Dungeon World: The Sacred Serpent

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  1. . . .​

    From inside the warmth of the inn, a mild precipitation could be seen as droplets of water were coming through the opened wooden windows. The rousing bland draperies were quite expressive in their movement as the chilly breeze kept streaming in from outside. The pub was known as "The Eyeless Owl Inn" which was the main hub for must people in this little outpost town at the edge of the desert. The nights were usually always freezing cold in this region and everybody in this tavern was used to gather together to break bread and share a few alcoholic beverages. Every now and then, you would have a new traveler who would show up and have a modest meal with a drink but tonight was especially crowded! All seats were occupied and the place was buzzing with energy, laughter and screams of delight!

    In the center area of the pub were three individuals who were prepping for their music show. Beside them, were resting various musical instruments that looked quite foreign, sophisticated but nonetheless to say the least. In the back of the inn, the barman was showcasing a few hand tricks with his glasses, spinning them around and making them fly all around him. He was quite tall, proud of his twisted moustache and would always carry a serious stare, following up with a broad smile after each end of trick. Portraying a ton of confidence in his juggling skills, he kept entertaining his friends and guests while making them drunk at the same time.

    From the other end of the room, the innkeeper entered the cheerful tavern with contentment as he was quite satisfied with the current business night. A little wet from the rain, he walked through the crowd, wearing a grey waistcoat, a red bow tie with white dots and some clean black pants, he definitely stood out with elegance. Everyone knew him as M. Sherwin, well respected by others, he wasn't someone who would complain often and he liked to have a few drinks with his customers from time to time. As he approached one of his staff members with friendliness, he exclaimed himself arms open. "Zara! It's amazing to be back home, and I'm glad to see you!" He smiled and got closer to her, gently placing his left hand on her left shoulder. "Wouldn't you mind closing at least a few windows so our customers don't get too cold?" Before he had the time to blink, M. Sherwin got pulled away by his wife Leora and took him in the kitchen area for a surprise, it was his birthday after all and all his friends were waiting for him to show up!

    The Inn's accommodations consisted of a large room on the second floor, with beds and hammocks hanging from the ceiling. Burning candles were set up to light up the relaxing lounge and people could come upstairs to stay the night at a fair price. However, the smell of fresh and cooked cuisine from the downstairs' kitchen could be a little intrusive to someone's sleep.

    Food was served every evening and the menu tonight consisted of...
    Boiled Sausage and Salty Cheese (1 gp)
    Roasted Wild Boar Tongue with Artichoke (2 gp)
    Steamed Vegetable Soup. (1 gp)

    The night was young and as the three artists grabbed their unique musical instruments, the pub got submersed with assorted and melodious vibes that were enchanting the place and it's people. A long chain of dancing peers formed and as it was moving through the pub, it kept growing, grabbing whoever was in the way!
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  2. "Yes, healing properly requires appropriate suffering. Learning from mistakes is a saying you are familiar with? Then yes! Your body learns from the pain, you heal too comfortably, too slowly, nothing is gained-"

    "Zara! It's amazing to be back home, and I'm glad to see you!"

    Turning away from the amused doctor who seemed more interested in debating Healing 101 than ordering a drink before dawn, Zara's frustration melted away at the sight of her employer and also "uncle", M. Sherwin. "Wouldn't you mind closing at least a few windows so our customers don't get too cold?"

    "Yes, Uncle-" Life moved fast during business hours at The Eyeless Owl Inn. It was often that conversation between staff members and sometimes even patrons took place in random segments, interrupted here and resumed there. The regulars were used to it, and their patience and understanding greatly helped out.

    "Miss! Alas, don't forsake me!" With excessive drama, the doctor pleaded Zara's attention back. Perhaps he was finally ready to order. It was frustrating when regulars took it upon themselves to "learn" about her deity Tai Ang and even her background, only to end up trying to gently suggest she was wrong, or to give their interpretation on her religion. When Zara first started working after her recovery from near starvation, she was excited that so many were interested in her teachings. Unfortunately, after going through this process over and over again, Zara realized that preaching in a tavern was probably not the most effective way. Her enthusiasm grew less and occasionally, Zara wondered if she would slowly become one of them in the end. Fearing this, Zara has never been seen without her headpiece, a gold plated representation of Tai Ang, in the form of a serpent. It distinguished her from the crowd, if her abnormally grey hair juxtaposed with her young face wasn't enough.

    "What will you have, Doctor Simmons?"

    "Ah, just a water, and about your fixation with suffering, would you not agree that the injured has already suffered enough by merely going through the process-"

    "Be right back, Doctor Simmons!" Having just remembered to close some of the windows as a chill caused goosebumps over her skin, Zara made it just in time to prevent a sneeze from a hapless patron sitting closest to the door. "I am terribly sorry about that, one warm soup on the house!"
  3. After warming up with his delicious steamed vegetable soup which was given to him without charge, M. Simmons seemed pleased with Zara's service and friendly temperament. He kept eyeing her from his table as she was walking around and serving other customers. Her long faded silver hair and her gentle soft sun-kissed skin made him blush for a moment as he took a sip of refreshing water. Once she was walking in his direction, he got her attention with a hand gesture and ordered his first drink, tipping her 2 gold pieces in the process. His choice of beverage was a pint of dusky ale, which was the authentic beverage which made The Eyeless Owl Inn very well known in town.

    As the night advanced, the kitchen service started to clean up and close. However, there still was a consistent stream of clients coming in the Inn. The ambient acoustic melodies were rocking the place, the band was formed of a tall and skinny gentleman with a large nose who was playing the pan flute, accompanied of a stout bearded man resembling a dwarf, who was drumming its way with joyfulness. Behind them was a sturdy lady with long stretched ears, arms covered with tattoos and wearing a spiked leather jacked. Carrying a bowed stringed instrument, she was reverberating her instrument's cords and making herself known to all who were present. A crowed assembled around the talented musicians and all were chanting songs of old forgotten tales!

    A solitary individual came in the Inn as everyone was chanting and took a seat near the edge of a window. She had a hood on with a long and dark cloak going down her back. The cloak had fine leaf patterns along the sides, however of a subtle grey tone, which made them not very apparent in the Inn's dim lighting. As she made a hand sign to a waitress, a couple of fine silvery and golden rings were apparent on her fingers.

    Two other fellows took a seat not too far away, two twin brothers perhaps? One thing for sure, they looked quite similar! The two had frizzy ginger hair and freckles on their nose and cheeks. Absolutely in love with the Inn's ambiance, they both started clapping and laughing out loud as they were waiting for their drinks to arrive.

    Immediately after, an other pair arrived as well in the pub and started dancing and moving their hips and entire body with artistry! The couple looked like they knew the place and considered it as home, not even a slight bit of shyness in their demeanor.
  4. In the dead of the night a group of five dwarves came inside the tabern. The taller of them all, and possibly the older one was a slender (by dwarven standards) but powerful looking dwarf. He had a white, long beard he pinned in his belt and grey and green clothes. His belt was crowned with a collection of thrown axes and a rapier.
    Ok gals, have a drink, and don't talk too ill of suface dwellers's beer. He said to his comitee with a smile. His companions smiled and started to joke as he went over the owner. Kroggar SilverTongue was in the house, and started to look around, searching for the people he left UnderMountain to track.
  5. A few silverly chandeliers were hanging from the sealing, illuminating the place with a warm and soothing vibe. Making it's way through the crowd, Kroggar quickly figured out that this place was so crowded with people, you could walk over their heads! A sea of smiles and drunk faces were submerging from the masses as he was walking past everyone. Even if he was tall for a dwarf, he was still shorter than most individuals in the pub. He had to stretch his whole body and walk on the tip of his toes to see ahead of him. The band's music was to the roof tonight and marching through the crowd, Kroggar kept getting in touch with damp bodies full of perspiration. As he kept searching for the owner, an individual witnessed Kroggar's axe collection, attached and exposed on his belt. The man couldn't resist the tentation, he really wanted to own one of those beauties. Without hesitation, he jumped on the occasion and reached with his filthy and devious hands towards the dwarf's belt as he was stumping by.

    . . .​

    Before knowing Kroggar's action, he will have to Defy Danger with his instinctual awareness, +WIS (Wisdom). Kroggar has +1 WIS, so the roll will be (2d6+1)

    Basic Outcomes
    10+: You do it with little trouble (Player describes)
    7–9: You do it, but with complications or trouble (GM will describe the complication)
    6-: Failure, The GM says what happens and you mark 1 XP

    Normally, in a live session, players roll all their die rolls, but for the purpose of "forum flow", the GM will be rolling for passive situations like this one and describe the outcome for partial successes and failures. When a character rolls a 7-9 (partial success), he has to deal with a complication that the GM brings forward. On a 6 or less (failure), the GM brings bigger troubles.

    In this case, Kroggar's result is 10, which means that with this passive roll, the player will be able to describe his character's reaction fully.

    . . .
    As the gross hand crawled down the dwarf's back, he felt a shivery sensation going down his spine.
    The hand's fingers managed to find a firm grip on one of Kroggar's axes, and as it started moving, the dwarf immediately felt it in a heart beat!
    What will Kroggar do?
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  6. The tavern population surged upwards all of a sudden along with the rowdiness of the audience. Smiling warmly to Doctor Simmons after his generous tip, Zara greeted the incoming patrons and gave time for them to settle. One individual came in near the edge, signaling for service. The slender fingers were adorned with an assortment of rings and Zara couldn't help feel a slight chill. Noticing the windows were open again, Zara looked around and it felt like only this mysterious patron and herself were present.

    "Zara! We are closing kitchen!" One of her co-workers mentioned as she whizzed by to attend to the two fellows nearby. Jolting Zara out of the uneasy feeling, she approached the hooded patron. "Good evening, what may I get you to drink?"
  7. Kroggar felt the anticipation of the man's touch and rolled to face him. His quick rogue eyes saw the man was so utterly drunk that it was not likely that he had any chance to steal to a corpse.
    With incredible speed for a famed clumsy and slow dwarf, his fist crashed with the intended thef's groing, sending the man to the floor. Curiously enough, the man was great at drinking and used to fall drinking, so while he went down, the beer was not spilled.

    Kroggar took the glass from the drunkard's hand and hastened it. And that's why we are called ThunderFists he declared and retirned the empty glass.

    This reminded him of a time when he was in a beer cart, smuggling Kronn to a elemental outpost. A group of giants in the roads ask them for their tax. Not only he did parley them into not looking the barrels and paying less the a fourth of what they due, but he also took a gem the size of a head from them just because he could. Ahhh fine day that one... Now so far away.

    Hmn! This ale is half as good as dwarven. And that was a lot. He then continued his journey
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  8. Taking off her fine subtle hood, the mysterious woman revealed her radiant face, and reached her hand towards Zara's arm. Her warm touch vitalized her body and her whole being started to vibrate as her surroundings started to drift away, as waves of sound were pulsing from her existence. "Do not worry dear", the woman said with a serene voice. "Unwind yourself beautiful, your energy is a little tense, but everything will be alright trust me." The view was astonishing, in front of her was a gorgeous and peaceful view of her childhood memories. The warm sand under her feet, between her little toes, and the flourishing Oasis, refuge of the Tai Ang people, her people. There she was, only a child, an innocent little girl who had countless things to learn, an untouched and wonderful soul of light and hope. The Sun was shinning golden in the sky but she didn't feel hot. Next to her, the glittering water pond was reflecting her adorable child aspect on the surface. Although, she didn't feel thirsty nor hungry. Everything seemed to be frozen in time as little pieces of sand flew by her, sparkling like little Suns. The lady's voice came to her once more: "Let yourself go my love..."

    At the same moment in the pub, Zara was no more, only the hooded person was present.
    Sitting on her wooden seat, she remained still, observing her surroundings with stillness.
    Zara, what do you do?

    . . .​

    The drunkard, belly full of booze, couldn't manage to get up from the floor and passed out at the same time. His friend who wasn't too far away, went to help his comrade on the ground, not knowing what happened, decided to slowly carry him outside the pub for fresh air. Fortunately, being a large fellow, he managed to do so with ease! As Kroggar walked away from the low-spirited scene, he was rapidly halted by the owner himself. Repulsed by the dwarf's actions, M. Sherwin crossed his arms and looked down at the short man. "Are you here to cause trouble dwarf? To tell you the truth, I wouldn't hesitate to throw you out of my home." With a higher intonation he declares, "Anyone who causes troubles under my roof will end up in the streets, in the cold rainfall!" As he finished his sentence, arms closed, he glared over Kroggar's long white beard. Surprised by the dwarf's weaponry, he added: "Furthermore, weapons aren't allowed in my Inn, so you might as well leave!"
    Kroggar, what do you do?
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  9. AH, my good TabernKeeper. Are you the owner of this fine stablishment? No matter, no, you're in charge here. Let me tell you that the gentleman leaving tried to steal from me, and for that i could have his hand cut. Now, that was just a sting. He said with a floor level bow.
    I'm Kroggar Krieggen of Clan Thunderfist, diplomat of the UnderMountain Kingdom, to your service. I didn't know i had to leave my weapons, but, where could we leave them in the security of your guards?
  10. How long had it been since he'd entered the desert? Days? Weeks? All Arash really knew for sure was that he was no fan of the desert. Time blurred everything together into a jumbled mess of bright light, sand, and heat. And oh gods the heat. The light of day brought with it sweltering heat and dry air that seemed to drain the life right out of you, and the nights were no better. It was as if the moon sucked up all the heat, leaving only a mindboggling chill to replace the overwhelming warmth. Indecisive landscapes were bad, but worst of all, for the past few days it had been storming. It wasn't necessarily a severe downpour mind you; it was just enough to make everything uncomfortably dank during the day and uncomfortably frigid at night, with the occasional rumble of thunder and flash of lightning to keep you on your toes. All in all, 0/10 would do again.

    Fortunately though, his singleminded pursuit of getting the heck out of the desert was soon to be rewarded. On the edge of the everdistant horizon was a settlement. One that didn't look to be besieged by bandits or on fire or deserted or something equally inconvenient. As he moved closer he noted that, yes, it really was an entirely normal locale save for the bright light and the amount of noise emanating from a particular building. It seemed decadence could find its way anywhere, even in backwater towns on the edge of the desert. Either way, it wasn't his place to judge what people did in the dead of night. All he really cared about right now was his destination and so, with renewed vigor and rain droplets buffeting his form, he trudged through the semi-solid sand towards the bright settlement in the distance.
  11. Kroggar, it seems like you are trying to Parley with M. Sherwin, the Owner.
    I will roll for your Parley as we move forward with M. Sherwin's response.

    When you have leverage on a GM character and manipulate them, roll+Cha. Leverage is something they need or want. On a hit (10+) they ask you for something and do it if you make them a promise first. On a 7–9, they need some concrete assurance of your promise, right now.

    Kroggar's Parley Roll: 8 (Partial Success)
    As Kroggar bowed towards M. Sherwin, the owner couldn't believe the dwarf's words. "Have his hand cut you say?..." Even if he tried to steal from you, nobody would have his hand cut in my establishment, this would be unacceptable! I've heard of the Thunderfists but here you are playing under my roof sir." With the amount of people currently around them and this delicate situation, the owner took out a little tissue to wipe his forehead as he was sweating lightly. "If you desire to enjoy yourself here and maybe even sleep for the night, I would like you to promise me you wouldn't do anything nuts like cutting someone's hand or even worse, taking someone's heart out! To assure your promise for your stay, you will have to deposit your weaponry in my personal room and pay 8 gold pieces for your scenery you just caused. I wouldn't want this to happen again, and I want my clients to be safe. With a firm voice, the owner asked, "Is this a deal?"
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  12. The radiance of the Moon was dazzling to the heart... Walking through the cold sands, Arash wasn't properly suited for such a climate. With each step, the man's feet were sinking deep into the sand's domain and Arash could feel the weight of his gear creep on him. Tales talk of the desert as a place for lost souls, emptied of all living, consuming what arrives and regurgitating only dust. Despite the stories, here he was, struggling, undeniably; alive, certainly. As he strove forward on the mighty sand dunes and seeing the bright settlement in the distance, he felt a burst of spirit. Robust was Arash's mental fortitude, however, his body couldn't handle as much. The air was freezing cold, and the Moon's beauty, even though appealing, could daze and put to sleep any weakling in her glacial night.

    Arash, because of the rough weather, you will be forced to Defy Danger.
    Describe in which way you will try to defy the weather and roll.
    (Rational suggestion: by enduring, +CON)

    Defy Danger
    When you act despite an imminent threator suffer a calamity, say how you deal with it and roll. If you do it...
    • by powering through, +Str
    • by getting out of the way or acting fast, +Dex
    • by enduring, +Con
    • with quick thinking, +Int
    • through mental fortitude, +Wis
    • sing charm and social grace, +Cha

    On a 10+, you do what you set out to, the threat doesn’t come to bear.
    On a 7–9, you stumble, hesitate, or flinch: the GM will offer you a worse outcome, hard bargain, or ugly choice.
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  13. Spout Lore Result: 8

    Spout Lore
    When you consult your accumulated knowledge about something, roll+Int.
    On a 10+ the GM will tell you something interesting and useful about the subject relevant to your situation. On a 7–9 the GM will only tell you something interest- ing—it’s on you to make it useful. The GM might ask you “How do you know this?” Tell them the truth, now.

    . . . What Kroggar knows . . .
    Kroggar heard about this town in the past. On the outskirt of the Desert, a lot of travellers would stop by, with plans of returning back from where they came. For the average person, an expedition through the Desert was a perilous journey and feared by most. The outpost was located in between rocky formations, but in the dead of night, the settlement could be seen as a beacon of light from a distance. It was well known for it's accommodations and was blossoming with commerce and trading. If you were looking for opportunities, this was the ideal place to find some, despite it's odd emplacement.

    With business, there can be arguments and with bad business, things can escalate quickly with brawling and what not. But people had to set their problems aside and deal with them outside the town. After a couple of tragic incidents, it was a rule that had been set by the mayor and community, to keep the city safe and prosper for business.

    One of those tragic incidents happened in The Eyeless Owl Inn...
    How do you know this Kroggar?

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  14. I'm keeping this post here so you can all see my shame.
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  15. Here's a joke for you all: Why did the warrior cross the desert? To get to the other side! Ha. Ha. Ha. Hilarious. What was less hilarious was the fact that the combined forces of fate and nature thought it was a good time to mess with what ought to have been a relatively simple excursion. Knowing his luck, that didn't surprise Arash too much. So he just kept on trucking. There wasn't much else he could do in the face of overwhelming adversity but keep moving forward. After all, it was just like walking, except he was in the desert, it was cold, it was wet, it was dark, and it was uphill. So of course the suitable course of action was to keep going like it wasn't. Left. Right. Left. Right. One foot after the other. Short of punching the sand dunes into submission, that was all he could do to show this filthy backwater locale that he wouldn't play by their rules. He would reject their twisted reality and substitute his own through the gratuitous use of his indomitable form. For he was Arash of House Zahhak, and though his time would eventually come, it would not be today.
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  16. Clearly, Kroggar it's a famed and experienced traveller and explorer, he talks and learns from all the merchants and travellers before him, and his natural charisma makes it easy for him to make contacts. He knows people all over the world for that.

    Please maese, don't be ridiculous. I could have started a fight, there are 6 of us now, but i simply put an end to this nonsense. Let's do this: we give you our weapons and i buy a round for this guy and his friends. With a tip for your marvelous attention, of course.

    OOC: Now i can throw. Ok, 2d6 +1 Cha
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  17. A wave of nostalgia rolled over Zara, the first thing she noticed other than the familiar view of where she grew up was her glistening brown hair drifting in front of her, tickling her nose. It felt like ages and she did not feel like this body belonged to her. Did she just wake up from a long nightmare? If so, Zara would have been able to recall what she would do, but right now... she couldn't move. She was thinking, yet no feeling of understanding seemed possible.

    "Let yourself go my love..."

    It was eerie as the voice wafted past her. Zara knew something was off, yet she couldn't remember what it was. How did she get here? What was she doing just moments ago?

    Discern Realities
    When you closely study a situation or person, roll+Wis. On a 10+ ask the GM three questions from the list below. On a 7–9 ask only one. Take +1 forward when acting on the answers.

    • What happened here recently?
    • What is about to happen? (One~)

    • What should I be on the lookout for?
    • What here is useful or valuable to me? (Two~)

    • Who’s really in control here? (Three~)
    • What here is not what it appears to be?
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  18. Arash

    Worn out, Arash arrived in town coated with a layer of sand, looking like he just came out of his grave. Exhausted but relieved and out of danger, he walked down the choppy streets of this little town at a slow pace. Enjoying the glowing candle lights, illuminating the building's windows. On the edge of the desert, the people here didn't seem to sleep, the roads were animated and alive, people seemed to be hanging outside playing cards, drinking and smoking. Under their terraces' roof, they were safe from any drizzle and it was still crisp but all were wearing adequate clothing. It appeared like people really cared about their physical appearance and lots of them were wearing elegant clothing along with some fine jewelry. Under Arash's feet, the muddy ground was composed of a mixture of sand, soil and clay, hardened by everyone's foot steps. The town's buildings were mostly made out of pilled stone blocks, in addition of lumber for blunt architecture around the window's edges and doors. As he kept walking down, he perceived a wooden sign on top of a pub's door, on it was illustrated a owl's head with bleeding eyes and as he got closer, he managed to read it. "The Eyeless Owl Inn"... From outside, he could hear delightful music that was soothing to the ears. Paying attention to the musical notes, he mused away, looking at the Moon's wildness. But his dream's bubble popped quickly, as a few children looked at him around the edge of a building. Peeking at him, they seemed intrigued. One of them, came out of the building's edge, showing himself fully, he crouched and looked at him without any expression. It seemed like he was holding something in his hand. His clothes were overused, with a couple of holes in his pants and ripped leather shoes...
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  19. Kroggar

    One Parley roll with your Charisma was plenty to determine the owner's response. For the final outcome he needed a concrete assurance of your promise, but that assurance can be certainly be rearranged with additional roleplaying! So, you don't have to roll again for each monologue. (:

    Glancing over the distant table where the other dwarves were seated, the owner readjusted his red bow tie so it could rest perfectly horizontally.
    Reassured after hearing Kroggar's speech and analyzing the situation with a more relaxed outlook, M. Sherwin bursted laughing with joy as he felt more at ease. Looking around him, everyone seemed to be having lots of enjoyment and as he touched his bow tie one last time for comfort, he spoke again and looked down at the dwarf. "Mister..." As he tried to recollect the pieces together, he lost his thoughts into Kroggar's gigantic beard.
    "Mister... Kroggar! Yes... Kroggar... As I said, my Inn isn't a place for skirmishes and, I will request you and your folks to deposit your armament in my private office. I will make sure they are safe, and that nobody gets hold of them. But, you must promise me with gold, as agreement, that you and your dwarven friends won't cause any troubles in my establishment. The security of my customers is imperative. Paying a round for my client and his friend would be amiable as well, thank you for you offer." As he finished talking, M. Shermin looked at Kroggar with a smile, waiting for him to follow him in his office.
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  20. Zara

    Disoriented, Zara was trying to recall and comprehend the situation as she was stuck in place, emotionally submerged by the meaningful site. This vision, of her childhood and the memories attached to her past. Was this it? Was she no longer alive? As her thoughts were constantly flowing through her mind, she couldn't let herself go, she couldn't simply give up on life, on what she accomplished and all her efforts. If she was still alive, she was going to try all she could to get out of this illusionary dream. The fine voice whispered once more... "Dear... you have to let yourself be, let yourself walk on the warm sand, your home awaits you... your family awaits you..." (What is about to happen?) As the voice faded away, Zara's legs started walking towards her village... was there a place in her heart, where she desired to see her family once more, or was it something else? (Who's really in control here?) Astonished by her own body motion, she quickly realized that she wasn't really in control of her body, something or someone else was. (What here is useful or valuable to me?) As she gently walked on the smooth sand with her little feet, Zara noticed little fine strands of energy attached to her heart's spirit. She somehow knew, inside her, that the only way to get out of this situation, is to surrender to her feelings, the pains and memories. But how... how would she do such a thing? Would she even manage to do it? Each step of hers, brought her closer to the village...

    After roleplaying Zara's part, you should Defy Danger with Wisdom, so we can figure out the outcome.
    Depending on the result, I will be adding more content to the challenge.

    Defy Danger
    When you act despite an imminent threat or suffer a calamity, say how you deal with it and roll. If you do it...

    • through mental, emotional, spiritual fortitude, +Wis

    On a 10+, you do what you set out to, the threat doesn’t come to bear.
    On a 7–9, you stumble, hesitate, or flinch: the GM will offer you a worse outcome, hard bargain, or ugly choice.
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