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  1. What's everyones' view on war?
  2. A good war boosts the economy.
  3. Can you talk more on that? I'd love to hear why you think that!
  4. World War II brought the USA out of the depression.

    Vietnam and Korea caused a decline in public opinion of the military, leading to allocation of the budget to side projects of questionable value in an attempt to restore that opinion.
  5. "We should never seek war, and when war is forced upon us we should use all the skills at our disposal to end it quickly."

    I am against war. Its cruel brutal and quite frankly most of the wars fought are without sufficient justification. But its part of our culture and our very nature and with the right justification is necessary.
  6. war is neither right nor wrong. it is brought on solely because it is in human nature to fight incessantly
  7. My Sheet 1 (open)

    Kate (open)
    Name: Kate
    Age: 18
    Appearance: (open)
    Kate was more of a tomboy than anything else. She was not afraid to punch someone, had a small chest for her age with it only being barely B cups...maybe, and the fact she was secretly a hermaphrodite did not really earn her any 'girly' points for anyone that gets close enough to her. Of course, most guys did not care about her personality, and focus more on her body. As her chest may not be the biggest, but she had some long legs, a nice ass that stood out due to her shorts, and she had enough chest to give herself a small hourglass figure. She also kept her brown hair long enough to reach her lower back, and she liked to tie a big ribbon in her hair to form the ponytail. She had hair piece to keep hair out of her eyes, and two small ribbons on the side to help. She had a white purse, and she liked bracelets. But was not a fan of makeup, rings, earrings, dresses, skirts, nor ...well bra and pantieis. She liked her shorts, and her chest was not really getting any bigger so she did not really care much about bra support. She just had to wear slightly baggy tops, or a least something dark enough to help hide her nipples if she gets excited or cold.

    The most important detail about her appearance was her bright brown eyes. They hinted at her affinity for the earth. As her hair color could really belong to anyone, but there was something about her eyes that just sparked or revealed her power over the earth. She may just be an average attractive teenager, but her power was anything but average. In truth, she was already a master of the earth, and signed up for her year-class to push her beyond her current skills, and become a legend. It was not really a surprise when people get to know her, and realize she was not actually a shy girl, but a bold upfront girl that had big dreams, and little fears. But no one could blame her. She had to be tough, and stand up for herself when she knew that being a hermaphrodite was not normal, and would ruin her life if it got out. People would look at her different, girls would treat her like a boy that may be checking them out, and guys...well she may be able to get with a Bi-guy, but a straight guy probably wont get excited to go down on his girl, and find something poking him in the eye.
    Bio: (open)
    Kate grew up with a loving family that was a medium income family. So while they were not throwing money all over the place they never had to worry about it either. Her mother was extra careful when it came to doctor visits, and nurse visits at school. While Kate was told not to be ashamed about her body she was at the same time not to just go around telling people as the wrong people would react badly to her differences. Girls would look for a weakness if they feel threaten by her looks, or brains. Boys...well they would probably make mean jokes about how she was not a girl. And as she gets older....well she had more to worry about than just the typical sexual abuse, rape, and such that others had to keep in mind. This made making close freinds hard as she had to actually fully trust them with basically her life. Something like that getting out was enough to cause rumors, and people treating her different that she may be force to move someplace else to actually have a normal childhood and teen years.

    Kate however meet her best friend, Maria. They were only around 13 at the time, but over the years they have become as close as non-lovers could. Though...Kate really wanted to change that last part. The problem? Maria had always consider herself straight. Kate knew she more than likely would end up with another girl unless she meets a really special guy that wont judge her. But growing up thinking she would need to get with a girl helped her settle on being a least open minded to both sexes, but leaning more towards girls. So she mostly consider herself a lesbian, not actually Bi, or straight. Maria was alright with Kate being a lesbian, and never acted differently around Kate. Kate both loved it, and hated it. It meant she really did have a great friend that was not judging her, but it also meant Maria never consider Kate checking her out, and so she would change her clothes or even offer to take baths with Kate...and well Kate had to masturbate many nights due to her best friend teasing her so much without actually trying to tease her.

    It did not help that Kate was no genius, but she did have a natural talent for her earth element, and so she had to keep this as a second secret from her classmates to avoid them fearing her, or treating her different for that reason. And due to being so connected to the earth as that actually goes beyond just rocks and dirt....well she had a unique outlook on life, and while she was no goth...well she did enjoy the more dark side of things, and this helped her ...unique personality. For example, most people would probably run away or freak out by a dead body. Kate on the other hand was a bit sad for the person, but interested in how the person died, and their bodies. And she was not afraid to get blood on herself, mud, bugs, nor was she afraid to do something 'girly' simply because she was considered a tomboy. She did what she wanted regardless of what others thought about it. She also liked scary movies...although that may be because Maria was afraid of the scary movies and always grabs a hold of Kate when she gets scared.

    Maria (open)
    Name: Maria
    Age: 18
    Appearance: (open)
    Maria was more of the girly-girl when compared to her more tomboy friend, Kate. She liked clothes, and often helped Kate with her clothes. She liked jewerely, mainly rings, bracelets, necklace, and non-piercing jewelry. She often wore skirts, and various tops such as tank tops. She would wear dresses, and whatever else that catches her eye. Although like her friend, most males tend to notice her figure more than her personality or clothes. Her chest was in the lower B cup range, and so while not that impressive it did give her a bit more curvy figure than her friend. She could be consider the Yang between the two of them. Unlike her freinds more dark features she had more light features such as dark blonde hair that comes down to her mid back, and more light brown eyes. She did wear undergarments, but was not afraid to take a bit after her friend, and go without occasionally.

    Some people may be surprised that her affinity was wind, but then again her hair color and such could be similar to lightning, and some people link the wind element with the lightning element. Although that was not actually the advance form of wind. But the association was there. Past her element...well she like cute things, and so since her friend usually had a oversized ribbon in her hair. Maria decided to start wearing a little witch hat that she thought was cute. She also personally kept a red purse instead of white, or some other color. While she never said anything she did choose the red color to match her freind's red ribbon. Personality...well secretly she was the nerd between the two of them. She was no genius, but she liked to read books, study, and build things with technology and tools. And while she was not really shy, she was usually taking a back seat, and letting Kate do the talking.
    Bio: (open)
    Maria was born neither a genius, natural talented of an affinity, or anything else unique. She was just..herself. A girl that loved clothes, dancing, singing, cute things, and ....well books, and building things...but she built cute things! It may not be a time machine, but she actually designed and shaped her own necklace! Beyond that, she could fix stuff around the house like the microwave, or a car! Her dream...was to create a machine that would let her design clothes and such on a computer, and have the machine automatically make it! Since she sadly sucked at sewing. She knew Kate was good at sewing though, but Kate would never admit that outloud. On the other hand....she was worse than a beginner at her element. She would rather build something than fight...and that was the main reason for the wind-element. It was not exactly the healing element, or a defense element. Its was more for offense.

    Maria loved to build things. Unfortunately her parents were both in law enforcement one way or another, and basically expected Maria to follow in their footsteps. So that was how she ended up in a life-threatening class to push her limits in the wind element. She needed to get good at it, and frankly...unless she was about to die she probably was not going to improve any. She did realize if she got a job in law enforcement that she could get a job to build their equipment or something. And she did want to remain with her best friend so ...she never said anything about not wanting to go into such a career. Plus....this class would let her get as good in the wind element as she could be in as little time as possible. So she hopefully wont be wasting years trying to master her element. She doubt she would actually get good enough to become a legendary wind user though.

    As for Kate....well Maria may not be a genius, but she was not stupid. She noticed her freinds eyes sometimes looking in the wrong spots, but she never said anything. She knew Kate wanted to be more than freinds, that was obvious, but she consider herself straight. On the other hand, she knew Kate was a lot more cute than a guy, and due to her ...condition. Well children should not be a issue. But was she attracted to females? She did not think so. But recently she did come to the conclusion this was because both of her parents were in law enforcement, and thus raised her highly under the laws and moral. Not to mention their religion. So they frown upon same-sex relationship...and they raise Maria. So...she had to think about why she wanted a guy, and why a girl was not a option. It was an interesting soul searching experience...

    My Sheet 2 (open)
    Name: Bella
    Age: 53
    Age Looks: Between her Twenties and Thirties / As a fully adult, but young woman
    Appearance: (open)
    Bella was born with natural white hair, and golden brown eyes. She had a hourglass figure with perky large B cup breasts, and wide hips, long legs, etc. It was not till she tested an experimental serum that her body develop further, and into something else. Her breasts just kept getting bigger, and bigger till they were past C cups, and even D cups. Much to her surprise she found her breasts were filled with milk. Luckily the rest of her also grew bigger and so her arms, legs, and such became thicker. Her thighs, and ass however copied her breasts, and became too noticeable. Overall, she was a beautiful but typical woman that became nearly a goddess in appearance.

    It was not all for show either. She was much stronger than her arms would suggest, and while her stomach area was thicker, she was not actually fat. She just filled out to match the rest of her body, and developed muscles. If it was not for her breasts she could pass as a bodybuilder. She also found her hair grew longer, and much to her confusion her hair was so soft yet no pair of scissors would actually cut her hair. Clippers were better, but still. It was like her hair was steel threads or something. Luckily it seem her hair stop growing once it reach near her ankle. So nearly touching the floor, but luckily not dragging around. That was partially because she grew taller though. Her new body size though made getting clothes a bit more hard, and she mainly had to special order, or go to stores that normally had clothes like 'big and tall'.

    Her favorite outfit was sweaters, and skirts. Cause they help hide her figure, were quite comfortable, and unlike pants, skirts did not shape around her thighs or butt. Under that though...well she did not like being treated like a piece of meat, but at the same time she loved how sexy she looked, and had lots of fun with different lingerie such as babydoll outfits. White theme undergarments went really good with her hair, a least while she keeps it in a long pony tail. She can dress up for dates also, and she knew exactly how to tease her lover while being good enough for the public. She could be a good maid especially if it's cooking. And damn...when she joined the agency as 'advertisement' she could pull the look off without having to strip naked or to her undergarments. Of course, when she did get naked....well sells were never a issue on her part.
    Bio: (open)
    Bella was virgin. Yes, people would probably claim she was a lying slut. But she really was a virgin. She spent most of her childhood helping her mother, and then going to college and vet school so that she could hopefully follow her mother's footsteps, and not just work at a vet, but startup her own vet business. She was the top student, and so she was not surprised to be gave a few interesting offers when she finished. But the one that caught her eye was a internship with the military. She could get some more experience, get a recommendation from the head vet she would be working under, and if she did a good enough job she may replace the head vet when they retire.

    Bella wanted to help animals, but at the same time joining the military would open some more doors for her, and let her help not just animals, but veteran animals that made a difference during war and on missions. Plus, she would have to check, but she figure even if she was a vet that they would still want her to go through military training, or something similar for vets. Learning how to possibly use a weapon, or fight physically would be good things to know. In the end, she accepted. She did the internship, and was offered to replace her former boss. She worked for some years, and then was offered a second job. To be in charge of the experimental dogs. She accepted. Those dogs needed her more due to how risky the experiments were, and the work benefits were better at the same time so she had no reason to refuse. She already had someone in mind to replace her.

    Bella took care of the pups, had them do some minor training that got harder as time passed, study and tested the serum that was in development, and she grew attached to the one named Zeta. Retrievers were some of her favorite type of dogs for starters, and then there was Zeta personal looks, and how the girl acted around her. Since Zeta transferred there Bella was not sure how Zeta was treated in the past. Maybe it was all work, and no play? She did not know, but she made sure Zeta and the others were well taken care of, and happy. They were still puppies after all, and had a lot of developing to go. When the day came her bosses wanted to finally use the serum. She did as she was told, but hesitated when she got to Zeta.

    She knew the serum was good enough to give all the dogs a good chance of surviving. But she wanted Zeta to return safely, and after thinking about it. Well, she decided to make sure her Zeta came back, and used a stronger version of the serum that she had been working on in her spare time. She just had to make some adjustments so that the serum was more designed for Zeta specifically over other dogs. Less chance of something going wrong that way. But as she had the serum finished. She hesitated again. The other serum was less powerful, but had a 99.9% chance of working. It was perfect as humanly possible. As Bella would had not used it if the serum was going to hurt the dogs regardless of what her superiors said.

    This one she did not really have much time to test it though, beyond simulations on a computer. So she knew the chance of success was not guaranteed, and was probably a 50/50 chance of working at best. The fact she did some last minute tuning for Zeta specifically may raise the chance up to 75%, but still there was a decent chance of something going wrong. She knew the chance was not something like 10% as Bella did have experience with helping making the first serum. As she would not want to risk Zeta when she was doing this in the first place to make sure the girl survives. The pros if it success though were worth the small chance of something going wrong though. This would push Zeta to be the best dog she could be naturally without becoming something else.

    Still...she really should test it on someone else. But...it made her feel ashamed that she would risk another dog for Zeta. So in the end, she figure, if anyone was going to risk their life it should be her, and so she used the serum on herself. She passed out, and when she woke up she was not much different. The changes, to avoid being painful, or killing them in the process would take years to fully show. Still, the fact she was not dead, and had several small differences already was a good sign. She then use the serum on Zeta after she waited 24 hours to make sure there was no unforeseen side effects. She watched as Zeta passed out, and everything seemed to be alright. A few days later it was obvious that Zeta was already smarter, a bit stronger and faster, and she already grew an inch! She would spend months observing the dogs, testing them, and making sure nothing was wrong with Zeta or herself.

    She was not finished, but the highers up wanted to put the dogs into action. Still, Zeta herself was already the size of tiger, and she did not seem to be done growing. But Zeta passed all the tests, and training with flying colors, and the only hiccup so far was Bella noticed Zeta had develop into a hermaphrodite. Everything else seemed to be as expected. She let Zeta and the others leave. She got ready to train the next batch of dogs, and meanwhile go over her personal serum. Was she going to develop into a hermaphrodite? Good thing she made sure changes took time, and any physical changes happen in the sleep to avoid any possible pain that did happen. She did not want to think about what kind of changes Zeta had to go through inside, and outside to develop a member.

    It was not till the highers up told her to remove the reduction in the sex drive, so that the new batch could be breed to see if natural enhanced dogs could be born...well that was when Bella realized that part of the serum did not match her personal one. She double checked, and thought about the fact Zeta develop a member. The serum had been adjusted specifically for Zeta, and that was the outcome, but why? Wait...no...that would not make sense. Her best guess was a mutation of the process, or Zeta's sex genes got enhanced, and that somehow was the outcome. But she still was not sure why. She wanted to look into it more, but she stopped herself. She realize there was a more important issue, and that right now there was a horny dog in the middle of a war.

    No, wait. Zeta seemed fine before she left. Maybe her member was all those hormones developing that way as as outlet? Now that she consider that though...what about herself? She thought back to when she gave herself the serum, and she gave an embarrassed laugh when she realize she shot herself with a serum that was still design for Zeta, not a human. Probably why she was not walking around with a new addition to her body. As the dog-serum probably was resisted by her body, and so the influence was not as strong. She was quite pleased, yet upset when she received word that her superiors were pleased with the results of the first batch of super-dogs, but some people were ...concerned, and so it was decided to shut down the experiment side of things. On the bright side, they told her she could retire a bit early if she promised to keep her work a secret, and if she still wanted to start her own business they would give her the funds, and help her out.

    Bella was not happy to read a comment about a 'demon' dog though. She hoped Zeta made it of the war safely. But a comment like that...it made her worry she would never see Zeta again with the project being shut down, and them more than likely wanting to get rid of Zeta to avoid the public freaking out about a 'demon' dog. Just because she grew bigger did not make her a demon. Thinking about it...she regretting accepting that job. Sure, she made Zeta super powerful...but she was used as a weapon for the government, and now that the war was finished...would they kill Zeta? And since Zeta got bigger she probably was not able to have sex with another dog....so what did that leaves Zeta with? Probably going to have a human lifespan...but without a family she was going to be alone that entire time. Plus...where exactly would the government send Zeta if they let her live? It was not like Zeta had a home to go to...and if the public cant find out...

    Still, Bella plan on enjoying her retirement. She had to work long hours while taking care of the dogs, researching things, studying the serum, making her own version, etc. So she decided not to start her own vet place. She had enough money to cover her expenses...and as she seat down one night on her couch....she realized what the hell was she going to do with the rest of her life? She was the same as Zeta. She focus so much on her work over these last years that she really had no freinds, and lost contact with any family she had...her parents had passed away by this point. She had been ignoring her own changes...but she knew any guy she gets with was going to be after her body. It taken some time after all, but her breasts were getting quite big, and the rest of her was catching up. She would had figure the changes would had been finished by now.

    Bella was surprised when she was flipping through some channels, and came across a scene where some kind of werewolf was fucking a woman. She was fixing to change the channel, but before she did she realize she was getting quite wet, and turned on. She quickly turn the tv off when she registered her body's reaction. She decided to go take a cold shower. She never even masturbated before so she was not going to give into such urgies now. She however quickly realized she had a problem when the cold water did not help any. The only thing she could do then was try to sleep it off, and so she headed to bed. That was a mistake. She had a dream about Zeta fucking her, and woke up with her bed soaked in her juices.

    Things only got worse from there. She tried to date someone, but she just felt disgusted when they tried to touch her. In the end, she was forced to start masturbating. That revealed the scary fact that her sex drive was not reduced, nor normal, but enhanced. She was not sure if the serum did not influence it till now as a last change to herself? Or if she been bottling up such urges for so long that soon as she saw something....she...err...liked...well her control slipped, and her urges were set free and had been already enhanced before as her sex drive had not really kicked in gear before. Either way...she knew she needed to do something. She would rub her clit, play with her breasts, and she gave in, and broke her hymen, and started to finger herself, and use dildos.

    She knew she could not keep this up. 6 hours a day at the very minimum of masturbating...yea, she sure in hell had a problem. She knew she probably would kill a regular guy through sex, and would be forced to ...*shiver* ....bed multiple guys. Bella knew with her looks she easily could get a job at one of the top prostitute places..and that would solve her crazy sex drive issue, but she would lose any self respect and pride she had. It was not necessarily because she thought people that slept around were disgusting or shameful. But in her condition what that may lead towards...as she knew at this rate she may become some sex fiend that only thinks about sex. And that is where she had the main issue. She did not want to become some actual sex doll man use, and trade around.

    It did not help that she was thinking maybe she was a lesbian. As when she tried to date she just felt gross letting a guy touch her period. It was not like she picked a ugly guy off the street by random. It was someone she tried to get to know, and that would be considered handsome by most females. Maybe have a orgy with females? .....To be honest she did not like the thought of females passing her around either. She really wanted someone with a high sex drive. That way she would only have one bed partner. A male could get her pregnant...so she may have a family some day, and not just be some mistress for sex. But a female...she probably would be more happier that way. In the end she decided to sign up as 'advertisement' so that she would not be up for 'minor' jobs. Only someone willing to pay for her for a lifetime contract would get her.

    It was not perfect, but she figure it was good as she was going to get. She would require the person to pay a lot for her. That would help prevent them from treating her badly. She hoped a least. Since no one would want to pay that much for something they were going to break. A life contract would mean if they did get rid of her there would be consequences. It would also mean the agency would get that big sum of money, but she would still get paid so much every month with the amount depending on if they provide her room and resources like electricity and food or not. Since either way they had to pay for those things. This meant the true cost of her was the large sum plus the monthly amount for the rest of her life. That would make even the richest people a least hesitate. Sure, there may be millions of people that technically could afford her, but among the billions or trillions on the planet that was not actually a lot, and then only a few would want to waste that much on someone they probably would get tired of...

  8. I work nights and sleep during the day, what do you want from me.
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  9. Douchex3 ....
    I believe you mean Douche³ - AKA Douche-cubed or Douche to the power of 3.
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