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Drops on the Windowsill

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rainy Encore, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hello, Iwaku, and welcome to my first thread and post in this community. I am Rainy Encore, a young woman in my twenties, and came here to make and play some rps, obliviously. I enjoy many genres, though I dislike Furry and College styled tales and Super Heroes and the more Modern settings is not my forte. I enjoy the fantastical and world and settings taken from the past, my favorites being alternate history pieces with tinges of subtle horror.

    I am a French Canadian, and live in my familial home with my parents, younger brother and our family's dog in a very quiet suburb. I am bored and a shut in, so hopefully, if all go well, we will see each others often in these forums! That said, I hope you'll have a good day.
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  2. Bonjour! Enchantée de faire votre connaissance!
    Bienvenue à Iwaku! Profites bien de ton séjour.

    I am from the East Coast of Canada also. I spent some time in Gatineau and Quebec City. Lovely province.
  3. Welcome to the Madness xD. Remember nothing is what it seems in here ~

    * rides her tiger in the forum's backyard * ^^
  4. Hallo Rainy! Welcome to the site!
  5. Hey welcome to Iwaku! My name is Domeki but you can call me....Domeki I really don't have a nickname.Anyway I hope you have some fun here.
  6. Bienvenue! Another Canadian!

    Iwaku is a lot of fun, we have tons of people who enjoy fantasy, scifi, and historical settings as well - there's whole forums just for these kinds of Roleplays! You can also check out Roleplay Talk for GMs looking for new players :)