Dungeons and Demons

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  1. Alution Nightingale, a demon to all extents of the word. His only goal in life is to raise hell and have fun doing it. However, he picked the wrong kingdom to cause chaos in. The king sent out his daughter, the princess, as bait to lure the demon into the city. Alution unwittingly fell into the trap as troops surrounded him. He was injured in the fight, and tried to run away. The troops were able to track him down easily enough, and he was captured.

    Deep underneath the city, a special dungeon was kept just for major threats like a powerful demon. Despite warnings from her father, the princess sneaks down into the forbidden dungeon and finds that the guards are starving the demon and torturing him for information about something. When the guards left, the princess came out of her hiding spot and approached the demon. Alution had fallen into his wolf form during the 'session' with the guards, and could barely move when the princess appeared. Thank whatever divine powers were out there for telepathy.

    The two began to talk frequently, and the princess soon realizes that everything she'd heard about this Alution Nightingale was just a tad bit wrong.

    That's the plot I want. Now, the person I want to do this with should be able to write about three paragraphs per post, and post once every day or so. I prefer rping through pm's when I'm doing one on ones. Send me a pm if you're feeling up to it.
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