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  1. K E L L E R


    48 hours with half an hour sleep was a blessing to Calvin. He woke up at 7:30, realizing he had just slept. A thankful mood swept over him as he got out of his bed, praising God for the sleep. The tall male walked over to his bathroom, pulling his fingers though his thick hair. After showering quickly and styling his hair loosely, Calvin went to get his medication. "Shit..." He shook the empty bottle. He'd have to stop off at the pharmacy after work.

    Calvin sipped on the strongest coffee as he strolled through the building. Caffeine was no doubt awful for his brain in the long term, but Calvin only cared for the short term right now. He sipped the hot liquid as he turned the corner to the counter. Great, a queue. He looked down to his watch, 7PM , surely the pharmacy closed soon?

    No matter, Calvin joined the queue, putting a hand into the pocket of his black jeans. His black t-shirt clung tightly to his built frame. He peered across the line, then the guy in front of him. Calvin noted how tall and slim he was, but he had nice hair. He shrugged and turned behind him, accidentally knocking him with his elbow, "Shit, I'm sorry." Calvin said, a tired smile on his face.

    T R O Y


    Parties always made Parker extra nervous. The music was always so loud so he could never whisper. People were everywhere, giving him weird looks as he accidentally gave them back. The only reason he agreed to come was the promise of scoring free coke. And that always got Parker on board.

    His lower lip tightened as he upper lip twitched. Parker stared at the carpet, hoping people wouldn't see. He waited for it to stop spasming before he chugged the beer in his cup. He needed at least three more cups before he started to feel the effect.

    With that in mind, Parker shuffled through the crowds towards the kitchen, in search for whatever drink there was. He rifled through the fridge of the unknown owner, picking up another beer. Parker sighed, hoping his friends would appear with the drug soon. He was released from the hospital a month ago, and got sober for a month and two days. If his sponsor found out, Parker would be straight back into the hospital. But nobody at this party would know, right?

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  2. The walk to his new pharmacist was barely long enough for Quinn to finish a whole cigarette. He'd honestly been smoking more since his release from Mayfield Mental hospital than he was before - it calmed him on the bad nights. And tonight was a bad night. The day opened with a lovely phone call with dad, reminding Quinn that he wasn't going to be on his health insurance forever, and concluded with a loving conversation with his step brother about the state of his mental health, and when he'd be committed again. He was more than prepared to crawl into bed at 6:30 and sleep the next eighteen hours away when he realized he was out of his anti-anxiety medication.​

    Quinn was regretting his choice in attire, the fall air being just barely enough to chill him through navy hoodie. After discarding the butt of his cigarette, the blonde slipped into the small pharmacy as quickly as he could, his wiry hands tucked deep into his pockets to protect from the cold. There was a line to the pharmacy counter, earning a crinkle-nosed expression from the male, but he complied. He was too cold to pull his hands from his pockets to check his phone, so instead, the blonde opted to stand in silence and wait.​

    Emerald eyes focused on the teller, Quinn watching his movements carefully as a method to pass the time, watching how he reacted to each customer. He still couldn't shake the desire to be home from his head however.​

    The man behind him jarred the blonde from his focus, prompting him to turn around. His eyes widened in recognition when their gazes met, and Quinn quickly had to remind himself to just say it's fine and call it a day. Unfortunately, his therapist's words rang louder in his head. "Put yourself out there, or you'll never recover."

    Quinn could have punched himself.​

    "I know you from somewhere... Mayfield hospital?" Quinn wondered out loud, dumbly. The thought struck him immediately that a vague acquaintance probably wouldn't be keen on the idea of re-connecting with a felling mental patient at the pharmacy, but he was already in too deep. "C-Calvin, right?"


    Blaze untangled himself from the girl he'd taken a fancy to, his playful buzz and curious hands subdued by the baggy full of molly she'd dangled in his face. It wasn't his drug of choice, but it was more than enough to send his brain into a symphony of buzzing temptations and what ifs. "Sorry, Doll. Not my gig." was all he could manage to tell her, his southern drawl slurring slightly under the influence of three beers.​

    The girl's frustrated grumbling fell on deaf ears as Blaze bee-lined for the kitchen. He needed another drink and another cigarette to clear his head, lest he deem the party a bust and go home. His palms were shaky and sweaty, and Blaze had to stop in the hall to regulate his breathing. This wasn't very cool of him, but he reminded himself that neither were the needle scars on his arms.​

    Stepping into the kitchen, Blaze immediately noted the male standing at the refrigerator. He was cute, a mess of blonde hair with a facial expression that peeked the male's interest. He looked a little lost and uncomfortable, which only fueled Blaze's desire to strike up a conversation with him. He took a split moment to straight himself out, tugging at his make-out-messy clothes and running a hand through his jet black hair. This was how he coped - moving onto the next attractive person until he finally put the buzzing in the back of his head to bed.​

    He approached the fridge, gracefully reaching past the male and grabbing a beer. "You look lost, kid. You waitin' on someone?" he started, knowing that small talk was the key to courtship.​
  3. K E L L E R


    When the man turned around without forgiving, Calvin looked at him blankly, not knowing how to react. But he said the name of his hospital again, followed by his name. Calvin was quiet as he studied the blond's face, trying to match a name, "Uh..." He paused, before a sudden memory flooded his tired mind. He remembered trying to talk to everyone on the first day like it was summer camp, turns out that's not what it's like.

    "Oh, Quinn!" He suddenly smiled, he remembered sitting down next to Quinn on the first day, attempting to strike up a conversation with gusto. "How's it going? Outta the hospital for good now?" He folded his muscular arms, black material stretching tight. Calvin didn't learn much about anybody but their names and favourite colours from the hospital. But, it had been a good couple of months since he was there, and he was feeling much better.

    "I guess that's what you're in the queue for." He smiled, pointing at the moving line of people, poking further into his life.

    T R O Y


    As he opened the bottle, Parker's cheek began twitching, then his nose. The spasms usually went unnoticed to Parker, but in a room full of people who could be judging him heavily made him recognize each twitch and turn. He finally got the bottle open and took almost all of it at once.

    He only stopped when a boy leaned past him. His cheek was still spasming as he admired the face passing him. Tall, dark and handsome. Parker wanted to slide out of the situation and just admire the attractive brunette from afar. He also wanted to slide away to call his friends for the coke he was promised.

    His idea was short-lived when he began speaking. Parker looked at him with wide eyes before shrugging, "I'm waiting for Jordan and Harley..." Parker had to whisper. The party was much louder, but the kitchen wasn't exactly silent. He wasn't sure if he heard him, but if Parker raised his voice, no doubt his voice would embarrass the fuck out of him.​

  4. The man before him was obviously struggling with his name for a while, and Quinn felt as though he could have died from embarrassment. His brain was buzzing with every paranoid "what if" he could come up with - What if this was the wrong guy? What if he just admitted he was a mental patient to a complete stranger? What if he was embarrassed of being in the hospital, and Quinn just reminded him of it? The blonde couldn't help but avert his eyes to relieve the screaming anxiety in his chest.

    He vaguely noted the increasing restlessness of the man behind Calvin.

    There was an immediate, comforting warmness that overcame the blonde when Calvin remembered who he was. Admittedly, they hadn't really gotten to know each other while he was in the hospital, as Quinn had tried pretty hard to focus on getting better. He remembered how exhausted the man he'd met in the hospital looked though, and how much healthier he looked now.

    Quinn rubbed his arms bashfully, thankful for his sweater. "For good, hopefully. I can only go up from where I was, and upkeep is half the battle, right?" He offered with a small shrug in the pharmacist's direction. "But what about you? You look really good."

    The man behind Calvin appeared to not care for their conversation, and roughly shoved the man forward. "Can you move up? Some of us are in a fuckin' hurry!" the man snapped. He seemed on edge, which put Quinn on edge. The blonde cautiously took a step forward, closing the gap between him and the person ahead of him in line, but couldn't shake the feeling that the irritated man seemed like bad news.


    Blaze couldn't help but admire the male's appearance. Even in his tipsy state, he could tell that there was more to the male than his lost look and shy whisper. He didn't seem like the type to come to these parties without a reason, whatever it was. Not that the party was all that great to begin with, but Blaze had been in desperate need for something to do that night. He used to love house parties like the one he was at, but the times had changed and he was significantly more with it than he used to be. In all honesty, he was only there to find an attractive someone to spend the evening with, and tear his attention away from the incessant buzzing phone in his pocket.

    "Mmm... Well, I hope they're not blowin' you off." Blaze mused out loud at the male. His morbid curiosity kept him there in the kitchen, despite the familiar anxiousness the male was exuding. He seemed like he didn't want to be there at all, and the male wondered for just a second if he was intruding. It didn't dissuade him though, and he kept his hazel eyes locked on his new friend's features. He seemed to have some sort of facial tick, but Blaze didn't think it took away from his attractiveness.

    Leaning up against the counter, the male took a swig of his beer. "Want me to leave you be then? Don't wanna put a damper on your plans there."
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    I tried to set up a little more, so we could get things going. Feel free to do whatever you want with the cranky guy (who I was assuming could be our robber) in line. I was also thinking that maybe Parker's friends would stand him up? Or a different dealer could show up and they'd get into an altercation of some sort. Just throwin' ideas out there. ))
  5. K E L L E R


    "Thanks!" Calvin smiled when he spoke. He had hoped he was looking better. In the hospital, Calvin's eyes were dark, his hair greasy and his skin was oily. Hopefully now he was looking fitter than ever. He noticed Quinn's nervousness, Calvin tried to be as relaxed as he could, because Quinn looked like he was gonna rub a hole through his sweater.

    When the man behind him made a fuss, Calvin furrowed his brow. "Hey man, we can't make this line move any quicker." He said sternly, using his hand to motion a stop sign between them. "Jeez, some people..." He muttered as he moved forward.

    As both men collected there white paper bags, Calvin jogged over to Quinn, hoping to continue their conversation. "Hey!" He said, walking in front of him with a grin, "You keep in contact with anyone else from the hospital?" He asked, wondering if it was just him missing out on a big social collective. If you could call mental health patients a social collective...

    Suddenly, Calvin heard a lot of noise coming from the prescription desk. His ears perked up and his eyebrows furrowed. It didn't sound like anything good...

    T R O Y


    When Blaze spoke, Parker could only muster up the courage to nod anxiously as his facial twitch was intensifying on his nose. His nose and upper lip were spasming like crazy. Parker's cheeks when bright red as he stared down at the floor, hoping the new boy wouldn't notice.

    God, he wanted coke so badly. He looked up at Blaze for a second before taking out his phone the instant it buzzed. He opened it up to see a text

    "No dust t'night, deal w/o
    - Jord

    Parker sighed out quietly just as Blaze asked another question. He hesitated, admiring Blaze's wonderfully cut face. Maybe if he didn't get the drugs, he could get closer to this beautiful male? "It's okay-" He whispered, "Turns out they are actually ditching me."​
  6. The blonde was very relieved when Calvin handled the man behind them in line. He wasn't a fan of confrontation, and left to his own devices, Quinn probably would have given up his spot in line. Before he has the chance to say much else, it was his turn in line. It didn't take long for him to receive his medications - Librium and Xanax for his anxiety, lisinopril for his high blood pressure and hypertension, and naproxen for the headaches caused by the rest of his prescriptions.​

    He was ready to call it a day, honestly, when Calvin raced to catch up with him. Quinn wasn't expecting the conversation, but he wasn't unhappy about it. It took a moment for him to think on the man's question, and the blonde couldn't help but frown just a little. He didn't remember the first few weeks at all, or the week leading up to being admitted if he was being honest. He really couldn't say he remember the first time he met Calvin either. What he did remember were the group therapy sessions, if only vaguely, and how pleasant the man seemed regardless of their situation. "I don't really remember a lot of my time at the hospital. I wasn't really myself when I was admitted."

    "Just gimme the fuckin' pills, lady!"

    Quinn jumped a little, emerald eyes widening as his attention moved back to the man at the counter. The rest of the patrons of the pharmacy quickly made for the exactly before the two of them really even had a chance to react. The man pulled a gun from his jacket pocked waving it first at the woman, then at Quinn and Calvin. "Give me the fucking pills or I'll kill everyone in here!"[/color]​


    Blaze could feel his hopes being dashed as his nameless friend produced the phone from his pocket. Still, he waited for the blonde to say the word so he could move onto his next distraction for the evening (or, realistically speaking, home, because the party was honestly exhausting him). The male was admittedly hard to read, and Blaze got the idea that he'd put a lot of practice in that.​

    The news that his friends had ditched him caused a small grin to tug at Blaze's lips. His advances went from zero to sixty in seconds flat, and the male inched closer to his friend. "Yeah? A cute thing like you? That's a fuckin' shame." he hummed quietly between swigs of his beer. He was already at the point in the evening where the courting game was lost to him, and Blaze was looking for any kind of action he could comfortably enjoy, and the male before him, whose name he hadn't even asked yet, seemed to be his best option.​

    "Pardon me if I'm being too forward here..." Blaze set his beer to the side and inched closer still. He didn't want to yell over the music and chatter in the background. "My apartment's close, and I have way better beer." He straighten his posture and offered his hand in a show of playful formality. "My name's Blaze, by the way. I don't think I caught yours."
  7. [​IMG]

    Calvin smiled, at least it wasn't just him. But now he was feeling much better, and could definitely catch up on some people he had met in the hospital. "Ah me neither-" He shrugged before he heard the chaos.

    He was not unused to people getting mad here and there, he certainly could handle these people. But not when they pull a gun on him. Calvin's instinct made him put his arm behind him, protecting Quinn as the gun was pulled. All this acting the hero was surely going to get him killed one day, he loved being mr. good guy. Well, now it was real.

    The woman at the counter had already started crying as the gunman threatened her again. The man got increasingly irritated as someone started shrieking "GUN!" From the front. Calvin took a step forward and put his other hand out, to try to calm the gunman down, "You don't need to do this man..." Calvin said lowly, giving the gunman a stern look. Under all his bravery, it wasn't obvious how shit terrified Calvin was. His heart was beating against his ribcage violently. His other hand was still in front of Quinn.

    "If you need pills, you can get them other ways..."


    Getting compliments from an actual cute man was unheard of for Parker. Well, he got his usual butt-slaps and winks from weird men at bars but most people got less attracted the more they looked at his face and heard his voice. He went a pink tint, smiling a bit as Blaze flirted shamelessly.

    "Parker." He whispered, smiling a bit, his cheek twitching as he shook the hand back. His moved his clammy hand back to his pocket as Parker thought about the offer. It really wasn't everyday like this happened. And it honestly excited Parker. The idea of spending time with an attractive man who hadn't turned him away because of his quirks was quite amazing.

    "Sure. It's too loud in here anyway." Parker blinked before quickly exiting out of the kitchen.

    As the cold night air hit him, Parker took a breath of fresh air in. He still desperately wanted coke, but the company of another man would do for now.
  8. Quinn's heart pounded in his chest as the man waved his gun at them. His hands trembled around his bag of prescriptions clutched tightly to his chest. The blonde was perfectly fine staying silent and waiting for the pharmacy to forfeit the pills to the man, however Calvin, obviously, had different plans. His long lost acquaintance's actions sent Quinn's brain into a panicked frenzy. He wanted desperately to reach out and yell at Calvin to stop being fucking stupid before it got him killed.

    The assailant turned to Calvin, eyes wide with an almost animalistic desperation. "B-Back the fuck off, buddy! I'm not joking!" he warned, and Quinn was screaming inside his own head. Listen to the man, Calvin, please...

    The man took a shaky step forward before firing his gun straight into the ceiling. The woman behind the counter let out an audible sob, and Quinn covered his ears. Letting his bag of pills drop to the ground, the blonde folded in on himself. Everything around him fell silent, and the only thing he could hear was his own blood thrumming in his ears. The man went on - "Give me the pills bitch, I swear to god!" - but Quinn didn't seem to register his raised voice.

    Without another word, the blonde straightened and took a step forward. "How far do you think you're gonna get once you get your fix, you fuckin' junkie?!" he snapped, emerald eyes sharp and angry. He'd done a complete one eighty from his appearance just a few minutes before.

    The man was a little shocked, turning back to Quinn and Calvin to investigate them. "Excuse me?"

    "Are you stupid?" Quinn went on, taking another small step towards Calvin's arm. "What do you think is gonna happen when you get those pills? The cops are on their way no, asshole!"

    The man was clearly beginning to panic. "S-Shut up and back off!" He waved the gun some more.

    Quinn, possessed by some foreign anger that he was seemingly incapable of, pushed Calvin's arm aside and took one more step towards the man. "Do it! I fuckin' dare yoU! Put this kid in misery and land yourself a fucking murder charge you piece of shit!"

    The woman behind the counter piped up finally. "Please, just take the pills and leave!"

    The man was immediately distracted, turning back to the counter to reach for the pills. Quinn decided in that moment to do the unthinkable - he lunged for the man. They both toppled to the ground, the gun going off once more into a nearby shelf. The blonde punched the man as hard as he could, the man immediately letting go of his gun to shield his face. Quinn ignored the gun, choosing instead to continue punching the man until he stopped resisting. Without a word, he rose, taking a small step back from the man, who was groaning and clearly out of commission, before kicking the gun away.

    Sharp, cold eyes went soft once more, and Quinn looked faint. Wavering slightly, the blonde braced himself heavily against the closest counter, glancing up momentarily through his dizziness to try and gain his bearings once more.


    Parker... Blaze rolled the name around on his tongue for a moment before cracking a slight grin. He was quick to lead his friend out of the kitchen, and out the front door. He couldn't be happier as the loud music and louder people faded into white noise as he made his way down the street.

    He wasn't lying about his apartment, the walk was only a quiet block from the party they were at. Blaze filled the time with polite small talk - how old they were, who invited them to the party - things they'd probably forget before morning, so he was more than ok talking about them in the meantime.

    At his doorstep, Blaze put on a lazy smile as he searched for his key. "Don't mind if it's not the cleanest, I'm honestly not home that much." And that was a lie. That part was actually the first time in two weeks Blaze had gone anywhere besides work, home, or his best friend's house to watch movies. His early twenties were turning out to be his slowing down years, after all. He was, however, very concerned with keeping up appearances, and more importantly, not looking boring.

    The apartment was small, but not terribly messy. A small kitchen broke off from the door way, but opened along with the hallway into his small, cozy looking living room. The apartment looked lived in, remnants of Blaze covering every corning of the space from his meager vinyl collection to his flame red electric guitar displayed neatly on a stand beside the window. "Make yourself at home, I'll grab us some beers." Blaze patted Parker on the shoulder, his hand lingering there for just a second longer than was 'just friendly" before disappearing into the kitchen. He reemerged with two icy bottles and easily plopped down on the couch.

    He was honestly getting impatient, but didn't want to scare his friend off so soon. "So, can you explain to me how a cute thing like you is so shy?"
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