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  1. I've seen a thread for Playstation's handheld version and their games, so why not have a thread for the Nintendo-series ^^

    Feel free to cheer about a great game, rant over a disappointing game, suggest and advise against any games meant from the earliest Dual Screen console until now. Brag about your collection, mourn the games you've missed and just have fun discussing the wide variety of games there is out there.

    Of course I'm gonna start with saying that the Harvest Moon-series is the cutest and most interesting game series for a round of casual gaming! xD
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  2. The best DS series for me has to be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

    It's a pretty old game and I wonder if anyone here has heard of it. Basically, you play as a defence lawyer and you defend your clients through the craziest of trials. I've completed all but one of the games in the series.

    Pokémon on the DS is also really fun! I've played Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, HeartGold and White... I think. I used to be a really big fan, now not so much.

    Ooh, the Trauma Center series is pretty interesting as well! You get to play as a surgeon who operates on people, saving many lives.
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  3. I have one of the Ace Attorney-games but I haven't really engrossed myself in those games.
    Pokemon is fun, Alpha Sapphire is interesting with how it is about catching pokemon (and how it makes it easier to catch the ones you miss)
  4. Fire Emblem is pretty great. As are the Etrian Odyssey series.

    There's a bunch of good stuff out there. They got a good library going on. And more still coming. Monster Hunter plz.
  5. Haven't heard about Monster Hunter (I think). What's it about?
  6. I love my Tactical Dating Sims (FE: Awakening)
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  7. How have you not?

    Difficult game about hunting giant beasts, collecting piece of them to craft armor and weapons to kill or capture even stronger versions of them.

    Has a strong MMO feel to it when it comes to hunting the same thing over and over for a piece that has a 1% chance to drop. Strong emphasis on co-operative playing through local play, the new version that comes out soon Monster Hunter 4 actually comes with online out of the box. Which is something fans have been begging for since it was on the Playstation Portable.

    A very grindy game, but very enjoyable if you love challenges.

    Also, how have we not mentioned Pokemon X/Y?! That's what we had all been dreaming of since Blue and Red!
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  8. As she read the description you could hear the sound of an epiphany in the background. "How could I have missed this?" She muttered to herself, cursing her lack of awareness of such an intersting series. "I'm so gonna pre-order this," nodding seriously she planned to drop by her nearest gaming store the next morning, happy that it was Monday and not Sunday the following day.

    Haha, couldn't help myself :p
    But yeah, it reminds me a little about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker and I really do enjoy that game. (Pokemon X/Y is indeed awesome too)
  9. Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and that's the extent of my experience. :P
  10. You guys are all after my nintendo 3ds heart!

    I absolutely adore the Harvest Moon series, I always have since I was little, playing it on the N64. I continue to follow the series faithfully and it never bores me, even though the tasks can get monotonous and pretty boring to others haha. I've loved the recent additions to the DS and 3DS, and I'm so excited for Story of Seasons coming out soon!

    With Harvest Moon, there's also my complete love of Rune Factory. It's very Harvest Moon-esque, you can date, build friendships, farm and take care of animals. But! You can also fight and tame monsters! There's a main story line where you can defeat dungeons, kill bosses, find chests and so on. You can make and upgrade different weapons as well as use magic. Rune Factory 4 is the most recent one, and one of the best imo. I can't tell you how many hours I put into it.

    I also love Phoenix Wright and Pokemon! I've been a huge Pokemon fan since I was 7 years old, and it has followed me into adulthood haha. As for Phoenix, I bought the online release of the new game, fell in love with it, and I'm now trying to find and complete the entire series. I also got the Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright collab game and I love it as well haha.

    There's also Fire Emblem, Bravely Default, Smash Bros, Kirby, Tales of the Abyss, Fantasy Life, Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing and so on that I love.

    Also, as for some really awesome DS games, I love Okami Den. It's kind of a sequel to the Okami game for the Wii. The gameplay is a little clunky playing on a DS instead of a Wii, but the art is beautiful, and I love the cute characters. I also really like a game called Luminous Arc 2, the art was incredibly pretty and so was the music. The gameplay was a lot like Fire Emblem with the strategy and moving your characters across a board.

    Sorry, I went off on a total fangirl fest. I just enjoy the DS and 3DS systems a lot, I've found some really awesome games. Haha ^^"
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  11. That's okay, my heart went fangirl-fest by just reading how much you love the HM and RF series~

    Unfortunately I've missed RF4 *sniffles* and it's no longer possible to buy through the eShop...
  12. Oh no I'm so sorry D: You can't get a hard copy? They're still being sold on Amazon, albeit the price is $39.99 :c
  13. I finally tracked down an online copy in the eShop, I thought they released it a year ago bit nope, got released in Dec -.-

    EDIT: Downloading the game now. Enjoy your chatting everyone, I've got some gaming to do.
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  14. An often overlooked but great DS game is 999 or '9 Hours, 9 Doors, 9 Persons.'
    It has sequel for 3DS called Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Haven't played this one.

    In the first game, nine people are kidnapped and taken to a location. They have nine hours to escape, by going through the right doors and solving puzzles. Get the door wrong, or try to force it, you dead.

    It has great writing and characters.
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  15. My favorite games on my 3ds are Animal Crossing: New Leaf, any Zelda 3DS game, any Pokemon game, Super Smash Bros, Rune Factory 4, and any Harvest Moon game. :D

    And also, since we're able to complain about games here as well, I wanted to rant about Tomodachi Life, Bravely Default, and Fantasy Life. Tomodachi life was actually pretty fun, it's just that it didn't really have a story and I lost interest on the 2nd day. And Bravely Default... well... again, I have to say that it's not terrible, but it felt like they didn't really try too hard while developing that game and I'm hoping to finish it one day. Then Fantasy Life: I knew that it would be a very childish game so I came prepared for that, and it is one of my funnest games, but I just feel like they could've put more effort into the challenges and stuff... I dunno... Just sayin'. Then again, these are all my opinions, so I know that all of these games are awesome in their own way. c:

    And also, if you ever need an extra game or you are a Nintendo newbie, then I recommend Rune Factory 4! The style of the game is only for certain people, but it's soooo fun and sooo cute and soooo awesome.
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  16. I've heard that the latest Harvest Moon game is just terrible. Like, every review I've read for it is just scalding.
    Anyone here who's played it have any input on that?

    (There's also another HM game coming out under a different title, Story of Seasons. It sounds a lot better. It's only under a different name because there's a different publisher involved.)
  17. Yeah, what is considered "harvest moon" is the new Story of Seasons. The reason why it is labeled differently is because Natsume has copyright over the name "Harvest Moon." Originally Natsume translated the series, but this time Xseed is translating it. The new harvest moon game, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, is an original game completely from Natsume and is not tied to Marvelous Entertainment who makes the original game (at least I'm pretty sure it's not). It was, I think, only released in the US and Europe? At least for now.

    And yeah...it's not very good. I mean it's really cool for the Minecrafty bits where you can build your own farm, but it doesn't have a village you can visit, the bachelors/bachelorettes are limited, and you have to wait for people to visit you in order to interact with them. Also apparently you can't give gifts? You have to complete quests to gain friendship.

    I'm waiting for Story of Seasons lol.
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  18. Most of my favourites have already been mentioned, so I'll try to be succinct and just mention some of the games I like and why I like them. The DS is easily my second favourite system after the gamecube, but I'll try to keep this list short.

    • Pokemon X & Y
      I have pokemon X, and it blew me out of the water when I first booted it up. It reminded me of when Twilight Princess came out and I was so busy gawking over the opening graphics I could hardly follow the dialogue. I love all of the new pokemon, which had very likeable and expressive designs, and Amie let me interact with the little guys in a way no other game had ever offered. The whole game was a great big tip of the hat to breeders, too, with the circular plaza in Lumiose, a great big uninterrupted straight stretch right outside the day-care, and a convenient river for the unworthy! The GTS is a godsend as well, especially the feature that lets you only search for trades that want pokemon you have. Wonder trade can also make for an interesting experience. I still think it would've been cool if your pokemon could follow behind you like in the Gold and Silver game, and I'm also a tad disappointed that Nintendo has released a solid 'no' on whether or not the trainer customization will return, and whether additional items will be available in DLC. But overall I have to say that it's incredible, and I'm eagerly saving my pennies for ORAS

    • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
      I had to restart this game a few times to finish it, but I really enjoyed it. It picked up the story of Wind Waker where it left off, which I thought was neat, and brought back a lot of the characters for it. The story was charming and motivating, and the controls and tools familiar and intuitive. It's just.... God Damn Temple of the Mother Fucking Ocean King. God damn it.

    • Avalon Code
      A non-series title, it suffers from a lack of exposure compared to bigger franchises, but if you give this handheld RPG/puzzle game a chance, it's worth your buck. I read a short blurb about it in a magazine, and was intrigued enough to make inquiries. See, whereas in most games you have to save the world, in this one your job is to end it. More specifically, the world is going to end, and so it's time for a chosen one to take up the Book of Prophecy and record everything worth carrying over to the next world - which is a neat reincarnation mechanic in itself. The game plays like an RPG, and has a bit of a choice system in place. Where you go at what time, who you make friends with, and what you say to people, can affect minor things in the story. The game has you travel across the world and through dungeons, smacking things with your book to look at the codes of their existence, which you can rearrange to make things weaker, stronger, or characterized differently. (ie: your bff has an 'illness' code locked into her page; finding the right code and completing the right quests will free her of her sickness). I could keep going on, but it's really one of those things you should discover for yourself.

    • Mario Kart for DS
      Double Dash will always be my favourite, but I love the wireless play feature of DS; you don't have to have your own copy of the game to play, just buddy up with a pal and start your engines! It also has the usual feature of combining retro and new tracks, which I like.

    • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
      This game broke my heart. I'm not a fan of the entire series (I can't get past the jarring disparity of the cool and original Final Fantasy side slapped against Disney movies), but I could definitely get behind this one. I binge-played it for weeks, and when I beat it, I had one of those depressive episodes where you've just finished something really great and you don't feel like starting anything else, because it can't compare.
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  19. Why haven't we exchanged friend codes and visited each other's towns in Animal Crossing yet?
  20. I'm currently playing Animal Crossing, and was just thinking that as I refreshed the homepage.
    My FC is 1075-0814-8981 for anyone that wants to add me. c: I just started a new game in AC.
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