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  1. Using the fourth Edition as a guide, I was thinking we could do a DnD based RP.

    The element of moves, levels and dice are gone. However, the foundation remains the same.
    And the story is generated by a GM.

    Who is interested?
  2. this sounds pretty cool
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  3. I'd be interested! Haven't played d&d in so long.
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  4. I just started and I thought it would be cool to try it in the internet RP style!
  5. Count me interested. The dungeons I make rarely use most of the rules anyway. The dice rolling is just a novelty there.
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  6. Now we just need a GM!
  7. Wait I thought you were going to GM. In that case, I'll be your GM!
  8. Whatever works best! Haha
  9. Can I get in on this, too? It's been a really long time since I played any D&D, but I reckon I remember enough of it to get by.
  10. Yes you can! The more the merrier!
  11. Still looking? Internet DND sounds great
  12. The more the merrier! I'll make an OOC thread now!
  13. This still open? My irl group is on hold for the moment, but this sounds fun!
  14. Is the OOC thread up yet? I took a look earlier today and couldn't find it, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place.
  15. That's the one... all of two minutes old. ;)
  16. Can I join? I've never really plaed DnD before, but I always wanted too.
  17. If you want an example of actual DnD, then try the real game. Even this is only very slightly based upon it, simply where I, the DM describes the environment and creatures, rather than the players.
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