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  1. Brrr! There's a cold snap where I live, the humidity has plummeted and it's wreaking hell on my skin!

    What do you guys do when your epidermis is irritable? Oil bath? vaseline? Oatmeal scrub? Moisturizers? Gloves?
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  2. Rub an egg on your skin
  3. An egg? Why?
  4. It has natural moisturizers in it
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  5. Weird, was just having this conversation with another friend.
    So, depends on how much of your skin is dry, how often you can reapply, what you're doing, etc.

    Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, since this actually does make a difference. Making sure that your diet has enough natural oils and all that too can help.

    Me, I have lots of opportunity to reapply and am overall dry, so I got a thing of coconut oil at the store and use that.
    Oils are sort of long term. Works slower, but lasts longer. Easy to rub off, though.
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  6. I try to make a rule that I won't put anything on my skin that I wouldn't ingest. While your skin is a barrier to the outside world, it is not completely impenetrable and is in fact the largest organ of your body. I would never use Vaseline since it's a petroleum product.

    Mostly what Kitti said but I'll add a few to it. Take quick showers. Counterintuitive but apparently longer showers dry out the skin more. I should try to figure out the science for that. Rosehip oil is also really good. It's pricy however. For your face, try an avocado mask!
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  7. I get really dry elbows and ankles....if that happens and they feel kinda scaley...... try chapstick. I know it's strange but it works. Just make sure it's rubbed in. It helps to cover the elbow or ankle back up with like a sleeve or a sock for a while.
  8. Showers dry out the skin more, particularly hot showers. The key is that your skin isn'y absorbing any of that water and uses oil to keep its own moisture (hence my advice on using oils to moisturize). Hot water is actually pretty effective at stripping the oil from your skin. This is why it makes it worse.

    For areas like elbows and hands, you can use shea butter, too, which is pretty rich. Sort of depends on how do-it-yourself you are, since you can make effective creams to use on your own if you so choose, such as this. But the basic ingredients to it can be used alone and will also help (coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, etc.).
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  9. My lip split really badly a couple weeks ago and it still hurts. Apparently I didn't apply the Blistex in time.
  10. I used hemp lotion. Does wonders for my skin, I highly recommend it. Just pay close attention to the ingredients for every brand. Like any other lotion, some of them won't do you much good. x__x

    I struggle with dry skin all the time no matter what the season. I also have eczema. Since I can't get my prescription lotion, I use Aveeno Eczema Therapy. :3 I really like this brand, too, for all kinds of skin conditions! I use Aveeno for my son as well, he's so nice and soft. :3 Their body washes and soaps are pretty nice as well. Dat oatmeal is amazing.

    Alsooooo, shea butter. <3
  11. As others have said you want to take quick showers no more than 5-10 minutes and don't take a hot shower either. Then once you are done showering make sure you pat yourself dry instead of rubbing, and try to apply lotion to wherever you want as soon as possible because this helps keep moisture locked into your skin.
  12. I have eczema (skin disease that's essentially a perpetual rash), so my skin is ULTRA sensitive to stuff.

    Take oatmeal baths. Not like everyday, but it helps a lot with moisturizing.

    Drink a lot of water.

    This one, most people don't know. Keep a track of detergents/fabric softeners/body soaps/shampoo you use. A lot of them have surprisingly harsh chemicals. I've been told that the foamier your body soap or shampoo gets, the more salt it generally has, which dries the skin quickly.

    Wear clothes that fit well. Not too big, because loose pieces of clothing can agitate already dry/sensitive areas and not too small, because tight fitting clothing causes sweat, which isn't a pretty thing by itself, much less with all the agitated skin.

    Avoid substances with a high risk for allergy development, like latex or certain powders, especially if you have sensitive skin, since those with sensitive skin tend to develop these kinds of rashes quickly.

    Personally, I also find that my weight has exacerbated my eczema to places there wasn't irritation before. I've gained about 60 pounds the last two years, and my larger thighs, the insides of my elbow, and the popliteal areas of my body rub against each other all day, creating a lot of dry skin.
  13. I really love coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. I tend to prefer the cocoa butter a bit more, as to me it's less greasy than the coconut oil, and easier to apply (pure coconut oil has a fairly high melting point, so in the winter it turns solid). If you get the coconut oil that's marketed specifically for cooking, it does stay liquid, but it's not pure.

    When I'm at work, because I work with children so am constantly washing my hands, I try to keep a small pot of hand moisturizer in my hoodie pocket, but if I forget that, I always have the tin of Vaseline I keep in my pocket for my dry lips. It's good in a pinch. Also, if you're washing dishes and like me cannot stand gloves, vaseline on your hands helps to coat your hands and shield any cracked skin from the soap.

    When I taught Montessori and the children had class chores (which included washing the lunch trays), I had a little girl with severe excema, especially on her hands between her fingers. Usually she was okay with washing dishes, but if she had a flare-up and the dish soap stung the cracked skin, I would put a thin layer of Vaseline over the cracks, which helped tremendously.

    I would also suggest putting on moisturizer immediately after a shower, when your skin is still damp and your pores are more open. This helps your skin absorb the moisturizer more quickly.
  14. Its all about that vegetable soap..i'm telling you. its magic...so many scents.
  15. SO MUCH DRY SKIN. I'm having lots of fun making my own creams and body butters. I had one for a while that was awesome, but needed to be refrigerated (so I'm going to re-make it, but make another one i can take with me to work to reapply) (so I'm going to be THAT PERSON who's applying lotion ALL THE TIME at work, especially since it's so dry in there). I have noticed recently that I'm making more of an effort to drink a ton of water and that it's helping. Bleh. Kind of hurts my throat, but it's helping, so I must be needing it.
  16. Is it a/c, Elyd? B/c I'm totally with you on that. I can't do a/c on so many levels.

    In related news, just picked up a new small tube of Palmer's concentrated cocoa butter lotion for my hands at work. It's one of my preferred brands of cocoa butter, and highly available pretty much anywhere. If you don't have the time (or the will) to make your own, Palmer's is a good brand choice imo.
  17. Not sure what you mean by a/c. Air conditioning? It's way, way below freezing where I live right now so the dry air is from heating systems...
  18. Oh ah. Yes, I did mean air conditioning, but heating does the same thing to me as well. :P
  19. Mashed banana + honey + peanut butter = most delicious moisturizer ever
  20. I doubt I'd ever get that on my body. Sounds too yummy.
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