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    Roight, so I know there's plenty of massive nerd-types kicking around these parts (who'd have thunk it, on an RP forum?). With that in mind, I figured I'd share a game that's been stealing a fair bit of my time for the last few days.

    'Duelyst' is touted as a "competitive multiplayer tactical turn-based strategy game", which is a roundabout way of saying it's a CCG-turn based strategy fusion, kinda like what the result of Hearthstone and Scrolls getting drunk and fucking. Though still about halfway through its beta stages, it's a really well-rounded and interesting game; matches are fast, furious and capable of turning on a fucking knife's edge, and the asymmetric factions are all nicely-balanced and fun to play.

    Figured I'd share it here, on the off-chance this is your sort of thing. I don't normally enjoy games like this, going by my pathetic track record with Hearthstone, but this shit is pretty goddamn fun.


    (PS: I'm a sucker for pixel art, and Duelyst's art is top notch)
  2. Oh shit yes. I follow and even had brief contact with some of the devs trough a friend of mine who currently live in the SF area and is working on a project of his own. Is a gorgous, and well executed idea for a game.
  3. Huh, sounds pretty neat. I've always loved tactical turn-based strategy games, though I've never bothered much with competitive play in such games. I'll have to give it a try.
  4. I'm genuinely surprised at how solid the starter decks you get are. Normally these sorta games fill the initial decks with basic bitch cards that can't hope to stand up against the higher tier shit (LOOKING AT YOU HEARTHSTONE), but I've made it all the way to silver tier with just the starting shit and there's guys on reddit saying they've got as far as gold tier.

    Gotta love that balance.
  5. Duelyst devs listed to the way the community for HS fucking hate the current state of the starter pack. I think I saw somewhere they straight up said "You should be able to win trough skill, not money" It's less aimed for "Straight money machine" (sup activision, I know you jack off to HS paymodel you dirty husk of a company you) and more a legitimate, raw, competitive atmosphere.
  6. This looks pretty. It would probably kill my computer.
  7. It's a good model to follow, and makes for a nice counter to Hearthstone. You're not gonna be able to beat Activision/Blizzard in terms of scale, but you can beat them in terms of quality.

    Also, whilst I'm remembering: Muh username is 'ickyhummus'. Feel free to add me, so I can throw muh Abyssian Creep deck at you.

  8. I really doubt it, man. Duelyst isn't processor intensive at all.
  9. Oh? I'll go check further into this then.
  10. I love the game! I only discovered it a week or so ago myself thanks to @Psyker Landshark. I wouldn't even really call it a CCG, but nonetheless, it took a lot of design inspiration from hearthstone, which I have a love-hate relationship with. Hearthstone, by default, is a terrible game (and only fun for it's not-competive RNG mechanics), and Duelyst makes pretty much, including balancing and abusing the fact they have a online platform to nerf and buff 'cards', everything better.

    I really hope it gets bigger though, not just because I enjoy the gameplay way more than other mentioned game but also because it would be a fierce competitor (unlike the shitty MTG f2p) to Hearthstone and the division responsible for HS would actually start to be good instead of terrible. Hots is a good example of how different Blizzard can be if there actually is a lot/good competition.

    Regardless, I also love the art-style! It also throws way more legendaries at me and one time I even got two out of one pack C:

    I'm not playing too much though, just doing my daily quests while I still have to play 5 more games to unlock the last few challenges(I feel like they are more to showcase some nice combos/mechanics you can do because, let's face it, they are not hard to solve at all). I just wish there was some casual game mode though, I just hit silver today.

    If I am not mistaken they have something listed like this under requirments:
    Graphics Card: Any(Even on the in-build Motherboard one)
    However, it does currently not work with Windows XP, at least a friend of mine can not play it.
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  11. I downloaded it. Seems to be working fine. But I didn't have much time to check it out yet. I'll poke around more when I get back home.

  12. Goddamn, people still use Windows XP?

    I'm stuck with it at work, but that's just because the company is too goddamn cheap to upgrade.
  13. My interest has risen exponentially. Definitely going to play this next time I have a few hours to set aside for games.
  14. Lyonar is the faction they recommend for new players, since their playstyle is probably the easiest to grasp (pish forward, lock down the enemy with Provoke then smack the shit out of them with high damage minions), but honestly? Most of the factions seem pretty easy enough to get to grips with. Just gotta find one who's playstyle suits you.


    I am 'MelonTheFelon'

    What a username lmao
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  16. Abyssian is fun times. Fun zerg rush times.
  17. Dun forget the Shadow Creep, too. I've completely turned games around with that stuff.

    "I see you've clustered all your minions into a 2x2 square. How unfortunate for you."
  18. I like Song Hai, only because of their style! Though their gameplay is nice too. Really like the rather fast drawing mechanic and that you can even put back a card in your deck to draw a new one. Though when it comes to my own playstyle I'd probably be a Magmar player and while I absolutely love the art of of the game, and each faction, Magmar are the only ones I actually dislike :[.

    Also @people in general, don't get confused about card rarity if you come from Hearthstone, you can have multiply legendaries in your deck.

    Yeah, some people still use it...for some weird reason? And they use it in your workplace? Goddamn, I mean, even the support for XP officialy ran out.
  19. 'getthatrobot' here
  20. I'll install it and give it a shot.
    Interesting mix of genres to say the least.
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