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  1. What's everyones' view on war?
  2. A good war boosts the economy.
  3. Dian Wei sat, still separated from the others and could feel the weapons trained on him now that he had been unchained, he took a look at all of the others present in the room and then stood up, moving forward to appraise the man that was supposedly joining them for this fight. "I have a few questions that need to be answered. Firstly; these other knights that were mentioned, were they like us, who have drifted from other times to be revived by you, or are they of this time, with their fancy devices and lightning rods?" He said in a low monotone voice, carefully modulating his voice to seem completely neutral. "Secondly; while those of us revived obviously have different talents, what do you bring to the group? I ask this not out of disrespect, but because you are an unknown factor, and unknown factors have a way of ruining things." he continued in the neutral voice, he raised leaned forward and bent down so that he was eye to eye with their so called 'Leader', "Lastly; Why should any of us fight for you? Are you like Liu Bei of Shu, who so desperately wished to rule through virtue and with a soft heart that placed him in more battles than he could fight. Are you like the Tiger Sun Jian, who led with force, looking to conquer all those who opposed him by killing anyone who disagreed with him. If you are like these men, I will not follow you if you are a craven that would never sacrifice a man even if it meant losing a battle and I certainly won't follow you if you would use us for your own personal gains" He finished, his voice in a dangerously low tone that would brooked violence.

    He turned and felt a small pricking sensation as a trigger happy guard took the sudden turning movement for a hostile action and shot him in the arm with a tranquilizer dart, earning a small growl and a menacing smile as the beast of a man casual removed the barbed dart, a small piece of flesh coming with it, and threw it to the ground, crushing it underfoot as he took a step away, again distancing himself from the others until he knew the true intentions of their new masters, eyeing everyone with an appraising eye to see the reactions they would have to him.
  4. "We should never seek war, and when war is forced upon us we should use all the skills at our disposal to end it quickly."

    I am against war. Its cruel brutal and quite frankly most of the wars fought are without sufficient justification. But its part of our culture and our very nature and with the right justification is necessary.
  5. war is neither right nor wrong. it is brought on solely because it is in human nature to fight incessantly
  6. War in real life is terrifying, even for veterans(So I hear).

    War from a paper/screen point of view is fascinating. Strip the fear, worry, and hate away, it could even be entertaining. Frightening thought.

    It is also deeply ingrained in our nature. We may never go beyond a fist fight, but combat is now a form of entertainment. It could be fictional Marines fighting aliens, or super-heroes. There are movies made about war, books written about it, plays containing it. Whether we want to or not, we are exposed to it in some form or other almost every day.

    Personally, I enjoy the fictional side. I don't know enough about real-life experience to have an opinion.
  7. I work nights and sleep during the day, what do you want from me.
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