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  1. Hello all! I have had several ideas bouncing around in my head so I figured I would see if anyone would be interested.

    -purgatory retrieval corps
    Sort of like the police of hell. The PRC is in charge of capturing and aprehending escaped souls from hell. This would revolve around a seasoned veteran (me) and a new rookie assigned to be his partner.

    -Crazy town
    In the far future, the prison system is overcrowded and underfunded. To solve this, the powers that be decided to put all maximum security criminals on a remote planet and leave them there. This planet known simply as "The Rock" to its inhabitants is full of dangerous people, creatures, and elements. This rp would be focused on two criminals who band together to find a way off The Rock.

    -They came from the stars
    An alien ship visits earth. After the formal introductions, the aliens ask if they can have one of their adolescants live with an earthling. The government agrees and all goes well until the teenage alien refuses to stay with the predetermined earthling and winds up finding his own new roommate. I will play the alien and the roommate can either be a boy or girl, but preferably a girl.

    Those are the ideas I have so far, I wrote some others down somewhere but I forgot where I put them ^^;; I will update this thread when I find them.
  2. I like the PRC and the They Came From The Stars ones. Can we talk more in a pm?
  3. I like crazy town plot, but what's allowed in it are the criminals normal people or do they have magic powers?
  4. It would be in the far future so things like genetic enhancements and robotic limbs would be allowed. Maybebsome telekinesis but for the most part normal people.
  5. If that's the time then I'm interested in it.
  6. Hello everyone! I have come up with some more ideas! These ones will be a bit more on the cheesy feel good side of the spectrum so i hope you all don't mind.

    1. My new family:
    After a bad day pf bullies and bad luck, a poor orphan high school girl returns to her shabby apartment. In the depths of despair she prays for someone to come and give her comfort. Instead of an angel, a demon appears. The demon says she can create the family that the girl has always wanted in exchange for her soul. The girl agrees, hoping for a fairy tale like family. Instead, the demoness says she will be the girl's new mother and also brings along one of her minions to be a brother. Shenanigans ensue as the girl has to deal with her new demonic family members.

    2. I remember you:
    Two young childhood friends are split apart after one of their families move. Fast forward a decade or so and one of the friends is a normal high schooler. Unbeknownst to them, their childhood friend has become a music sensation and is on tour in their city. There is a chance meeting and the two friends are reunited. This story would involve the progression of long lost friendship and how their feelings could become even more.
Thread Status:
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