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  1. Pilot: Memory of the Sacred Diver

    The skies over the Endless Desert were clear and blue but the sun which hung up above was both hot and blinding, making it difficult just to look up. In the warmth of the desert, the only shade provided was in the City of Fallen Angels, a series of dilapidated structures which stretch within the desert. Even then, it was still incredibly hot. Scavenging birds hung over head, cawing as they searched for food.

    The adventurers find themselves fortunate, underneath the desert. However, the dungeon they have found themselves in was surprisingly stuffy, and it wasn't hard to break a sweat. Though there were towns in the dungeon, they were few and far between. Due to the fact that the dungeon villages were a recent phenomena, no accurate maps have been made yet to depict the location of all the villages.

    The party stands within a long hall way, the sun beaming down on them from above. Behind the party is a rusted staircase leading to the outside. Further down the halls, the King's Slayer awaited the party perhaps. Or maybe he didn't.
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  2. Tink stands at entrance of the hall, why had he agreed to do this? He looked at his allies, not many. Wasn't this some big important dungeon-thing? Couldn't they afford to send more people?
  3. Gabriel glances around, staring at the party, he gazes upon the dungeon with glorious awe. "Well this should be fun!" he said, as he decided to swiftly take two of his throwing knives from each side of his pants. As soon as he had two in each hand he began to juggle them, starting off slowly before picking up speed.
  4. Gah, finally out of the sun!

    The heat wasn't really a new thing to Tueca, but she was used to a far more humid climate. Now underground it wasn't as oppressive as above, although the lack of any wind made the atmosphere was a bit stifling. The dry air left her feeling itchier where the sand was already aggravating her, her mouth kept drying out quite fast and the scarcity of water in the desert stopped her from alleviating it with a drink. Her pets appreciated the desert environment even less, they had been consuming more water than normal and were usually lethargic when the heat got too intense. Now underground at least, the temperature was ideal without being overwhelming for them.

    Coiled around her upper left arm, Xipil was resting relatively unmoving remaining out of sight under her sleeves. He'd start to stir once he figured out they were out of the sun. For now Tueca was feeding her tecoixin. It had been well behaved recently, putting up with the hard conditions without much hassle so she opted to give him some of her dried fruit as a treat.

    Rifling through the saddlebags on it, Tueca checked her spare waterskin. She glanced over at the others with an appraising look.

    "How is everyone's water? Wouldn't want to run out if we have to go topside again."

    Or if they couldn't find a fresh, clean source somewhere in the dungeon before what they had ran out.
  5. Veles did not mind the heat, as it was far hotter where she came from, and she carried a great heat within her veins. She hung back from the rest of the group, leaning against the wall just where the hallway ended, and allowed the sunlight from the outside in. Though home was also quite hot, she felt like this heat was different somehow, though she could not put her finger on what it was, exactly. It did not bother her, but she was curious as to why it was so. Her finger idly circled the gem that was set just below her throat, her eyes set on the horizon, occasionally looking back to see if the party had moved on yet, then returning when they had not.
  6. Gabriel turned around, as he was still juggling four throwing knives. He glanced at Tuelca, "I have some water with me! Never forget to bring water in such an environment! Ah, that sun, it is pretty hot. Yeah, it is hot." Gabriel continued juggling his knives, now he lifted his leg up and began tossing the knives under his leg as he stood on one foot. He glanced to Veles who was farther from the rest of the party. "You there! Come one, come all, this will be an exciting adventure! Surely you wish to be the first to enter." He glanced at Tuelca, "It is a good thing you care about the team needing water. You are a team player, and you remind me of one of the Strongmen at Huxley's Circus. He was a kindhearted man, cared deeply about others, also he could lift two lions and wrestled eight crocodiles in one performance." Gabriel laughed, "Ah now that was a show, oh the crowd adored his performance."

    Gabriel caught two blades in each hand, as he stopped juggling as he put his foot back down. He then continued to juggle, as he began off slowly, and picked up speed. Gabriel glanced to the Gnome, "Are you excited for this venture as well? I should hope so." And with that Gabriel returned his attention to the Dungeon, and his continued juggling.
  7. Tink looks over to the halfling who was foolishly throwing his knives into the air, "Excited isn't the words I would use." Tink gave the halfling a foul look "You should be taking this more seriously, our lives are on the line"
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  8. Gabriel continued juggling as he noticed the Gnome came closer. "It will be amusing, and the only real purpose of life is amusing yourself and others. Yes our lives are going to be on the line, and sure it's going to be dangerous." Gabriel chuckled, "But that just makes it all the more entertaining, and a far better story if it is dangerous and we manage to get out alive." He stopped juggling his blades as he placed them back in their proper slots. Gabriel glanced towards the rest of the party as he extended his hands out, "It will be a fine journey, and I am glad that you people are forming this party, alongside me."
  9. From down the hall, an noise echoed towards the adventurers. It was a clicking sound which made a crescendo- whatever it was, it was getting closer. As it got close enough, the sound could easily be determined as the sound of footsteps. Someone was coming. A beam of light shot through the hall where the hall. Out of through a doorway came a black silhouette, vaguely human and vaguely masculine. The light had turned out to be the light from a torch.

    The light revealed the face of a seemingly old man with long curly black hair and dark green eyes. He was pale- it was obvious that he had not seen sunlight in a while. Though for a person in a dungeon, the man's cloths were surprisingly clean. He wore a long sleeved leather tunic with black pants and leather shoes.

    "I knew I heard something" he turned towards the adventurers. "Whoever you are, state your business now." The man's voice was raspy, as if he had used it for a very long time.
  10. Gabriel bowed before the man, "Well good sir, I am Gabriel Knotts, Professional Entertainer and Freelance Adventurer. The others." He gestured towards the party, "Are highly qualified adventurers who I am working with. If I may ask of your name good sir?" Gabriel said as he peered at the man.
  11. Tink upon seeing this monstrous figure, runs behind the biggest member of the party.
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  12. The man stood at 5'4". It was short for a human, but he toward over the gnome and halfling. He put on a wrinkly smile, then knelt down to meet the halfling at eye level. "The name's Ron" he answered. Getting up, Ron scanned the rest of the party and laughed. "Well I'll be. I haven't seen a party so diverse in a long while. Who sent you all here?" he asked, facing the halfling once again.
  13. "The name I proudly bear is Tueca Yaoltsdotter!" Unnecessarily loudly she proclaimed such, but with the way Ron was moving and reacting he didn't seem to be any kind of a threat. Just somebody who happened to live here perhaps?

    Now in a more normal conversational tone, Tueca continued.

    "We've come here by request of the King of Clarksland. The King's Slayer is our quarry to root out in the place."
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  14. Veles blatantly ignored the circus freaks comments to her. Even after travelling the desert, he seemed to still not understand that she just wanted to be left alone. She did, however, turn to see to whom the new voice belonged to, if only to sate her curiosity. A human, not very much of a surprise. She was tempted to greet him, but that urge passed very quickly, and she merely watched.

    She figured that with his arrival, they would end up going inside fairly quickly. Someone who actually knew their way around the area would be a good asset. She guessed that he would not hang around them for too long, but long enough to get their descent started. He was likely going to be that little push that would finally get them moving, instead of standing around gawking at a staircase. Not that the little peace she was likely to get was something she was eager to leave, but she desired whatever treasures awaited her within.
  15. James put a hand on Veles' shoulder. "You remind me of my daughter. She's not much younger than you, you know. She is just the light of my life, y'know? Shortly before I left, she came in the house to show me a crab she found. She named it 'Crabby'. Crabby, can you believe that? Fuckin' adorable. Just the week before that she brought in a bee, she called it "Beey". It was less cute after it stung my daughter. It's dead now. I made sure of it." he said, glancing over at Gabriel.

    "But yeah. Cute kid."
  16. Gabriel glanced at James, as he smiled. "Ah Family Man? Well, if you ever need entertainment for the family, just ask!" Gabriel chuckled as he glanced at Tuelca, "An excellent explanation for our quest! You have quite the way with words." He went up to Ron, as he stepped up on his tip-toes and offered his hand, for a friendly shake, "Pleased to meet you Ron. Would you do me the honor of shaking this Halfling's hand? It's always good to meet new people!" Gabriel continued standing on his tip-toes as he kept his hand extended, hoping that Ron would go to shake it.
  17. Ron laughed at James' story. "Never had a daughter, but I could tell they must be really fun. And hello to you" Ron reached down to shake Gabriel's hand. He had a firm grip with his bony hands and he released his grip quickly. "So you guys are looking for the King's Slayer huh?"

    "I see" Ron said, his tone changing from a cheerful one to a more serious one. "Unfortunately, I haven't seen all too many people. The ones I do I never suspect. All the them look a little bit suspicious... all of them." Ron explained. He coughed a little then turned his back to the party, walking away just a bit before stopping.

    "Follow me" he declared.
  18. Gabriel smiles, as he announces, "Show us the way Ron!" Gabriel begins to sing in, a fairly good singing voice, probably comes with the territory of being an entertainer, "Into the Dungeons Depth we go! To slay the King's Slayer, it'll be quite a show. But don't you worry! If you wish to head back, you better scurry! But those who go denizens will forever know!" Gabriel threw his hands out as he finished his song, taking an impromptu bow, as he quickly followed Ron into the dungeon.
  19. “Come on now, lets go.”

    She tugged on the reigns around her pack lizard. It voiced some protest with a low growl but got to its feet and started tromping along while Gabriel started singing. They certainly had an interesting group for this adventure. Tueca was a little worried about the isolated one though, she...he? It. It was always standoffish. Even though she didn't know much about it, the Kezzite still hoped it made the dungeon delve safely.

    Pulling up alongside the halfling after he bowed she gave him an approving smile.

    “And you say I have a way with words! Now I appreciate having you around, but why are you going into a place like this instead of entertaining the court of some nobility somewhere?”
  20. Gabriel glanced back at Tuelca as he beamed with an energetic smile. "Ah you see, I could have still be entertaining at courts and other places of prestige if I stuck with Huxley's Circus! But I have far greater aspirations!" Gabriel threw his hands out to both sides, "I plan on making my own Travelling Circus! And this adventure would help finance my Carnival. It is my dream, which I strive to achieve!" Gabriel glanced at Tuelca, "If you don't mind me asking, what do you wish to do? What is your dream in life?"
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