Drugs or Jesus

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Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.

What's Drugs or Jesus about?

A town torn apart by two extremist groups – the Outlaws and the White Hands. A new program for young criminals from New York called the Honky Tonk Angels is about to upset this balance.

What's different from other real life rpgs?

We're dealing with a controversial subject – racism for starters. Our roleplay is a healthy mix of character and plot driven activities. You'll find nitty-gritty plots on one end of the spectrum and plots about a high school girl falling in love for the first time on the other end. Our characters are diverse in race and personality bringing something new to the table each time one is joined. We value ourselves more on character development and growth than on fancy graphics or how much we post.

What kind of players are you seeking?
We love mature individuals who love to see what makes their characters tick and throw them into awkward situations for the fun of it. People who want to sit back and kick back a fake e-beer in the c-box to chat about roleplaying and the silliness of our board are always welcome.

In fact, what are you doing here? Come get your e-beer and chicken wings now!

We are not responsible for any harm that might come from snuggling guests and possibly squeezing them into comas.[/align]