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  1. you ask me anything you don't get​
  2. This thread is now about me.
  3. I am currently typing up the prologue thread. Now, I need to be clear on some things. It's going to be written in a way I'm not normally accustomed to, second person, because writing it others ways just didn't feel right.

    The first post will be from me as Murasaki meeting the Drifters characters moments after their death and just before being dropped into the New World. Just as in the manga, there will be virtually no dialogue exchange between your character and mine but feel free to have your character express themselves as appropriate.

    The second will be @BlueFlameNikku posting as EASY bringing in the Ends in whatever manner he feels appropriate.

    If your character is currently not allied directly with either side, feel free to start as your character having arrived before the others to maintain the mystique.

    This prologue will be everyone giving their characters a stretch in the new world. Nothing too plot-heavy but will be there. Let's put a tentative end of the prologue to be January 20th since I know it's the holidays and all that. After that, the GMs shall formulate the First Act.
  4. ducks > asmo
  5. I think it may be a consequence of Ends having powers why there is more interest in them.

    So @HangeZoe you may proceed with an Ends character. I will have to post we are, for now, full on Ends and I will have some Drifters characters as NPCs to even the odds.
  6. We have a new group avatar and banner, but I'm going to replace it soon with a fair use image. In the meantime, enjoy this avatar.

    Oh, and apologies for not updating last monday. To put it simply, I got busy and forgot. There will be an update today.
  7. I had such high hopes for the movie. I cri
  8. If you so wish you can.
  9. What about loli ducks getting punched?
  10. I want to bring this back! I had a lot of fun in this topic.

    #2. The Gladiator Challenge

    Your challenge is to create a gladiator character that can be considered unique, or different from most portrayals seen today. Your character must be a gladiator or warrior of some kind. Their appearance, background, and personality are all up to you. Your gladiator can be from any culture, from the real world or from a fictional setting. You can submit a character sheet, or description like most of the vampire submissions.

    This challenge will last for seven days, until Devember 28th, 2016.
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    DUK-W with a 105mm howitzer.

  13. ..........<(' )

  14. Ducks are rapists.

    --and I got lovely gifts from even lovelier friends.

    ... And Ty.
  16. This is what Asmo does with Ducks/Lolis:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Sex With Ducks: the Music Video by Garfunkel and Oates[/ame]
  17. @Rory: Horrifyingly interesting
  18. This.
  19. I was busy looking at the chick with short hair...

    But yes, you two goons are correct in your opinions.
  20. Angels are not like demons or fallen angels, we are the first of God's creation and are pure, filled with light and hope. We love and care but we cannot ignore the evil and the wickedness. I, Lady Kunari, as the leader of the angels, wish to protect the free will we are granted to protect the innocent, the weak and the vulnerable from the darkness that wishes to corrupt and harm them. But first, a little background:

    Name: Kunari Kokuran

    Age: One of the first angel in existence

    Type of Angel: High Archangel

    Appearance: Kunari has silvery white hair and silver eyes, with small chest and petite body, she can easily be mistaken for a teenager but she takes the form of an elegant woman in her 20's.

    Abilities: She has mastery of all forms of magic and even practical knowledge of the dark arts (though she would never use it), she master the white flames and uses a white scythe and rapier as her preferred weapon of combat.

    Brief History: She is one of God's favorite creation of all time. She is very close to her Father before his presence became sacred. She is fiercely loyal to Him and keeps his teaching and rules close to her heart. Loving, gentle and forgiving, she glows with the aura of a mother but she is very intolerant to sin. She believes that everyone has the right to choose a path and if you choose wrong, it is forgivable but if you choose sin of your own free will and doesn't feel remorse about it then you are scum.