Droaam: Legacy of Monsters

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Droaam is a land of monsters, creatures that—to the outside eye-make even the goblin tribes of Darguun look civilized. The mountain passes of Droaam teem with giants and gargoyles, and the forests are thick with trolls and orcs more savage than the fiercest tribes of the Eldeen Reaches.
Yet the region contains more than random horrors. Ruled by the mysterious Daughters of Sora Kell, Droaam grows ever more disciplined, ever more structured-and the people of Khorvaire grow ever more frightened.

The Treaty of Thronehold does not recognize Droaam as a nation. But its rulers, the Daughters of Sora Kell—a covey of hags—govern it as one. A decade ago, Droaam was a region in anarchy, its monstrous tribes and people warring against one another. Today, a number of regional warlords, including the medusa Sheshka (the Queen of Stone) and the oni mage Drul Kantar, rule regions of Droaam, and all swear fealty to the Daughters. The nation functions, roughly but effectively, as a cohesive whole despite the violence, chaos, and bloodshed that is still the norm within individual territories.

For years, Breland claimed the region now called Droaam, but few humans ever attempted to establish colonies there; it is the abode of monsters. Droaamish mercenaries were effective during the Last War, and fear of their strength—and the hope that the Droaamites might prove valuable allies should war come again—has prevented the Five Nations from moving against them. This has not calmed public nervousness at having monsters on Breland's borders, or halted those monsters' occasional raids into civilized lands.

The Daughters of Sora Kell organized the construction of the major Droaamish fortresses and cities over the past ten years; many of these communities are built on the ruins of ancient Dhakaani goblin enclaves. Most Droaamites dwell in tiny villages, without even formal roads to provide connections between towns.

Graywall: The gateway between Droaam and Breland, Graywall has a quarter devoted to humans and other nonmonstrous humanoids from beyond the mountains. Legitimate merchants, mercenary employers, and criminals from all over Khorvaire can be found here amid the native goblins, orcs, and gnolls.

Cazhaak Draal: The seat of Sheshka's power, the Stonelands is a rocky region surrounding an ancient hobgoblin ruin. A great evil in eons past petrified all life in the region, leaving statues of hobgoblins, other goblins, humanoid slaves, and even plants. Today, the city is occupied primarily by medusas and their basilisk hounds.

The Great Crag: The capital of Droaam is a winding city of new construction, old goblin ruins, and warrens running through the mountain at the nation's center. The Daughters of Sora Kell rule a population of harpies, gargoyles, and other monstrous humanoids. House Tharashk maintains an enclave here, from which it negotiates mercenary contracts with the Droaamites.

Lost: The legendary city of the doppelgangers, Lost is said to be able to change the shape of its buildings and even its roads as easily as its inhabitants change theirs. Only the city's inhabitants and the Daughters of Sora Kell know its location.

The Venomous Demesne: This region is a tiefling fiefdom, ruled by Lord Bal Molesh. Recently discovered by the Daughters of Sora Kell, these tieflings
are slowly integrating into the feudal structure of Droaam, adding their eldritch might to the physical strength of the other natives.

Znir: The Droaamish gnoll tribes meet in Znir—one of the primary gnoll communities in Droaam—once a year to honor their ancestors and renew their pact to avoid the demonic influences that rule the gnolls of other lands.

The inhabitants of Droaam are mostly monsters: Gnolls, orcs, and goblins make up the greater portion of the population. Shifters and doppelgangers are not uncommon, and trolls, ogres, primitive giants, harpies, gargoyles, minotaurs, and even more exotic beasts—as well as small populations of humans and tieflings—are found in reasonable numbers as well.

Character Creation Rules
All published races allowed - including Monster races.
No Swordmage class.
2nd-level characters, 30 point buy. 4th edition style point buy.
120 starting gold.

Plot to be announced when I've got some characters up in here.
My own character:

Character Name: Attikuss Fayt
Race: Gnoll
Class: Wizard
Level: 2
Theme: "Africa" - Toto

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213lbs.
Skin: (Furred)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Yellow, Brown Spots

Str: 12 | +1
Con: 18 | +4
Dex: 10 | +0
Int: 16 | +3
Wis: 14 | +2
Cha: 14 | +2

HP: 32 (Bloodied at 16, Surge heals 8, Surges per day: 10)
AC: 17 | 11 | 3 | 2 | 1
Fort: 15 | 11 | 4 |
Ref: 14 | 11 | 3 |
Will: 13 | 11 | 2 |

Race Features:
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Abyssal, Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Perception
Blood Fury: While you're bloodied, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls. This increases to a +4 bonus at 21st level.
Pack Attack: You deal an extra 2 damage on melee attacks against an enemy that has two or more of your allies adjacent to it.
Ferocious Charge: You can use ferocious charge as an encounter power.

Implement Expertise (Staff): Choose a type of implement. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with any implement power you use through the type of implement. The bonus increases to +2 at 15th level and +3 at 25th level.
Armor Proficiency (Leather): Training with Leather Armor.

Trained Skills:
Arcana: 9 | 3 | 5 | 1
History: 9 | 3 | 5 | 1
Nature: 9 | 3 | 5 | 1
Religion: 9 | 3 | 5 | 1

Class Features:
Staff of Defense: A staff of defense grants you a +1 bonus to AC. In addition, once per encounter as an immeadiate interrupt, you gain a bonus to defense against one attack equal to your Constitution modifier. You can declare the bonus after the DM has already told you the damage total. You mus wield a staff to benefit from these.
Cantrips: Cantrips are minor spells you gain at 1st level. You can use the ghost sound, mage hand, light, and prestidigitation cantrips as at-will powers.
Ritual Casting: You gain the Ritual Casting feat as a bonus feat.

At-Will Powers:
Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestitdigitation, Thunderwave, Scorching Burst

Encounter Powers:
Force Orb

Freezing Cloud, Flaming Sphere

Shield, Feather Fall

Equipment: 15gp.
-Quarterstaff: +2 Prof. 1d8 damage, 4lbs, Staff. (5gp)
-Leather Armor: +2 Armor Bonus, 15lbs. (25gp).
-Standard Adventurer's Kit: Backpack, Beroll, Flint and Steel, Belt Pouch, Two Sunrods, Ten Day's Travel Rations, 50 feet of rope, and a waterskin. (15gp)
-Fine Clothing, 2 pairs. (60gp)

The story of this gnoll wizard does not start with the gnoll himself, but with a wizard named Atticus. Young and headstrong, this human wizard was kicked out of his original academy for "magical hunger uncalled for in a student"... meaning, the youth was power-mad. Remembering enough of his training to get by, the youth went out into the world, illegally practicing his magic. It was not long until the authorities heard of this unlawful action, and began to give chace - Atticus, meanwhile, headed for the Droaam border.

His pursuers, however, were of House Tharashk, and emblazoned with the Mark of Finding. They followed him across the border, dogging his steps. Atticus soon learned that he would not be able to get away.

Out of desperation, he made a rash, stupid choice. Abducting a gnoll youth, he senselessly beat the creature into learning his magic - it was that point that Atticus became "Master", and the young gnoll became Attikuss. "Master" hoped this would throw off the trail, running with the gnoll with intent to let it loose upon the world...

He was wrong, and captured not only for the misuse of magic, but the unlawful teaching of magic to another creature - the abuse of the young gnoll not considered to be a crime. The gnoll, however, retained some of the knowledge beat into him, and grew into his new power - learning.

Attikuss has never forgotten his brutal "Master", though now considers it to be a blessing - he has been gifted what few other gnolls have. Intelligence, and the arcane magic of wizardry. He has not quite decided what to do with either - at the moment, he is content to simply live.
Male Half-Elf Warlock
Level 2
Alignment: TBD
Representing Mabushii
Theme Song: Voodoo by Godsmack

Strength 10 (+0)
Constitution 18 (+4)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Intelligence 16 (+3)
Wisdom 10 (+0)
Charisma 16 (+3)

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lb
Skin: Light
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blue; Wavy; Beardless

Maximum Hit Points: 35

Bloodied: 17
Surge Value: 8
Surges / Day: 10 [includes constitution modifier]

Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light

Initiative: 1d20 +3 = + 1 [half level] + 2 [dexterity]

Base Strength Attack: 1d20 +1 = + 1 [half level] + 0 [strength]
Base Dexterity Attack: 1d20 +3 = + 1 [half level] + 2 [dexterity]
Base Constitution Attack: 1d20 +5 = + 1 [half level] + 4 [constitution]
Base Intelligence Attack: 1d20 +4 = + 1 [half level] + 3 [intelligence]
Base Wisdom Attack: 1d20 +1 = + 1 [half level] + 0 [wisdom]
Base Charisma Attack: 1d20 +4 = + 1 [half level] + 3 [charisma]

Armor Class: 16 = 10 + 1 [half level] + 3 [intelligence] + 2 [leather armor]

Fortitude Defense: 15 = 10 + 1 [half level] + 4 [constitution]
Reflex Defense: 15 = 10 + 1 [half level] + 1 [warlock] + 3 [intelligence]
Will Defense: 15 = 10 + 1 [half level] + 1 [warlock] + 3 [charisma]

Armor: Leather Armor
Shield: None


Unarmed Melee: +1 [base strength attack] vs AC; damage 1[W]=1d4
Warhammer Melee: +1 [base strength attack] [+2 proficiency] vs AC; damage 1[W]=1d10; versatile, 5 lb.(hammer)
Eldritch Blast +5i (constitution / charisma) vs reflex
Eyes of the Vestige [AP] +5i [base constitution attack] vs will
Scorching Burst +4i [base intelligence attack] vs reflex
Life Bind [AP]:
Vestige of Mount Vaelis [AP] +5i [base constitution attack] vs reflex
i Implement-usable power. Apply a bonus as appropriate for magic, any implement expertises, etc.

Base Saving Throw: d20 vs 10
Encumberance 4e
Normal Load: 100 lb.
Heavy Load: 200 lb.
Maximum Drag Load: 500 lb.

Encumberance 3.5
Light load: 33 lb. or less
Medium load: 34-66 lb.
Heavy load: 67-100 lb.
Lift over head: 100 lb.
Lift off ground: 200 lb.
Push or drag: 500 lb.

Languages: Common; Elven; Primordial; Supernal; Abyssal; Quori [EPH]; Draconic

Rituals Known:

Secret Page [Level 1]
Create Campsite [PH2][Level 1]

Acrobatics: +3 = 2 [dexterity] + 1 [half level]
Arcana: +9 = 3 [intelligence] + 1 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Athletics: +1 = 0 [strength] + 1 [half level]
Bluff: +4 = 3 [charisma] + 1 [half level]
Diplomacy: +8 = 3 [charisma] + 1 [half level] + 2 [half-elf] + 2 [mark of scribing]
Dungeoneering: +1 = 0 [wisdom] + 1 [half level]
Endurance: +5 = 4 [constitution] + 1 [half level]
Heal: +1 = 0 [wisdom] + 1 [half level]
History: +9 = 3 [intelligence] + 1 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Insight: +8 = 0 [wisdom] + 1 [half level] + 2 [half-elf] + 5 [class training]
Intimidate: +4 = 3 [charisma] + 1 [half level]
Nature: +1 = 0 [wisdom] + 1 [half level]
Perception: +1 = 0 [wisdom] + 1 [half level]
Religion: +9 = 3 [intelligence] + 1 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Stealth: +3 = 2 [dexterity] + 1 [half level]
Streetwise: +4 = 3 [charisma] + 1 [half level]
Thievery: +3 = 2 [dexterity] + 1 [half level]

Weapon Proficiency -- Warhammer
Mark of Scribing [EPG]


Basic Melee Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W] [standard action]
Basic Ranged Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W]+2 [dexterity bonus] [standard action]
Bull Rush: +1 [base strength attack] vs fortitude [standard action]
Grab: +1 [base strength attack] vs reflex [standard action]
Move grabbed target: +1 [base strength attack] vs fortitude [standard action]
Escape: +3 [acrobatics] vs reflex / +1 [athletics] vs fortitude [move action]
Warlock's Curse [Warlock][minor action]
Eldritch Blast [Level 1]
Eyes of the Vestige [Level 1]

Other Standard Actions: Administer a potion; Aid another; Charge [+1 to basic melee attack or bull rush]; Coup de grace; Equip / stow shield; Ready an action; Total defense; Sustain standard action; Some skills during combat (i.e., Acrobatics -- fast escape; Bluff, Heal -- first aid (use second wind DC10, stabilize the dying DC15, grant a saving throw DC15), Intimidate, Thievery depending on circumstances);

Other Move Actions: Crawl; Run [speed 8]; Stand up; Shift; Squeeze; Walk; may include some skills during combat (i.e., Acrobatics, Athletics)

Other Minor Actions: Draw / sheathe weapon; Drink a potion; Drop prone; Load a crossbow; Open / close a door; Pick up an item; Retrieve / stow an item; Perception -- active (as per revision),Sustain minor action; Some skills during combat (i.e., Insight)

Other Immediate Action: Readied action

Other Opportunity Action: Opportunity attack

Other Free Actions: Drop held items; End a grab; Talk

Other Non-Actions: Delay; Endurance checks; Insight to counter Bluff; Knowledge checks; Perception -- passive

Short rest: Healing surges as available

Five minutes: Normal escape from restraints (Acrobatics)

One hour: Forage; Streetwise check

Encounter Powers:

Second Wind
Spend an Action Point [free action, not in surprise round]
Scorching Burst [Half-Elf]
Life Bind [AP] [Level 1]:
Ethereal Stride [Level 2 Utility][move action]

Daily Powers:

Vestige of Mount Vaelis [AP; Level 1]

+2 Constitution, +2 Charisma (already included)
+2 Diplomacy, +2 Insight
Dilettante -- at-will power from another class as encounter power
Dual Heritage (may use feats etc. for humans or elves)
Group Diplomacy (allies within 5 squares get +1 on diplomacy)


Eldritch Blast
This warlock's pact is vestige, with variable pact boons.

Prime Shot (+1 on ranged attacks if no ally is nearer)

Shadow Walk (if you move at least 3 squares, gain concealment until the end of your next turn)

Warlock's Curse (extra damage to any creature you have cursed during this encounter)

Mythlani's Equipment:

Ritual Book 3 lb
Leather Armor 15 lb
Warhammer 5 lb
Backpack 2 lb
Waterskin 4 lb
Pouch, Belt .5 lb
Bedroll 5 lb
Total 34.5 lb

Money: 9sp
Money Spent: 119gp 1sp

Magic items:

Action Point Tally:
Daily Item Powers Per Day: Heroic Tier Milestones: / / /
Death Saving Throw Failures:
More about Mythlani: Mythlani is an enigma. One day, he simply showed up at the gates of Stormreach. He offered to run errands for whoever could give him a ride to Droaam. When asked about his past and why he needed to get to Droaam, all he'd say was that the reasons were one in the same. Eventually managing to get a ride on a merchant ship after ridding it of a possession, and then agreeing to be a guard on board should they be attacked by pirates, which they were...twice. Having arrived in Droaam, he now seeks work in (Insert starting city name here), saving up gold and training for whatever task the Prophecy has set aside for him. It is still known only to him and those that scour the Prophecy that he bears a Dragonmark, though he is known by another name in the Prophecy.
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Character Name: Faramond
Race: Tiefling
Class: Bard
Level: 2

Str: 10 | +0
Con: 12 | +1
Dex: 10 | +0
Int: 18 | +4
Wis: 12 | +1
Cha: 18 | +4

HP: 29 (Bloodied at 14, Surge heals 7, Surges per day: 8)
AC: 15 | 11 | 4 |
Fort: 12 | 11 | 1 |
Ref: 16 | 11 | 4 | 1
Will: 16 | 11 | 4 | 1

Race Features:
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
+2 Bluff, +2 Insight
Low-Light Vision
Bloodhunt: You gain a +1 on attack rolls against bloodied foes.
Fire Resistance: You have resist fire 5 + half your level.

Restful Healing: After you take a short rest or an extended rest, any healing power you use before the start of your net encounter restores the maximum number of hit points available.
Bardic Knowledge: +2 Arcana, Dungeoneering, Nature, Religion, and Streetwise.

Trained Skills:
Bluff: +12
Diplomacy: +10
Insight: +7
Streetwise: +12
Arcana: +12
(+1 to all other skills)

Class Features:
-Bardic Training: You gain the Ritual Caster feat for free, allowing you to use magical rituals. You own a ritual book, and it contains two rituals of your choice that you have mastered: one 1st-level ritual that has bard as a prerequisite and another 1st level ritual. In addition, you can perform one bard ritual per day of your level or lower without expending components, although you must still pay any other costs and use any focus required by the ritual. At 11th level, you can perform two bard rituals per day of your level or lower without expending components; at 21st level, you can perform three.
-Virtue of Cunning: Once per round, when an enemy attack misses an ally within a number of squares equal to 5 + your Intelligence modifier (9 squares), you can slide that ally 1 square as a free action.
-Multiclass Versatility: You can choose class-specific multiclass feats from more than one class.
-Skill Versatility: You gain a +1 bonus to untrained skill checks.
-Song of Rest: When you play an instrument or sing during a short rest, you and each ally who can hear you are affected by your Song of Rest. When an affected character spends healing surges at the end of the rest, that character regains additional hit points equal to your Charisma modifier with each healing surge.

At-Will Powers:
-Misdirected Mark:
Standard Action.
Ranged: 10 squares.
Target: One creature.
Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex.
Hit: 1d8 + Charisma modifier damage, and the target is marked by an ally within 5 squares of you until the end of your next turn.
Level 21: 2d8 + Charisma modifier damage.

-Vicious Mockery:
Standard Action.
Ranged: 10 squares.
Target: One creature.
Attack: Charisma vs. Will.
Hit: 1d6 + Charisma modifier damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your net turn.
Level 21: 2d6 + Charisma modifier damage.

Encounter Powers:
-Majestic Word:
Minor Action.
2/encounter, Close Burst (5)
Target: You or one ally in burst.
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain additional hit points equal to your Charisma modifier.
Level 6: 1d6 + Charisma additional hit points.
Level 11: 2d6 + Charisma additional hit points.
Level 16: 3d6 + Charisma additional hit points.
Level 21: 4d6 + Charisma additional hit points.
Level 26: 5d6 + Charisma additional hit points.

-Words of Friendship:
Minor Action.
Effect: You gain +5 power bonus to the next Diplomacy check you make before the end of your turn.

-Infernal Wrath:
Minor Action, Personal
Effect: You can channel your fury to gain a +1 power bonus to your next attack roll

Standard Action.
Ranged: 5 squares.
Target: One creature.
Attack: Charisma vs. Will.
Hit: 1d6 + Charisma modifier damage, and you slide the target 2 squares. During the slide, you or one of your allies can make a melee basic attack against the target as a free action, with a +2 power bonus to the attack roll.
Virtue of Cunning: The power bonus to the attack roll is 1 + your Intelligence modifier.

-Stirring Shout:
Standard Action.
Ranged: 10 squares.
Target: One creature.
Attack: Charisma vs. Will.
Hit: 2d6 + Charisma modifier psychic damage.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, whenever an ally hits the target, that ally regains hit points equal to your Charisma modifier.

-Inspire Competance, Encounter
Minor Action, Close Burst 5
Target: You and each ally in burst.
Effect: Choose a skill. Until the end of the encounter, each target gets a +2 bonus to his or her next check using that skill.

Equipment: -50
-Short Sword: +3 Prof, 1d6 damage, 2lbs, Light Blade.
-Leather Armor: +2 Armor bonus, 15lbs.
-Standard Adventurer's Kit: Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Belt Pouch, Two Sunrods, Rations - 10 days, 50ft Rope, Waterskin, 33lbs
-Ritual Book: Create Campsite, Traveler's Chant.

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Level 2, Megane. I jsut glanced over your sheet so I'm not sure if you just forgot to change the level at the top, but included all the additional stuff for being level 2, or if you jsut completely missed that part.
S'got the utility and the next feat, and the +1 to the proper stuff, so it just needs that one number altered.
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