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  1. Would you do the same in his position? Would you drop a letter in your name just to get a position?
  2. That's fucked up. But still. Rik? Means rich is swedish. Fuck yeah.
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  3. I'd be like the only Tyer on payroll.
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  4. Reg.

    Short for Reginald.

    I could dig it.
  5. 1. I wouldn't use craig's list. it's not really....well put together.
    2. I already don't get jobs and I've got a normal name so dropping a letter wouldn't help
    3. Everyone wants experience in my field. all the Entry level positions want 2-5 years of experience.
    In short: Nah, wouldn't drop a letter on my application. Needs to have my legal name after all, it'll help them with paperwork.
  6. I don't think I would.
    I wouldn't likely fair well in a work community that would discriminate in hiring in such a way.

    However, I've never been in a situation of having to apply for so many jobs.
    So who knows? Maybe I'd be more open to it once in such a situation myself.
  7. I wouldn't, as someone who for years was honest when asked questions for things and because of my honest answers it was a reasonable choice for employers to not pick me for employment... and pondered if I should lie instead because it'd increase my chances of employment... well I never ended up lying. So... yeah.

    Granted my issue was medical rather than my name, but still.
  8. My name is about as white as it gets, so no. I wouldn't need to.
  9. Well, Al vs Alan wouldn't amount to much. It might save people from spelling my name incorrectly, but otherwise?

  10. I think it's less 'would you drop a letter' and more 'would you change your name to be more Anglo?

    Mine is already white as fuck, but if I had a minority-sounding name I'd totes change it for the craigslist, and then bring a print with my real name to the interview. Claim autocorrect or something.
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  11. There's no rational name to be made from my own by dropping one letter, and it already sounds super white. I'm talking like old money, 10th generation of Harvard alumni level of super white name. So nope, I wouldn't need to change anything. :P
  12. Tia.....it could work. I hate my name, so I wouldn't mind the change.
  13. I've had the opposite issue, I'm white and most think because of my name I'm Black or Latino despite the fact my name is Greek. Most people have no idea that it is Greek because it's such an uncommon name here in the US.

    However, I've never been denied a job interview over it.
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  14. The only sensible thing you could change my name to by dropping one letter would be Pal, and as a name that just doesn't sound right and probably wouldn't help me in my efforts to get a job at all.

    I'd rather not change my name anyways. If someone doesn't want to hire me over a simple name, then fuck 'em, I wouldn't want to work for someone who judges people based on such superficial characteristics as a name, or race, or whatever. I'm a white cis male anyways, so it's not like I have to worry about discrimination all that much (except for maybe from the very small minority of minorities that think that every white/cis/male person is the spawn of the Devil), but I do feel a rather high level of sympathy for those who do.
  15. Aaron vs Aron.

    So, I would be a weird metal Pokemon?
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  16. It wouldn't work with my name, honestly.

    Though if I used my middle name, "Allesandro" I could probably do that instead.
  17. ...Wonderbread?
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