NEW LINK Dungeon RP (based on AU DanMachi)

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    The basic premise of Dungeon World is that various Gods from Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, Hindu, and other classical mythologies live together in a metaphysical realm that is divided by religion. One day, some of them became extremely bored and decided to descend to the mortal realm to live among mortals. In order to prevent the world from plunging into chaos, the Gods came up with a number of rules. The most important one states that any god who come down to earth must seal away their power.

    As a gift to mankind, the Gods grant a blessing called Falna to anyone who join their familia. The blessing allows Gods to read the status (stats) of their children, which are presented in numbers and rankings. Falna also allows mortals to level as though it was an RPG in our world. These blessed individuals use their newfound power to increase their stats, level up, and make a career out of slaying monsters in the Dungeon, which is a mysterious, monster-infested place that precedes even the Gods.

    Although this RP is based on an AU of DanMachi, you do not need to have seen it in order to RP on DRP. We made it so that it can be enjoyed without having seen or read the series. We are also aiming to do a lot of world building and a dynamic world that is changed by the story. Check our our Wiki here