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  1. Inspired by the manga of the same name: Akuma to Duet
    Story goes:

    She is a witch that exists in a world that doesn't believe in witchcraft. Thanks to modern technology, she had been made fun of by her peers and people she'd known for claiming to be a witch despite her abilities.

    One day she receives an invitation from a faraway kingdom that summons her to enter the castle. Not knowing what to expect since the it did not reveal any necessary information other than stating that her abilities as a witch will be needed. Needless to say, imagine her surprise when the king asked her to marry the prince.

    But the prince hides a secret that only the royal family knows and her help is definitely needed, even if she is unaware of it.

    Era of time:

    Current modern times

    Genres of the plot:

    Characters available:

    Playable characters:

    18-year old witch
    21-year old prince

    Non-playing characters:


    Extra notes to take note of:

    1. [*=center]My style of writing typically is on par with you and that applies to the length of the posting (normally I'm able to write 2-3 paragraphs--but it would also depend on my writing mood, but usually how much do you write is an indication of how much I'm going to write)
      [*=center]I'm expecting formal standard writing English i.e good grammar and spelling.
      [*=center]The prince's secret is debatable and open for discussion.
      [*=center]That's it for now.

  2. Reserved for Character Profiles
  3. All right, so I'm really up to playing either Prince or Witch. :) Each of them I can think of good ways to play them. Though I suppose that if I had to choose I'd kinda like to try out the witch station, but if you are more into playing her then that's fine too.
  4. Females are exactly my forte... But we'll have to figure out the secret of the prince and also why she's been summoned.
  5. Well, what were you thinking when you originally thought of it? When I read it I was thinking maybe shapeshifter or a demon possession, but I'm sure we could go with something a little simpler if that's what you were looking for.
  6. I'm thinking of an old ancestor spirit taking over the prince's body since the prince's spirit got into some sort of troubles. But the problem is that the prince could be meek and the ancestor spirit could be dominating which scares the king and so he'd summoned her.
  7. Ooh, I like that. So, kinda like, two spirits in one body and the kings afraid that if the older ancestor takes over completely then his son might be in trouble and unable to return to control?
  8. I'm thinking that the ancestor spirit is like a kind soul and he's keeping the body alive while she do something to save the prince or something? Then in the end she'd fallen in love with the ancestor.

    But then the king mistaken about his intention.
  9. Oh, I like that one. I like it a lot. So maybe we could go with the King brought her to bring his son's soul back but when she falls for the ancestor she starts to focus on keeping him around instead, making the king not trust her, or something?
  10. Something like that? And maybe say the ancestor doesn't talk about the prince's trouble at all, not to her or the king. And his identity's a secret too. So she'll have to slowly earn his trust.
  11. That sounds like a good idea. :3 So you are le witch and I'm le prince?
  12. Can I take the prince's role? I sucks at working with female characters
  13. Hehe, all right. If you want, I won't protest. Do you do profiles or do you just jump in? :)
  14. Just a basic one (name, age and appearance) on the first post will do. ^^
  15. Okay. :) Would you like me to write the first post or would you prefer to take the honor?
  16. You can have the honor... LOL I'd just finished one long post (my definition) so I'm recharging for now... LOL