Drowned in sorrows (Anime and See)

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  1. Becky and her younger brother were just hanging out near a frozen pond. They were really close to one another. They were normally at work but today they had their day off. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting dark blue jeans and a heavy pink over coat. Despite it being very cold that day they still went for a walking. Her blond hair ways tied back into a loose pony tail as well. Her blue eyes were covered with her blond bangs that were always to long for her forehead. Joking she laughed and pushed her brother which caused him to loose his balance and start falling towards the ice. Little did they know that there was a crack where he fell.
  2. Drew was the youngest of the three. He was always a kind person and the one who stopped the fights between the twins. Though he was always one who had to calm them both but he was closer to his sister, Becky. She was willing to go out of her way to have fun with him. Though he spoke to her trying to make a joke, "I guess in the long run I'm the mature one here" he sneered as she ended up giving him a playful push and he slightly lost his balance.

    Though quickly after he fell onto the ice as it broke and he fell into the water. He tried to look for the way out as he couldn't find it. As he started to lose oxygen. Little did he know that his life was going to change after that moment.
  3. Becky did not mean to push him that hard and she screamed when she saw him fall. "Drew!" She called out as she saw him go under. Soon the current took him under the ice and she had no idea what she was going to do. She knew that time was not on her side looking around quickly she grabbed a large rock. It took her another few minutes before she found him under the water. Quickly she slammed the rock into the rock it took a few tries and a lot of her energy to break it. It was already so long since he was under she grabbed him and pulled him to the edge of the river bank. "Drew?' She called shaking him.
  4. Drew was under for almost two whole minutes though that was enough to damage the human body. His body basically shut down as she got him out. Though he coughed out the water he got in his system but he still had alot of damage. He was there unable to move. As his heart was beating slowly. He was close to death and he could hardly breath normally.
  5. Tears formed in her eyes as she saw him cough but did not wake up. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911 they said they would be there soon. When she hung up she texted her twin brother about Drew being hurt. After that she kept her fingers on his neck to make sure his heart kept beating. If it stopped she would have to do chest compressions to keep him alive.
  6. His heart was beating fine as the ambulance came and he quickly brought Drew into the car. "You can either drive with us to the hospital or get your car and drive there" One said to her.

    Less than an hour later they called Becky over. "I'm sorry to say but your brother has to be put on life support, He has alot of Brain damage and may not be the same person you knew. If he stayed in the water any longer he would've died, good thing you atleast saved him" the doctor spoke.

    Almost an hour after Justin the twin arrived "What the fuck did you do this time Becky" he shouted at her. He already jumped to conclusions as he wasnt happy that he left work an hour earlier than usual. "You had to go out with Drew today didn't you. I assume you planned this from the start" he spoke. He hardly got along with Becky and now since she was there when it happened its easier to point fingers at people.
  7. Sighing she was glad that his heart was still beating. She got into the ambulance with the paramedics. Hearing the words hit her like a ton of bricks. Yes she saved him but at what cost? He has brain damage. Tears flowed from her eyes as she took all this in.

    When her brother showed up she knew he was not going to be happy and that this was going to cause problems. She hated the fact that they did not get along. "It was an accident." She turned towards him and crossed her arms. "We were just fooling around and he lost his balance. How dare you think I did this on purpose. Why would I do this on purpose?"
  8. He stared at her seeing if he was able to see what she's talking about. He sees her as nothing but a mistake from her. "Was it an accident that you had to be younger than me? Or was it an accident that you 'pushed' him into the water. I guess I still do need to hire a babysitter for you" he spoke rudely to her. They never got along though many tried for them to get along better. It always seemed the more they talk the more they argued.
  9. His words cut through her like a knife and hurt her. "You really think I would so something to the person who actually cares for me? I get along with him better then me and you have ever gotten along." Why were they fighting over something so stupid when their brother was fighting for his life in the other room.
  10. "I don't know for all I know you could be a person who feels great on others pain. Though you wonder why we don't get along its because you always fucking make mistakes. If you weren't a screw up this wouldn't have happened" he told her.
  11. "I'm human everyone makes mistakes. But I would never do this on purpose to Drew." Tears filled her eyes as she spoke she closed them. "Can we not do this now? Drew needs us." She whispered.
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