Dumbledore's Army, Still Recruiting [Sign-Ups + OOC]

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  1. Plot
    The seveth year at Hogwarts....
    When the trio was off hunting Horcruxes....
    When Muggle-borns ran for their lives....
    When Voldemort had gained power....

    But what happening inside Hogwarts herself?

    Sure, we know Snape was headmaster. And we know the students learned the Dark Arts.
    And that the Carrows dished out brutal punishment to any “wrongdoers”.
    And we also know that Dumbledore’s Army revived itself in resistance to the regime of the Carrows and Severus Snape.

    And that’s what we’re focusing on.
    The ever-so humble, ever-so mighty DA.
    They are Dumbledore’s Army.
    They are Harry’s Army.
    They are fighters, the school's best.

    This RP will bring light to all the events that took place within Hogwarts that year through the eyes of six DA members; the known and unknown alike.

    So join us today, for Dumbledore’s Army is still recruiting.

    Necessary Events (As mentioned by Jo)
    Getting the Gang Back Together & Graffiti (first few weeks of school)*
    Stealing the Sword (Halloween)
    Luna’s Kidnapping (returning from Christmas break; New Years Day)
    Ginny Goes Into Hiding (Easter)
    Michael Corner Releases First Year & Gets Caught (2 weeks after Easter)
    Members Take to Room of Requirement Permanently (month before the trio’s return)
    News of Gringott’s Break-In (we know when that happens; day of the trio’s return)
    The Trio’s & Ginny’s & Luna’s Return (we know when that happens; day of Gringott’s break-in)
    Battle of Hogwarts (including Harry’s “death”, revival, etc.)

    *In my mind, the two events are connected. That is; they graffiti to help get the gang back together.

    Soooo.... Basically, as stated above we're exploring the events at Hogwarts while the trio is off hunting Horcruxes in the 1997-1998 school year.
    The only characters that are completely needed are Ginny, Neville, and Luna. Also, note that whoever plays Luna must double, for she is removed from the story about halfway through the school year, only to return for the BoH.

    Canon characters only, please!
    You can find a complete list of the members of the DA here.
    Be aware, though; about half have graduated, and while they return to fight in the BoH with the Order, they are not key characters in our story and therefore are not allowed to be played. No one may play Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, etcetera. The characters being played must have been Sorted in the 1990-1991 (the year the trio was Sorted) school year or later in order to apply to our story. No Slytherins, either; Salazar's House does not partake or even know of the DA. You may take up to two charries at this time, although Luna and Neville cannot be played by the same person, since they're both leaders.

    I have claimed Ginny Weasley (G, yr 6) and Terry Boot (R, yr 7)

    Here's the CS; please refer to your charrie's Harry Potter Wiki page for assistance:

    Name: (full)
    Nickname: (if any)
    Birthday: (month, day, year)


    Blood-Status: (If Muggleborn, how did they convince the Ministry of their purity?)

    Picture: (use the actor if there is one, please)
    Physical Description: (just something brief)

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:

    Build: (stocky, lithe, mature, etc)

    Personality Summary: (just something brief; a paragraph)
    Quote: (something they've either said or would say)
    Theme Song: (optional)
    Motive for Rebellion: (just something brief)

    Favorite Class:

    Wand: (length, durability, core, etc)
    Signature Spell/Hex/Charm/Curse: (if any)
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