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  1. You have arrived at a school, where you are joined by others. You are all scared, and constantly check the ground below you. What do you do? Do you make friends, or practice. Ensure foes, or practice. Which is it?
  2. "Heh, these are the kids i have to be in this class with? etards-ray!" jason says snidely.
  3. Carolina glared at the kid. She then got up, and walked to a different shady area. This can't get any worse, can it? she asked herself in her thoughts, messing around with her hair. She never really liked that it went down to her knees, but her family was too poor to have a band for it, so she had to keep it that way. Her life was going downhill, and fast.
  4. " I like your hair, but, i think maybe you could use a " I use a sleight of hand trick to whip out a white calla (Like a white bell flower with yellow little antennae) for her dark hair, making her dark amber eyes pop as well, i smile warmly and twist my head almost ( and he doesnt know this ) brotherly " I think this makes you a lot prettier, Im Jason, and you? " i say.
  5. "Carolina. Thanks." she said, a little blush starting to form. She smiled at the flower, and stared at it's beauty. She didn't particularly like flowers, but this one had some sort of significance. She slowly stopped the smile, but kept the blush.
  6. "It doesnt have its usual captivating effect on me, you stole that from it." I say, my suit pants crinkle as i kneel down, and i trace her lips with my index finger, crookedly smiling at the profuse blushing from the contact with her lips, "I like you." he says, in a way that is making it hard to discern whether he meant romantically or friendly.
  7. ( I think i remember you from Cornvis Riverside Camp? )
  8. Carolina stared fondly at the boy. "Thank you." she said. She was seduced, and couldn't get out. She brushed her hair back a bit, because of nervousness. She also gave a slight giggle.
  9. (Yeah, my best friend is the GM.)
  10. (Also, she wants to know if you want to join because she's gonna close it soon.)
  11. " The Pleasure was, and is, all mine. " i say, smiling, i put my hand on hers, getting my head close
  12. Carolina started blushing. For once, she actually kinda likes the guy. She accepted his flirting, and leaned in like he did, keeping a hold of his hand.
  13. he keeps close, instead going to her ear, "Did you really think it was that easy?" i say, then blow into her ear, earning her a shiver, i keep ahold of her hand grinning and prompting conversation.
  14. "What do you think I would've done?" she whispered, a dark glare coming over her. She didn't expect to really fall for him, just convince him, and see about his plans for her. Why would she fall for any boy she just met? That would never happen.
  15. "I was testing and seeing if you were an 'easy' girl, or if you were real." i say, knowing that in my district, there were too many girls in there who would let you have your way with them, then steal your wallet in your heat of passion. "Im not that dispicable." i say, truly hurt that she would call him, when he was just trying to hook her on me, becuase i truly do fancy her- 'NO!' dont think about it! last person you liked, he died in the games!
  16. "Exactly. That was expected." she whispered, returning to her normal position. "Like a girl would fall in love with someone they just met." she added, now in a normal voice.
  17. he held onto her hand again, despite the dirty looks on her part,thinking; she just jumped in the river, thats her problem, and said "Yeah, the last person i truly liked, he died in the games, i learned that true love was a cruel and unfair mistress, but there were many girls who threw themselves at this guy, because i look frikkin rich, don't i?" i say, not waiting for a response "Nope, im poor as hell, the suits are all i wear because i inherited them from my dead uncle," i lift up her hand "You know how many girls have pretended to like me, pretended to want me, then when they realize that i cant keep money and fancy stuff comin' to them, they basically spit in my face?" i said, then i tell her the following: "The test i put you through was called the eager test, you passed, but it goes like this: i meet a girl that i think is love at first sight," i pause and get wide eyed, realizing that in my ranting, i just told her my feelings, and i hope she isn't too sharp to realize that i did it, so i continue "An-And, then i charm them in different ways, when i eventually set up the kiss, i see if they would or wouldn't kiss me, you would have, most likely, if i didn't stop it you would have went along, and would not have went along with my interruption of plans, then i would dump them off with a heavy heart, and say, 'i'm sorry, but we cant be together,' then they would most likely be extremely hostile toward me, pick my pocket, then throw my wallet at me in disgust, and storm off, charming the next guy with their looks, your the only one that i would have let through and would went on to wing a phase two" i say, then silent tears roll out as i remember how her eyes are just like his. i curse at my weakness, but her eyes are the main reason why he is attracted to her...
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  18. "Well, I wouldn't throw the wallet, I might have walked off, and have you killed later on." she said, a smirk coming across her face. "Just kidding, I probably would've walked off, though." she added, not noticing his explaining of emotions.
  19. I cough, then i pull from my pocket a gummy, i chew it and my flushed face and bloodshot eyes clear, "So, how 'bout this, i ask you aq question, then you ask me a question, Kay?"
  20. "Sure. Your turn." she said, interested in the game. She put her hands on her hips, something most girls would. She was glad to be making a friend, but she would never make an ally. All were in danger when it was her turn. All.
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