Dröm: Land of Dreams

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  1. The dreamworld, known by its citizens as Dröm, is an ever-changing expanse of islands. The main island is vastly different from the rest. It is the living place of the citizens when they aren’t 'working,’ as well as where the dreams are organized and distributed. The main island works to maintain the delicate balance between dreams and nightmares, which can be upset by the smallest problem.

    Three different creatures inhabit Dröm. Óneiro, Nightmares and Bermimpi. Everyday is a constant battle for survival in Dröm. In order to survive, Óneiro must be chosen to help create a dreams on the islands. The Óneiro are the actors, and the islands, the stage. Every single person you see in your dreams? Those are the Óneiro. Without work, they simply fade away, just like forgotten nightmares do. However, getting chosen to create a dream is not an easy task, and millions of Óneiro die every day. Only those lucky enough to be chosen to work in a recurring dream, work for one of the council members (as maids/secretaries) or in Central, which decides which dreams are distributed to who, get to live without the fear of disappearing (although there is still the fear of being fired).

    Each Óneiro is accompanied by a familiar called a Bermimpi. These creatures can take almost any form, from a tiny mouse, to dragon, but can be no larger than a small bear. Bermimpi are connected to the Óneiro, and their lives are tied to each other. If an óneiro dies, then so does a Bermimpi. Óneiro who lose their Bermimpi eventually go crazy and become nightmares.

    Nightmares are creatures that invade dreams and corrupt them. Each one has a unique special ability that helps it survive. Óneiro can become nightmares after losing their Bermimpi, or becoming corrupted and can also be created by dreamers. Nightmares only survive as long as they are remembered, or until they are destroyed by central.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Special bridges lead out of the main island and into various smaller islands, encased in small protective bubbles, blocking out the Nightmares and hiding the environment of Dröm with its artificial weather. It is there that the dreams work, performing for the small, one-time dreams. Perhaps they would be forgotten by the dreamer, in which case the dream’s island will quickly crumble. It would soon be as though the island did not exist there at all. However, sometimes, the dreams are not forgotten. Rather, they’re simply abandoned, to be remembered on occasion. The dreams will find no reason to go back to that island anymore, but there they stay, silent and empty.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Those are not the only two possibilities for dreams. They do not need to be destroyed, nor do they need to be abandoned. On occasion, dreams are dreamt more than once, and by more than a single person. In this case, they become recurring dreams. The islands of recurring dreams are large, and will stay there forever. These islands are much different from the islands of regular dreams. For recurring dreams, the island is split with barriers, each section being a different dream for a different dreamer. No one should be able to cross the barriers, to keep the dreams running smoothly. The islands of recurring dreams are quite intricate systems.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]However wonderful they may be, though, these islands can become quite dangerous. You see, with their larger size comes more weaknesses. While nightmares would be hard-pressed to find an entry way into the smaller dreams, they have the time to find the weaknesses that islands of recurring dreams are bound to have. It is for this reason that dreamers often find themselves with recurring nightmares.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]For years, the majority citizens have not only lived in constant fear of disappearing, but also in poverty, while the top 1% (namely, the Council members and overseers of the recurring islands) live in complete luxury. However, recently things have been changing. Dröm has recently been thrown into absolute chaos as the number of powerful Nightmares has increased dramatically. Not only that, these creatures which were once thought to only work alone, have suddenly banded together and have been invading dreams at an unprecedented rate. (and started to collectively trap dreamers in Dröm. not sure if I’m going to do this cause they’d have to have a reason to trap dreamers) Only one thing is certain. Someone of considerable power is helping them get past the barrier that surrounds each island. And although the council members are aware of a traitor in their midst, they still have no idea who it is.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Apologies if things don't make sense. A lot of this was typed at 2 in the morning....[/BCOLOR]
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  2. Nightmares could be trapping dreamers to keep themselves (and the islands) from disappearing.

    Really like the concept by the way.
  3. Thank you!
  4. Oooohhh!! Boo likes it^^!!

    Very interested yeah~yeah!!
  5. Consider me interested.
  6. Hello everyone, thanks for the interest ^^ I will see if I can get the RP up this weekend
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  7. Nice! K, so like just the regular rundown of questions then: is this free roam or group vs big bad, what is RP level, post size/frequency, can we do multi-charries, is there stats/dice? That kinda stuffs ya knows? Thanks k^^!!
  8. I'm doing this together with @Nougat, and we were planning to do group vs bad but a little different. The main bad guy/traitor will actually be a secret so only we, the GMs and the person themself knows who the bad guy is. RP will most likely be intermediate (at least 1 paragraph), and speed will probably be around 1 post a week. We're planning on a 3 chara limit, there might be cases where we have dice but nothing planned in the immediate future
  9. This seems really cool and I'd love to get in on it.
  10. Character creation and ooc should be up either later tonight or tomorrow.
  11. I clicked the link up there^ and I'm glad I did!

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