Duet with the Devil

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  1. Yuria.the.Witch.600.813103.jpg Name: Lindi W. Wetword
    Age: 18

    She'd been summoned. Any other day she would have been ecstatic to be summoned before anyone! Anyone but the man she was going to see. The King.

    The king had summoned her to the castle.

    All her life Lindi Wetword had been the one in the background, always watching, but never participating. Who would want a witch to play with their kids even in an age that didn't really believe that she could have powers such as she did. Either she was believed and teased about it or she wasn't believed and teased. Either way, she'd spent most of her growing up life as an isolated individual. During school, she had tried over and over to make friends but the best she could do was with a cat that had been friendly with her. And even that creature had run away after a few days.

    She paced too and fro int he waiting hall, twisting her hands in front of her as she tried to figure out what this great man would want from her, a lowly witch in a technological society that needed witches no more? He hadn't been all that specific. 'Come to the castle. Your services are required.' That had been the message she'd recieved three days before from a royal courier. She had worn her best dress today, to give a good impression. It was calf-length and black with tiny, barely perceptible white moons stitched on that had been designed by her mother before she'd passed away. In her family, any female was born with magical powers, whether they wanted them or not.

    She came to attention when an attendant came and fetched her. She smiled, though it didn't reach her aqua eyes as she followed the skittish woman forward into the large attendance hall. She walked forward, her hands grasped behind her as her eyes moved around in awe before they rested on the dais that the king would be on.
  2. Davis.jpg
    Name: Davis Silveira (Prince's name); Firduhelm Silveira (Ancestor's name)

    Age: 21 (Prince's); 24 (Ancestor's age of death)


    Firduhelm is bored, really seriously bored to death. Oh wait, he's dead already. Anyway, mortal world is really boring. He knows he'd mention the word 'bored' countless of time already but he couldn't help himself since he's really bored. Alright, he should ban the word 'bored', now what's another word to replace it? Uninterested? Maybe...

    It was the early morning, and nothing exciting happens. The king who happened to be his great great great great (please continue for another three or four times) grandson had assumed that he's a evil spirit taking over Davis body. He chuckled at that thought as he played with his flaming red hair on his bed. His stomach rumbled, another thing he'd hated for been alive--He gets hungry all the time.

    Firduhelm got out of the bed and strolled his way towards the kitchen when he heard someone mumbling about something. His eyes brighten and a smile climbed its way up to his face. He leaned forward and presses his ears against the wall--eavesdropping is certainly fun by his standards.

    "Have you heard? The king had summoned a witch into court, apparently she's capable of getting rid of the evil spirit possessing the prince's body." One spoke softly though her words were loud enough for him to catch on.

    "Yes I've heard, apparently she's in the castle now." Another responded.

    Oh so we have a witch in the castle? This is going to be so much fun. He savored the thought and rubbed his palms together, mischief was apparent on his face.

    Now that he's more excited than hungry, Firduhelm decided to pay a visit to the so-called witch. Oh boy, he can't wait.
  3. The girl didn't know what to say. She stood there in front of the king, her mouth agape most rudely. She knew she should shut her trap and move on with her day. That she should treat his request like any other that was posed to her. Her entire body was ridged though.

    "Will you do it?" the king asked, regal on his throne.

    Lindi felt like she was being plopped into another universe. She turned around, inspecting the hall for some kind of crew that was going to pop out and say 'fooled you!' or some such silly thing.

    I want you to get to know my son and marry him within a year.
    It resonated in her minds ear as she turned to look back at the king that had just proposed such a silly thing. She tilted her head and then swallowed back her fear. "Erm, your majesty," she said slowly.

    "We will pay for all your expenses of moving here and give you a weekly allowance to spend for your time until you marry my son," The king went on to say as if to bribe her.

    "Your majesty-"

    "And you will have your own wing of the palace if you wish."


    "We will also make arrangements for you to get some suitable court clothes."

    Lindi stared at him as if he was on fire before she stuck her hand in the air like a school child. This shut the man up. "yes?"

    "You said that my services as a witch would be required, your majesty. How can marrying your son require my talents?" she finally asked.
  4. "Exactly~" Firduhelm responded with the exact same tone as her. The king's facial expression stoned as if he'd just seen a ghost which to tell the truth, aren't exactly inaccurate. He's a free spirit trapped in his descendent's physical body--No big deal.

    "And Father, I failed to notice your desire for me to get married and to a witch to say the least. I am such a failure as your son." He continued with a smirk as he pushed himself against the wall that he's leaning and walked towards the two of them, stopping right besides Lindi. He stopped to study the young woman, oblivious she was wearing her best outfit which complimented her emerald eyes.

    "My greetings to you, my lady." He knelled down and took her right hand before giving it a light kiss and releasing it."You must have traveled a long distance to reach here, it's tough on you, isn't it?" Firduhelm flashes a seductive smile before turning around to face the king.

    "And for what matters do you summon her, my father? It's rather rude to ask a maiden to marry a stranger she'd never seen before, am I right?"
  5. Lindi stared at the man that had come forward and then taken her hand and kissed it. She blinked a few times before looking from the king to the prince and then back again. There was a distinct 'is this for real or some gag played by others' look on her face though she was wise enough to keep that question silent.

    She'd been about to answer his question about travel, not at all persuaded by what the young man must have thought was a seductive smile. Though she would admit, should anyone ask her opinion of the thing that he wasn't all that bad to look at, but that was superficial.

    "That is why I was about to request that she stay here for a year with us. If anything that gives you a good amount of time to get to know one another," the king finally said with a frown at his son, though it was a cold one, as if asking what he was going to do with some rabid creature.

    Lindi wanted to strangle the man, as unwise as that was. "And the point of me being a witch, sire?" she asked pointedly. She wanted to know why SHE had been requested instead of some other normal woman.

    "Our family has always been friends to those that have the gifts of magic, despite the technological advances we have accomplished. Why, even some of our ancestors had some gifts. I thought that if anyone would be a suiting bride for my son it would be a witch as charming and beautiful as you," the king said, trying to flatter his way into making her agree.

    Lindi simply stared at him with no emotions visible on her face. She wanted to ask him if he had gotten high off of something, but was sure that anything like that would have worn off since the message had been sent three days before.
  6. "But I'm afraid that I would have to decline your offer, Father. I'm too young to be getting married." Firduhelm politely decline, does he think that he's unaware of why he's summoning a witch? As if she would be able to do something about the situation.

    He yawned, a little bored and tired of the tricks the king had in his sleeves. "Give it a rest, Father. Detaining a maiden against her wishes goes against our code of conduct. Or have you forgotten about the rules set down by your ancestors?" He asked bluntly, ignoring the trembling of the king.

    "That's enough!" The old king stood up yelling and pointing his finger at him, "How dare you..."

    "How dare I what Father?" He asked, with a smirk on his face.

    "You'll marry her, your rejections are overruled."

    "Are you certain about that?"

    "..... You are ridiculous!"

    "That's the greatest compliment Father."

  7. Lindi just stared. Was the royal family insane? Slowly she started to inch back only to see guards were already at the door, summoned by the yelling. Biting her lip she wondered if she could spell her way out of the room she might still escape with her sanity intact. "Erm, your majesty, your highness," she said politely, drawing the attention back to her for a moment. She was tempted to say no, but then she got a better idea.

    "I'll do it on one condition," she said, her voice overly sweet as she hooked her hands behind her back. "I be allowed to use my magic whenever and however I want, no limits, no burning at stakes like in the old days. And at the end of a year if we can't stand being together for more than a say, the marriage is canceled." Okay, so really it was two conditions, but the king couldn't possibly accept those terms could he?

    "Fine," the king said irritably.

    Bloody hell. the girl thought as she stared at him and then gave the prince a 'I tried look' and then looked away with a deep sigh, wondering how she was going to get out of this, this time.
  8. Firduhelm rolled his eyes dramatically and muttered something under his breath which sounded like "Whatever" but nobody could be sure. Now that the fun's over, he doesn't see the point of him staying here any longer.

    "Now if you excuse me~" He gave a small bow, without waiting for the king to excuse him, he left the hall, dragging the woman behind him.

    Once out of sight, he releases his grip and looked at her with interest plastered all over her face. "So you're a witch? That's really surprising, I haven't seen one since forever." He chuckled, "You can just leave this place if you want to, he can't force you to stay here."
  9. Lindi had gasped as she was grabbed and dragged after him. His actions astonished her until he released her and she was left to blink up at him. He was a good two or three inches taller than her. It was just enough to make her look up at him instead of having to look straight at him. Her jaw tightened as he looked at her and chuckled.

    She'd dealt with men just like him during her schooling. Thought they could do as they pleased with none getting affected. "Give up living in a palace that won't mind me practicing my arts? Please. It is just a year. And I'm not interested in getting to know, or like you so if we can't stand each other by the end of a year we are both free," she said before looking back the way they came. She was out of the public sector of the castle and had no idea where she was. She'd have to back track and find her way out she supposed so that she could send word to her dad of what was happening.

    "And you may not need to worry about offending your father, the king, but I sure do. He could have me slaughtered for witchcraft if I displease him too much," she said, her mind working over drive to cover all her basis. What else could go wrong in this year to come?
  10. "Whatever~" The young man shrugged before continuing, "Oh, you hungry yet? I'm famished, I've barely had anything to eat since morning." He quizzes before making his way to the kitchen. His appearance made the maids gasped in surprise, all were happy to see him.

    "Price Davis, good morning to you. Are you hungry?"

    "Oh yes I am... My father's a jerk to me in the morning. So what's for breakfast?"

    "Bacon and eggs, would you like to have some?"

    "Sure, you?"
    He turned around and asked the approaching Lindi.
  11. Lindi was trying very hard to keep a straight face, but all the confusion by his actions was starting to make her scowl a tad. She smiled at the servants that were there before shaking her head. "I had food before I was presented to the king," she said slowly, though the smells from the kitchen were definitely going to make her go begging for food if she wasn't let out of there soon. "Though a nice glass of juice would be nice, if you have it." Juice always seemed to replenish her patience when it came to annoying people.

    A maid stepped forward quickly with a glass though she stayed just outside of arms reach as she held out the glass, watching the girl in a funny way. The rumors of the witch's arrival had already made its way among the servants. Keeping a gentle smile on, Lindi slowly reached out and took the glass with a small bow to the servant in thanks. As she bowed she tested the drink with her gift and sure enough there was something in it to make her have to run to the bathroom many times. She sighed, barely perceptibly and took a sip, keeping her smile on as if there was nothing the matter. "Thank you," she said before looking at the prince.

    "You don't need me for anything, do you your highness? If not I must get in contact with my family." Really she just wanted to get out of there before the affects of the drink took affect.
  12. Firduhelm had noticed the scowl on her face to which he merely ignores. It would be ungentlemanly for him to point out a maiden's mistake. He had noticed the servants' weirdness since the arrival of Lindi but he didn't want to reprimand them in front of her for fear of embarrassing her. He'd plans to give them a piece of her mind after she'd excuses herself.

    The maid approached her with a glass of juice though she'd acted like she's with some sort of contagious disease and his brows furrowed as a reaction. They are going overboard with that. Though she might think that she'd hide her expression well about the drink, nothing escapes his trained eyes. He knew something was wrong.

    Her glass of juice was almost untouched and when she'd asked whether she may leave, he'd smiled and then took over the glass and attempting to take a slip out of it. The maid watches in horror before running to snatch the glass away from him.

    She dropped to her knees with tears in her eyes as she called for forgiveness.

    "Why did you do that?"

    "Prince Davis, that drink was contaminated..."

    "You guys are ridiculous." He declared, eyes scanning the group of servants. "Be prepared for your punishment when I return." His expression was grave, something that's not usual on him.

    Firduhelm returned his attention to the woman and said, "Come with me, I've got something in my room that will help. Let's hurry before it takes effect."

    As they moved, he realized that she's not going to move fast enough with that dress of hers. As such, he stopped in his tracks and scooped her up, without waiting for her to respond, he moved at a speed that's so fast which makes everything hazy.

  13. The young woman had been trying stop him from taking the glass. , not wanting to get the poor people into any trouble. That would only serve to alienate her from them more. She could already feel the churning in her stomach that was the fair warning to what was going to happen.

    "Stop that, you are scarring them," she tried to say before she was already being dragged behind the other man. She winced as she ran smack dab into the man as he came to an abrupt stop. "What int he world is you-whoa!" She clutched at him as she was swept up into his arms.

    At any other moment she might have blushed or told him to let her down, but at that moment she was staring up at him as they moved through the halls aster than any possible human could have. To be honest, it was intriguing her and her stay here was going to be a lot more interesting if he could do other things that most people couldn't. She was about to comment before she gasped and curled into him, burying her face in his shirt as she focused on willing herself not ruin her favorite dress. There was not another one like if she ruined it. "Faster," She pleaded into his shirt.
  14. He nodded at her before bringing her to his private room and dropping her at his bathroom. "I think you can help yourself to that." He commented with a blush on his earlobes though his face remained calm and collected.

    Firduhelm's sure that she's safely inside the bathroom, he'd went to one of his medicine cabinet that he'd set up when he'd first possessed the body of Davis. Hey he can't help himself, despite the goofy look he had, he is actually a talented healer. Never judge a book by its cover, they say, didn't they?

    His eyes scanned the shelves on the cabinet that stood twice as tall as he is. It was on the top shelve and without any ladder he had, he looked around and decided that he should cheat a little since there's nobody around. Taking a deep breath, he concentrated on his feet and as he exhales, he jumped and easily reached the bottle on the highest shelve.

    Firduhelm is so proud of himself, there was a grin on his face as he ensures that it's the right bottle for her.
  15. Lindi was int he bathroom for a good fifteen minutes before she dare open the door and slip out. Her cheeks were flushed from sweeting as she quickly closed the door behind her. She didn't look at him as she panted lightly, trying to cool down. Silently she worked a bit of magic to make the stench int he bathroom evaporate quickly before she started to weakly stumbled towards the door she oped would be the exit to this hellish nightmare.

    She didn't even look for the prince that had brought her to this sanctuary of places in her need. She didn't like that feeling of debt to another. She wanted to push it away but she couldn't. How could she? She couldn't marry the poor man because they couldn't stand one another. Or at least she couldn't stand his obnoxious over confidence and his spiriting her around like she didn't have her own two feet, even if it had saved her this last time.

    She got to the door and then stopped, her foggy mind warning her too soon as the horrible taste of bile hit her throat. She launched herself at the nearest trash bin she fell over it and wretched the remaining of the poison out of her system into the bin. Her eyes were streaming tears that she hated as she knelt there.
  16. Firduhelm knocked on the door, "Ermm... I've got something for you, so can you open the door for me?" He waited patiently but frowns when he heard unusual sounds coming from inside. Concerned about her welfare, he broke opened the door and saw her hugging the trash bin and launching all the foulness into it.

    "Hey, are you ok?" He asked, signs of been worried plastered over his face. "Come take this, it'll make things better." Pulling her up, he popped the pills into her mouth and rubs her throats to induce the swallowing instinct. He then exited and returned with a glass of water. "Here take it, you'll need to replenish the water loss."
  17. The girl struggled at first, not trusting him to put more bad things in her body before she was coaxed to swallow. Why the time he returned with water, she was sitting against the wall, a mutinous glare on her face though it was half distorted by her stomach growling at her angrily for even allowing the first toxin to enter her system. "Thank you," she said softly as took the glass. She crawled to her feet and went to the sink before she took a large gulp of water and spit it out into the sink after swishing it around for a few moments.

    When she could no longer taste the bile in her mouth she took the last bit of water into her mouth and drank readily before she saw him in the mirror. She groaned and looked away as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. What a great way to start, no? She refilled the glass with water and drank it.

    "Must you be so damned good at arriving at times of need?" she asked him before she put the glass down and stumbled from the bathroom into a less confined space that had air circulating.
  18. Firduhelm grinned at the young woman for her comment, "Well I'm a gentleman after all, though it might not appear to be the case all the times." He replied while fetching a chair and places it near her. "Have a seat," He invited her. She looked pale and seems like she might faint any time soon though he would have something for her if she did so, however that is not his preference.
  19. Lindi shook her head and continued to move towards the window, pushing it open and sticking her head outside to feel the cool breeze play with her hair and cool her down. "I'll be fine," she said as she ducked back in and pushed the window open wider so that she could sit on the sill and still feel the air against her face. She closed her eyes and rested her head back, shivering a little as the chills that came from the sudden increase and then drop in her temperature from being sick hit her. "Well, that wasn't too bad. Lasted less than the first time that happened to me."

    She forced a half laugh before looking at the prince before blushing and realizing that she'd just sat in his window without asking if it was okay. However she was in no mood to get up and move from her position. "So this east wing. Where might that be, if I may ask your highness?" She was trying to be optimistic, though from then on she was going to have to be very careful about what she ate or drank.
  20. Firduhelm returned the medication back to its shelve, though not the original place. He knows better than to do that in front of her of course, he's too smart to make such a mistake. 'You sounded like you're used to such pranks?' He asked casually, with his hands in his pockets as he walked towards her. 'And that's not a good thing...' He decided that he'll let out news that whoever dared to play such pranks again will face punishment directly from him.

    'You're in the East wing already, haven't anyone told you that yet? Why are you looking for it?'