Dumb stuff that we have done.

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  1. Not sure if a thread like this exist, so I'm posting one anyway. If one does exist then you can call me a dum dum and give me not one piece of gum gum. Yet dumb things we all have done in our life, it can be anything really. Something you did that is stupid at home, school, work, etc. I shall start because its only polite you guys hear about my stupid crap first am I right?

    So being young around five or six, I wasn't really told all the what you can't dos in life. One of those was public peeing..... on a school bus. Yeah its going down that road. So I turn to my friend and was like "I gotta pee dude." and he ever so kindly suggested for me to just pee on the bus. Well I guess I didn't know what peer pressure was cause I did it, I peed right down to where you plant your feet. So when I had to go, I HAD TO GO. The screams I heard from people seeing my pee flow down the aisle touching their shoes and I think the only one that was truly affected, her knees.

    So who would have thought I'd get sent to the principals office, right? Well of course he called my mom despite me pleading him not to call Satan's pet.. Guys I felt death from miles away. When I got home, oh dear god she didn't give me time to get off the bus. I felt she would have stopped that bus if it kept going. She got on the bus and yanked me off as I cry for mercy.... I was shown none..

    And that would be one out of many of the dumb shit I've done. A short one is I hit a kid with a rock...... I dont know why.... I just did.
  2. I broke into my kindergarten once. With bicycles. Then when we heard the alarm I left my bicycle and ran home.

    I also once held my cat wrong and carried him for too long, now I have a deep scar on my neck...

    Once, my father told me to see how warm the toaster was (he held his hand above it; like above a fireplace) but I just planted my fingers down on it. That's how I learnt NOT to touch hot stuff.
    EDIT: The toaster looked like this:
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  3. I pinched a kid on St. Patrick's so hard he cried in first grade.

    I wrote my name on every single bathroom stall in fourth grade.

    Threw tiny rocks at a car behind my house in sixth grade (there was a middle school behind our house, at the bottom of a slope we used to slide down) and almost got in trouble. Don't know why the guy was parked there, but boy was he mad.

    In High School? I, uh, existed.
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  4. Wow, thanks for the love.

    Also, another thing I did:
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  5. Named my cat Icis.
    Bad things happen after she goes to the vet.
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  6. Thats just beautiful hahaha!

    I once thought I was superman and so my four year old self proceeded to jump off a ladder to fly. I was the man of steel when it came to not busting my skull open, so I was kind of right.
  7. Dumb stuff that I've done? Hmm...that's a hard one cause believe it or not, I'm rather smart(Or at least not prone to doing stupid stuff...or at memorable ones) xD Excluding stupid questions(Which I'm the king at asking apparently), I one time tried to mix two things together that I thought would be a good match for some reason...those being grape soda and ketchup. Also if you're wondering, they didn't match well...at all xD

    I ran from my school all the way to my brother's school which is like a mile or two away(Or at least it felt like it) just because a girl in my class accused me of using an inappropriate word. You should know that I was either six or seven at the time and even though I still had a devious mind, I thought of myself as an angel in class sooo it wasn't that bad for someone my age. I mean who else could I trust with displaying my innocence but my brother who was a mile away instead of the brother who happened to be a couple stairs up?
  8. At an adventure camp, I decided "Hey, I'll go down this giant hill extremely fast on my Mountain Bike!" I caught air, which was pretty cool, but when I landed, I kept going fast, and I got caught on a log because I didn't change gears, so I just fell into a ditch and broke my arm because I got caught on a log as my gears froze up.

    In second grade, we were bored on our school's Blacktop, so I started throwing small rocks at a house's window that was wonky, and several other people joined me. The window didn't break because they were incredibly small rocks. We got caught, but I never got in trouble, because I ditched before it got out of hand (And yes, it did get out of hand.)
  9. When I was about seven, I got into a rather physical argument with a couple of older kids on the school playground. I can't really remember what it was about, but I do distinctly remember that it ended with me grabbing a stick and throwing it straight at the oldest one's head. He dodged, but it went right over the fence and smacked into the windshield of a passing car. We all ditched the scene ... but ended up getting caught. My parents had to pay some pretty substantial damages to get the windshield fixed.

    I ended up getting my butt beat to hell ... and was grounded for at least a month or two.

    Oh yeah, that same year I ended up going to the hospital for trying to backflip off the swing set to impress a girl I had a crush on (and because some older kids were doing it). I guess the upside though was that she signed my cast.
  10. Every single time I think to myself "oh I can wake up on four hour's sleep and function fine for a day, I'll just recover my sleep tomorrow."

  11. I purposefully rolled down a 150+ foot incline in exchange for a $20 meal.

    I was a starving college kid.

    People thought I slipped.


    I fractured my wrist.


    Food was delicious.
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  12. A dumb story which is also a lucky as fuck story for me. My senior year and of course I still suck at out friend algebra. Note I'm in cyber school where they will not say shit if I haven't turned in work for MONTHS, so literally witht he few last weeks they finally call and say I haven't been doing my work and such. My mom of course smacks me then tell em to do it and takes away all my funnnnn until I do. Well I went ahead and did the work, piss poor grades really. Not passing by like ten points, and then my teacher made a bet with me that if I pass the final, I get the credit. Now remember THIS IS CYBER SCHOOL. The answers are literally on the freaking internet. Now while I don't condone or recommend cheating..... I will say Algebra is a bitch. So I look the answers up and what do you know I got an eighty percent. And a nice nifty credit.

    So whats dumb is the fact I waited until the end of the school year to do the crap, kids even if it sucks do the work. It saves you from a horrible time and from your parental figure thumping you and taking your fun away..... But gawd dayum did I use all my luck for my life on that one moment.
  13. When I was 8, I burnt down the kitchen because I believed that, in order to make food, all you needed to do was turn on the oven and throw in all the ingredients.

    Raised myself the hard way.
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  14. My dad's friend used to make bombs/play with gunpowder in the kitchen, so one time he wanted to try something, he separated it on two piles and lighted one... Accidentally lighting up both, which lead to destroying the whole table.
  15. I'm afraid to ask what the bombs were for. o.
    It's official, though. The kitchen is quite the hostile environment...
  16. I climbed a tree with weak branches and fell into a pond.

    Debating reason with trolls.

    Forgot to put on oven mits and got second degree burns on my hands.
  17. In elementary school I was curious about what would happen if I ignored my teacher when she called us in after recess was over. I hid and didn't go back to class and she FORGOT ABOUT ME. I had to go and knock on the door (the kindergarten doors open directly to the playground so that the kids can be dropped off there instead of in the front with the first through fifth graders) to be let back in. It was winter.

    I didn't do this one, but during a party my friends and I had this week we were playing truth or dare, which is stupid enough, but while I was in the bathroom someone was dared to drink a concoction made of random shit in my kitchen. So I leave the bathroom hearing people in my kitchen (off limits for the party) and find them looking through my fridge and pulling out butter and my dad's soda and stuff. I ended up having to help them (lest they start dumping stuff I DON'T want them using into the drink. They wanted to put raw rice and eggs and stuff). They ended up making a 'drink' with tomato sauce, Fanta, water, ginger, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, milk, flavored water (I think citrus), butter, vanilla extract... At some point all the shit in there was doing some chemical reaction bubbling stuff. Apparently the kid who drank it didn't really react much to it. Not gross enough I guess.
  18. Got roped into a scheme by my slightly younger cousin. A family a few streets behind some woods had a lot of chickens. So we were gonna get chickens, hatch eggs, and make money by selling chicken eggs. To this day I'd no idea how getting stuck as an accomplice for that was going to pan out. This coming from the kid that walked out with a candy bar once and sobbed, not because cops or my parents dismissal as an accident. But because I felt horrible for stealing.

    Of course. Our parents found the chickens. My complete ignorance to the entire plan saved me from having to apologize to the people who's chickens we were stealing.
  19. In Elementary school I didn't understand quite what hair-styling was all about, so I would slap a bunch of gel on my hair every morning and just let it harden into a shell.
  20. I occasionally come to the general chatting section.
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