Due to recent events, I have to ask.

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What's everyones' view on war?
Can you talk more on that? I'd love to hear why you think that!
World War II brought the USA out of the depression.

Vietnam and Korea caused a decline in public opinion of the military, leading to allocation of the budget to side projects of questionable value in an attempt to restore that opinion.
"We should never seek war, and when war is forced upon us we should use all the skills at our disposal to end it quickly."

I am against war. Its cruel brutal and quite frankly most of the wars fought are without sufficient justification. But its part of our culture and our very nature and with the right justification is necessary.
war is neither right nor wrong. it is brought on solely because it is in human nature to fight incessantly
War in real life is terrifying, even for veterans(So I hear).

War from a paper/screen point of view is fascinating. Strip the fear, worry, and hate away, it could even be entertaining. Frightening thought.

It is also deeply ingrained in our nature. We may never go beyond a fist fight, but combat is now a form of entertainment. It could be fictional Marines fighting aliens, or super-heroes. There are movies made about war, books written about it, plays containing it. Whether we want to or not, we are exposed to it in some form or other almost every day.

Personally, I enjoy the fictional side. I don't know enough about real-life experience to have an opinion.
and that's actually the only REAL problem with it. its everywhere. people are so inundated with violence everywhere that they think it's all a game. no one realizes until the got a sucking chest wound that there is no reset button in life. personally i feel no fear towards war or any such thing, its unable to be controlled and it will never go away. what scares the shit out of me is getting to complacent about it.
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A good war boosts the economy.

Funny thing to say now.

I'd talk more but I can't be arsed to express my point in anything longer than two sentences, don't worry it's unrelated to me being witty at the Doc, but it roughly translates to "War is shitty."

With that said, war is always a great theme to write music about.