Drowned: Starcrossed Lovers (F seeking M)

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  1. She was raised by a murderer and kidnapper, of course she never knew this, so she called him 'Father' none the less, an angel in disguise, hidden away from a cruel and hateful world...by a cruel and hateful man. She was restricted, she couldn't go into town and her house sat on a cliff over looking the ocean, so beautiful when the sun would set...and when the sun would set she would go outside, stand on that cliff and sing, her voice haunting and beautiful like a siren's song. This was all she was allowed to do. Not many people wandered up towards the house on the cliff, they all believed the man and girl inside to be crazy, but one day...her song draws a man to her, he follows the sound carefully walking the whole way his sense of hearing much better than most, after all...he needed that to make up for his lack of sight. He couldn't see her, not the freckles speckled across her whole body, the pale skin that looked like sun never touched it, hair long and fiery red on the sunset, curled at the ends and nearly past her knees, or the strange two colored eyes that marked her as 'strange', one eye of brilliant glowing purple and then the other a deep glowing emerald green, he couldn't see any of the things that made others reject her. He heard her voice.

    He sat to talk with her, she noticed the milky cloudy eyes, gray, so maybe they were blue underneathe? She noticed him and stopped singing, he asked her to keep going. She did and then the two talked for hours and hours, he asked to feel her face at some point and she allowed it. "Rounded face..." A finger brushes her nose, "pert nose..." A finger stroked her lips lightly, "soft lips as well, now I have a question, I used to be able to see, what color is your hair?"

    "Red..." She responded in a quiet voice that seemed to suit her far too well.

    "You're of Celtic descent?"


    "Beautiful then I understand..." He smiled at her suddenly, brightly and cheerfully, a big grin that made her heart leap into her throat and in an instant she fell in love, but what was surprising was what he asked next. "Will you run away with me? We can find somewhere far away to live, by the ocean so you can see and hear it, just as you do here. So will you?"

    "But...you don't even know my name!"

    "Then tell me it! I want to know, everything about you."

    "Ah...Aclitenis...my name is Aclitenis." She suddenly laughed, she never thought she would meet someone like him, handsome an strong to take her away, she jumped at the chance. "I'll tell my Father, I want his permission, meet me here tomorrow night okay?"

    "As you wish Aclitenis, be safe." His hand brushed across her face, held her cheek and he gently tapped his head to hers then turned her head slightly to kiss her, well and deeply. That was how this story began...but how it ends is all so tragic.

    Aclitenis told her father that day, he started muttering incoherently and shoved her into a room which he locked, he rambled about protecting her from everything in this world, she would stay pure forever. The next day early in the morning as the sun rose he dragged her from that room by her hair and...threw her over the cliff and into the deep deep ocean below. Blind or not the man was enraged, he found his way to the man and haphazardly assaulted him, he managed to kill her feeling the blood on his hands he felt guilt, intense and sudden and he also threw himself from the cliff and drowned. Love at first smile, yet doomed all the same, at least that's what one would think.

    They drowned, murdered and suicide, though he killed for the revenge so he wasn't to be cursed. As a result they end up in a sort of underwater heaven, where all unjust murders and deaths could exist and live a new life with a blank clean slate, free of their mortal memories. Aclitenis and her lover wake up side by side in this temple, but neither knows the other, Aclitenis can no longer sing or speak...but he can see clearly. The two awaken only having names of their own, an undine approaches them and tells them that they can live freely and happily here, she also apologizes for their lack of clothing; of which neither has, but leads them to a pair of rooms and tells them to rest for a day and informs them that if they get any flashbacks of their past life to just ignore them.

    It's after all the past events take place that the RP begins, in this underwater heavenly temple, the question is how will their lives go from now on, they are technically undine's themselves now, the ending is open ended, we can play it however we please. Now if you've read all this mess of words and you wanna play message this thread or PM me~ and we can go from there! I really hope someone wants to do this with me. >w<​
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  2. I'm interested.
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