Due to Circumstances



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Angie is 18 and its her first year at Halsford Collage of the Gifted. Her roomate is 19 and is a wealthy playboy slob who is also his first year in collage. Angie is a painter and her roomate is a _________. Along with her studies of art she is also learning architecture and enginering. She was accepted late into the season a week before class started. They no longer had any left over beds left except in his room though he asked for it to be a single room. Angie has no idea about this untill she arives to unpack her things to find the playboy furious over the latest developement. Though they constantly fight they soon grow a friendship between eachother and a mutual understanding. Will a romance spark? or when another bed opens will Angie take it without second thoughts?

any sugestions or takers? this will be mostly comedy and romance, and if your up for it, it can get sexy after a ways in.