Duke Nukem Forever Reannounced

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  1. Halo-Clone.

    Duke Nukem died with Manhattan Project.
  2. Halo didn't have hookers. I'm looking forwards to this.
  3. if it ain't a WC Clone, Diablo Clone, or WoW-Clone....it's a Halo Clone...

    Though personally, I think Halo is a Wolfenstein Clone...
  4. >Implying all video games ever aren't Doom clones.

    Silly humans.
  5. I understand. When DNF was first announced in 1997, you were.. what? Six years old? Of course younger people would think this is a clone of Halo.

    DNF is no clone of Halo. Not in its current form, and certainly not in any of its past forms.

    I'm personally excited, but also apprehensive. This game has been "coming soon" for 13 years, after all. I'll believe it when I see it on store shelves.
  6. I've been waiting too damn long.
  7. Same here. I remember visiting the 3DRealms page on a daily basis, waiting for status updates.

    The page today says just about the same thing it said about 10 years ago: "Coming 'When It's Done'"
  8. I remember someone named Zero Punctuation addressing this game already.
  9. Thanks for saying it so I didn't have to. I'd have done so very angrily and probably with insults.

    I see Doom in it, which only really supports Towarzysz's statement. But even if the game is bad, all it will do is fuel Duke's pop icon status. I will play it and love every goddamn second of it because its Duke.

    But when/if it does come out, I think it really is safe to say: "Always bet on Duke."
  10. http://kotaku.com/5630192/how-duke-nukem-forever-was-brought-back-to-life

    Randy Pitchford basically expressed the same sentiment. :D That's why the brought the demo to PAX; he figured nobody would believe him or anybody who claimed to be working on Duke Nukem Forever without hard evidence.
  11. Forgot GTA clone there.
  12. This.
  13. Hail to the MF'in king, baby!

    That is all.

    @Dylan: Halo = Duke clone.