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  1. Hi guys! Duelist Mini here, I usually play IRL against my boyfriend and our mutual friend, but playing against the same decks all the time gets a bit old, I'd like other people to play against

    I like Duelling Network as a platform, but I want to play against someone who follows the rule book of their own volition, since DN does not enforce the rules (EG: it won't stop you from activating a trap the same turn you set it, Normal Summoning more than once, or from changing a monster's battle position after it has attacked)

    • DN randoms have a bad habit of playing their cards so fast I can't see what they're playing or what it does. I want to play with someone who goes at a pace that others can tell what's going on, and doesn't mind explaining what just happened if their opponent is confused

    • People seem to be unclear on a point that's pretty key to my deck; Banishing/Removed From Play cards. I've read and re-read the terminology, and my understanding is that when a card says something gets banished, it goes straight to the Banished pile, not to the graveyard and then to the banished pile. Therefore, an effect that includes the Graveyard as part of it's conditions cannot be activated. E.G.: "Silva, the Warlord of Dark World"'s card effect allows its controller to summon it back if it is discarded to the graveyard by a card effect. If it was banished instead, my understanding is that this effect cannot happen, since it wasn't discarded to the graveyard, and therefore the conditions were not met. This is important to agree on, since it fundamentally alters how the game is played

    • No goddamn Exodia decks.
    It'd be fun if we could also chat using Skype or Teamspeak or Mumble or something, but that'd just be a perk. I pretty much just want a different deck to play against, and want to play with someone who follows the rules and isn't an asshole
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  2. DN does indeed have a lot of really bad randoms that do not allow for a balanced or entertaining duel. However, it is the best place to test and ready for actual tournaments. At least so far on the internet. It is my advice to avoid lower ranked duelist in favor of higher ranking ones. Granted, some trolls somehow make it past the 1000 scale but if you find trouble I'd wait for the moderator to join the game. If it is in their violation, it is in your favor to give the time to wait (even though it can take a while...sometimes a long while...e.e).

    Aside from my little view input, I'd love to assist you but I haven't played since the banlists split a few formats ago. There are so many new things now and the meta is too fast for me to handle. :(

    But yes, non-ranked matches are left behind for any and all forms of entropy and therefore the worst sections to play in unless already agreed with a friend. Since, well, sometimes it feels nice using older cards that were banned for some old timey themes. If I'm not mistaken though, the new DN system does not allow an option for opponents anymore; rather, it matches people based on their statistics. It is the only flaw in that but it covers a previous issue of people skimmin' newbies for rank.
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  3. I play with my IRL friends, or with them on DN when we just can't hang out in person. I've got a slew of decks on it, from traditional to advanced. I'd be willing to play. My name there is Kazemura, as some sites/online games do not allow the use of Hirohashi. Something about hash being a drug.

    If you'd like to play some time, send me a PM for my Skype.
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  4. @Hirohashi will do!
    @Abby thanks for the ranking tips! Except I don't have a very high rank, myself... I also put this up because I think it's more fun to duel someone I know :P
  5. Totally agree with you. It typically removes the entire issue of rude and randomness of strangers.
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  6. I could install that chat system and duel with you at that pace, know that I'm lacking cards so I print my deck out and use old cards as backing.

    Btw, totally TOTALLY know that banishing is not a destroy effect unless specifically stated so by the card. See bottomlRess trap hole.

    I have had more than one player try and reason otherwise, I'll play slow too and explain what I am doing because that is the style of duelists here. We even asK if you would like to respond to our actions.

    I'm not THAT rich so I duel with printed decks till I'm satisfied with the results, then purchase the cards individually before the tournament. It saves me some dollars. Is that good with you?
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  7. I don't know what you mean when you talk about money and printing cards - you can choose any card to put in your deck on DN, you don't have to buy them or own them IRL

    I also am not sure what you mean when you say 'banish isn't a destroy effect. You use 'bottomless Trap Hole' as an example, but if you think that banishing a card does not cause it to be destroyed(which yugioh wiki defines as being forced to go to the graveyard or - less commonly as it requires a card effect - banishment), then are you saying Dimension Prison does nothing? What about Soul Release, or the first effect of Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning? Neither of these cards say 'destroy' on them, but they pretty clearly move cards from the field or graveyard into banishment. Again, I'm very confused by your terminology.
  8. I'm saying that B trap is an exception, btw you seem to think I am one of those who disagree with there being a banish zone. That is not the casRe.
  9. Banishing makes cards touch only the banish zone. Destroying then banishing cards make them touch the grave then the banish zone. I quote one exception and you think I am the enemy, the heck.
  10. I never said you were an enemy, I was just confused by your post, calm down please. I have never come across this kind of terminology differentiating between 'destroy', 'banish', and 'send to the graveyard'. I'd have to do more research before commenting further
  11. Me and a friend of mine used to VS each other on DN frequently. He doesn't play any more but I occasionally log on to have a game or two. I mostly use Madolche and a Lightsworn deck, though I have a Prophesy deck that is fun to play. I find the biggest problem is that unless you're playing a ranked match, which I rarely do, my opponent will simply quit the duel if they start to lose.
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  12. I play a Monarch deck, literally smashing those who stand in my way while it is my turn (then watching their turn in dread). I've been trying a spellbook deck though, the first deck I played was a dragon deck and I've almost won a tournament with a magician (spell counter) deck in the past.

    I think I simply really like magic, I feel uneasy without a magic card in my hand. There are times when I don't fissure my enemies simply because it's the only spell I have in my hand. :>.
  13. imo DevPro is a good platform to duel with to avoid card ruling issues, though no matter the platform, the decks I face are usually so woefully meta and/or net-decked, such as Quasar and solitare OTKs (exodia, library burn, ...). A better platform would allow for Drafting, which no YGO platform I've seen has, so that users don't have access to powerful cards all the time.

    Also, I agree that YGO is a game best played with friends, and is the most important point. If you're tired of facing a deck, a friend will stop using it for a while. He/she will offer suggestions on better plays and combos, be honest about rulings, are polite, and not Rage Quit.

    I like playing rogue decks the most, even though they die to meta 95% of the time. Right now I'm making a Dark Scorpion deck.
  14. One of the reasons I stopped playing on DN is because it got tiring to play against strangers.

    At the same time, the fandom evolves too fast for me to keep up. I've still got a synchro deck.
  15. I'll duel you, if you're still looking for someone to duel against. I use a Galaxy/Photon deck.
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