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  1. So... Hello :)
    I'll post a couple of ideas/pairings that could be fun to try out, and if you would like to play them too, give me a sound?
    Anyway, just a little info about me as a roleplayer first?
    I find one liners boring, so most of them are at least one paragraph, or more. Usually I reply at least once a day, though some days there will be more replies. Depends on the mood and the day.
    If there is smut involved,i prefer it to be more plot/romance/whatever you wish to call it, than smut. Usually I tend to prefer to not plan too much of the story, as if too much is planned it can feel boring, and uneventful.
    Also, I'll probaly update this
    Anyway, I tend to play female, but I CAN, play male. Though I generally prefer playing female. I can play both dominant and submissive characters, though even my submissive characters tend to be a liiiittle bit dominant even so. Uhm... What else? idk. Most things here can be fxf, mxf, or mxm (but I'm not a big fan of playing MxM. So....).
    So yes. go ahead and let me know if you'd like to try out any of these, OR just give me a sound if you'd like to play something totally else!

    Then, some pairings that I would want to play/enjoy to play.

    Greek God/Greek God (Especially Hera/Zeus, both them in human forms, or in godly form)
    Possible plot (open)
    As we all know, the King and Queen of gods have always been on a bit of a... rough path, but what if this path was to become rougher? What if someone (perhaps Rhea, Aphrodite, Hades, ect.) stripped them of their godly powers for a time, but they did not know for how long, or why. What if they just one day, out of the blue, woke up in an apartment in a city, not having any idea to what's happened, or why, but wake up in human bodies, and find what they need of ID and such there, but no clue as to how to get back to Olympus. Would it work to wake up their love again? Would it make the already turbulent relationship escalate in the brutality? What could, or would happen if the king and queen of gods were stuck in this world?

  2. I have an original Vampirexhuman plot if you're interested ^^
  3. Well of course :) Feel free to message me with the idea if you'd like :)
  4. I'd like to either do the CEO/Assistant or Student/Teacher ones =^.^=
  5. Well, feel free to message me, and we can discuss further?
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Not open for further replies.