crazed, or violent, etc. Or are you looking for more tame second personalities?
    Either way, I'm already hooked!!
  11. Wouldn't it vary by character? My first ideas were dictator-like personalities.
  12. Yes it would vary by character, but just to make sure people don't come in and choose the same type of personality, I would like for there to be options.
  13. Really crazy stuff would be very interesting and welcomed, but they would have to try their hardest to fit into the neighborhood's standards, just so the staff don't come in and.. you know.. Take them away for misbehaving. BUT THEY ARE NOT DISCOURAGED FROM BEING IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. c:
  14. Game is totally awesome! Actually for mine I was going to go with a Harley Quinn kind of personality lol. I think it would be amazing not to mention crazy and seductive fun on my part.^^
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  15. I am interested in this as well. My split personality I would like to do is Poison Ivy. The non dom vs. Dom.
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  16. Going for The Conceited Jock xD and The Flamboyant Queen Male lol
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  17. Yeeess guys~ I'm totally going for the party boy with avant garde style (who may or may not be the landlord c;)!

    I'll be creating the OOC shortly!~
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  18. I already picked my FC.... Lol :D
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  19. lol same even have the BB Code done for the character sheet xD
  20. Ooh I may be interested in this as well!
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