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Which characters sound most fun?

  • Lumen!

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  • Idk that forest imp might be interesting

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  • no, PIRATES

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  • omq assassin :3

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  • But… but mysterious magician… sounds so… mysterious

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  • I can't pick can we just do all of them?

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…maybe I'll catch an adventure? Currently not taking any applicants

Recently I've found myself with a lot of time on my hands and I've been itching to get back into fantasy/medieval roleplaying. You may have noticed I checked "Pre-made characters" and that's because I have several characters that I wish to explore and develop more by taking them out of their original story setting (aka the novel I'm never going to finish) so you'd be helping me out a great deal if you want to play.

The character I've been thinking about a lot is a gypsy or traveling performer. He's a talented entertainer and smooth talker. He is also blind because I'm a horrible person and I like to make life hard for my characters. (psst if you role-play with him he might tell you how he lost his eyesight)

I don't have a specific story in mind but if you have any particular character(s) you've been wanting to play PM me and we can talk it out.

I gotta warn you though, I'm pretty picky about who I RP 1x1 with. You can see I checked "Advanced" not because I want you to write a wall of text but because I want you to get into character and story development with me, I want us to discuss plot and come up with a goal. I also need someone comfortable (preferably eager) to play multiple characters because, let's face it, a story revolving around just two people gets boring real fast. I don't have any posting expectations other than each post moves the story forward, either in one or ten paragraphs (it fluctuates with me). Romance is cool if it happens naturally, but that can't be the driving plot and if things get too steamy I'd prefer a fade to black.

If you made it this far congratulations. His name's Lumen, by the way, I'm sure you'll love him once you get to know him, and all his friends too.

P.S. Feel free to ask about any of my other characters. I've got a mischievous little forest imp around here somewhere, a couple of outlaws, maybe a pirate or two, an assassin and a mysterious magician.
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Defiantly interested ;) x